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  • Price is right MAGIC show

    The MAGIC is how they can get so many blacks out of a mostly white AUDIANCE, I record the show if more than one black appears on contestant row I turn it off, I guest sponsors don't care, Don't watch OZ SHOW because AUDIANCE is manipulated

  • Touchy feely

    Why cant drew keep his hands off people its sickening how much he gropes the people gonna read about him one day also agree he should show price cards always looks at them then the contestants bids before reading it like hes choosing winners

  • tired of PC. is Right!

    Ii am s ick of the . game shiow always more blacks then anyone sle and almost no Asians or Hispanics or any other race even lets make a deal is way more race fair then Drew Carey I stopped watching Price is Right all together and im sure many others had and many more will this show will tank soon if they keep that up. I think the show is rigged for some reason during the spin off theres sometimes all 3 people are black and show casw show down its all black sometimes they need to do random draw from a barrel and drew needs to reveal the price when ppl bid to go on stage
  • Drew is an awful host and favors black people

    Drew Carey sure favors black people on TPIR. He makes that very obvious- everyday! Why are there always black people chosen? What about the other ethnic groups? Why do blacks get preferential treatment on this show?
  • Too predictable

    Things I don't like about this show is that goofy announcer George Gray. He sounds like a little kid. Especially when he says the word "included" As far as the colored contestants. Wayne Brady should be hosting this show too. Since it appears he has a preference for his own race. I know the producers have to throw in a token black or Asian here and there, but the Price is Right and Lets make a Deal have gone overboard. Also, they should eliminate the option of having a contestant outbid another contestant by $1, that basically assures the other contestant doesn't have a chance in hell of winning. They should limit this to at least $50 gaps.
  • Respect contestants' skill in guesstimating right price!

    Why not honor/respect the contestants' guesstimation of actual retail price. It's really lame to give the prize to one who bids $500 below as opposed to on who bids $50 over! In the event of a tie, the player with lower bid would win. Eliminate the $1 bid over another contestant, make it minimum $2 over bid! Have Drew show price card to camera to maintain integrity!!
  • Supremes reunite on TPIR.

    As usual,TPIR started today with an obese black lady,when she didn't win,another black lady was chosen,when she didn't win, another. When I looked at the panel, I thought the Supremes had reunited. lol.
  • Why doesn't Drew Carey ever show the audience the price of the item to get on stage?

    This is why I think the show favors the people that CBS wants to be on stage. The price of the items that the four contestants bid on to get on stage is never reveled by Carey so he can choose whoever he wants to come up on stage and it's usually a gay or a black person. The blacks are picked because of their outrageous actions while on camera and the gays are picked well just because that culture seems to be forced down our viewing throats at every turn of the channel.

    It's very obvious that the names of the audience aren't put into a drum to be picked from to see who gets to play. I've watched shows where there's a vast majority of white people in the audience and you always see two or three black people on contestant row, so that's rigged as well.
  • Legendary Game Show That Is Suffering Due to Is Horrible Host

    Chances are that you watch The Price is Right or at least know somebody that does. It has been a very popular game show ever since it premiered back in 1972. However, despite the history and success of the popular game show, it is slowly but surely becoming boring to watch as a viewer. It is not becoming boring because of the format, it is becoming boring because of the current host, Drew Carey. The Price is Right should really consider finding itself a new host for the game show sooner than later. It is in really desperate need of one.

    Drew Carey is such a boring and robotic host. It almost seems as if he speeds through each episode with fake laughter and a fake smile on his face while barely socializing with the contestants at all. In a sense, he kind of sucks the life and fun out of the show.

    In comparison, Let's Make a Deal is full of both life and fun. It is just always entertaining to watch. A huge reason why it is so enjoyable to watch is because of Wayne Brady, Jonathan Mangum, and the rest of the on-air talent. They know how to socialize and have fun with the contestants. Unlike Drew Carey.

    Overall, The Price is Right will always be a great and legendary game show for what it once was. However, due to Drew Carey being such a horrible host and sucking the life and fun out of the game show, I am going to have to rate it a 3.5. All we can do is hope that we will get a better host soon that will make watching this be enjoyable again. The Price is Right is basically a legendary game show that is suffering due to its horrible host.
  • Idiots in the audience

    Why do people stand the entire show when they all have a seat? ( idiots )

    REALLY, you gotta roll around on the floor when you win, crazy.
  • The price might be right but the contestants are wrong!

    I agree with the obvious preference given to black contestants. Other shows, example: lets make a deal, is African American sided as well. Wayne Brady not only picks an disproportionate amount of black contestants, but shows respect to them referring to them as sir and miss, these titles are never used for others. finally, family Feud. Notice that I group of contestants is black the other group white, Asian ,Latino etc. Take notice that the black contestants are ALWAYS professional people while all others are not so educated. I for one have had enough, I don't watch anymore.
  • Complaint

    Drew Carey is as handsome as ever. All the models are beautiful. But beauty doesn't have to be shown in half of their tits handing out. 90% of the time, Rachel looks very professional. However, Manuela, (sorry about spelling) looks cheap and raunchy. This should be the price is right not the size is right. Dress with modesty, it's more attractive.
  • What's up

    Watching the price is right on TV for a while now I notice more white people in the audience but few are picked to bid on the packages as it caters to African American? Not against anyone being chosen but I feel their is a discrimination against white people in your programming.
  • Blatantly crooked

    Agree with everyone else, it is absolutely and in your face blatantly crooked. 10% in the audience black and yet 6 out of 8 contestants called down are black. How stupid does this show think people are? You can tell even when the wheel is spinned that it slows down or speeds up at the end so a black person can win. At the end of the showcase, why does Drew him and haw and act like his brain is going to explode (making sure to give out a price so a black person wins the showcase), done with this show. Everyone working there should be embarrassed to be part of the crookedness.
  • The Price is Wrong.

    This for all people THE WACTH THE PRICE IS RIGTH" If you notices most contestan that are africa american. Are been called to come on down but the most important is Not the drulling of DREW CAREY when an Black Ladies go on stage. If you Look at Drew to try to help the Contestan by givinh away The Big price especial if that price is A car or Big Money check Drew hands or that way he holds his fingers to help the contestan by touching them.

    This is Not a fair for all of Us special They Now called most African American to be a contestan Minority they are Not. Latinos people Now are The Minorities on this FOR This Man to be The Host of The Most seem TV SHOW IN AMERICA .And been a croak by Helping them to win all the Good Prices Check it Out Look at his Hands. Bo Baker if your still with Us Find someone else to Run your Show. Thanks
  • Game Show Racism

    You can always count on 3 out of 6 contestants being black - that's 50% of those chosen compared with being only 13% of the population... It's even worse on other game shows where you find 3 our of 4 hosts are blacks...... This seems to be either selective racist or represents a demographic that black viewers outnumber whites by a very substantial amount.
  • A full detailed day of going to the PRICE IS RIGHT


    Time it took: 730 AM- 230PM (Got there 730- moved in lines until 12, in studio at 1230 left at More Details below

    Priority tickets get immediate access, so get those. But if you don't, below is the process and times for general admission

    We had General Tickets for the 9:00 AM 08/14/17. We got there at 730 and drove around looking for parking.

    My Advice: Drop someone in your party off along the road to get in line and meet back up.

    Line starts at fairfax ave. We waited in line until about 9. Priority tickets got access first. The Price is Right only allows 270 people inside. Priority's first then the remaining general admissions until 270 is booked. We were 60th in line, but after all the priority's and the 60 people in front of us got in, we were number 186-187. They give you a number sticker to wear.

    Once off the street, I you get into another long line under a roof, much like a line at six flags or a theme park. Benches are there. You have to fill out a information packet, you are in number order, then you get your name tag yellow sticker written by a girl named Hannah, continue to wait in line for a photo for you. By this time it is about 1015.


    After your picture you move around the cover to another similar line to the first. This is were a man named Stan takes 30 people at a time. Remember those number stickers? Remember the 270 people? 1-30 move up first then 31-60......241-270. STAN PICKS 1 PERSON FOR EACH GROUP OF 30. He goes down the line to every person, says your name, shakes your hand, ask what you do for work and where you are from. 270/30=9. There are 9 contestants that get called down per show (The first 4 to start, then five after someone goes on stage).


    You only get 10 seconds so be clever or convincing. Once he finishes talking to everyone he thanks you and moves down the building to the final line. As everyone walks away he tells his assistant to write down the number of the contestant he wants. By this time its 1045.

    The next line is like the picture line. This is where they take your phone and go through security and wait until 1130-12 before you go into the studio. They have food available, Pizza, Wraps, sandwiches chips drinks etc. Cash only. Once everyone goes through security, they move all 270 into the studio. The middle sections seats of the studio fill in first (Another reason to show up early or get priority seats) I was in the small section on the left by George Gray. By this time it was 1230

    The studio is very small. You will be surprised when you walk in. And the microphone they talk into is for the TV's only, so you can never hear what Drew says during a game, or when George calls a name to come down. A stage guy holds a white posterboard with the name of the person who was called. They take breaks at the same exact times as when the TV show does. Drew and George tell stories and shake hands and talk with people in the audience. It is really fun. We had a tv screen break so it took like 45 minutes to get them to fix it. After the showcase, you exit the studio the way you come in. BY this time it was 230. You exit into one last long line to return your cell phones.

    If you have anymore questions fill free to ask.

  • Grandma

    The audience is about 3/4 white yet you always have 2 or 3 blacks as contestants. You are not fair to whites.
  • The Price is Right is so Racist in Favor of Minorities

    Must be they have the NAACP breathing down their necks.

    Oh how I long for the the days of Bob Barker.

    Also notice how Drew drools all over those black ladies.

    2 blacks in the showcase today yet the audience is aboout 6% black.

    Another show I shall dump for being rigged.


  • unfair treatment

    Do you notice how the price is right at the beginning of the show always pick one black contestant and the rest is white tell me that is not discrimination, they are unfair in picking minority contestants, the odds are always against minority contestants in having a chance to win on the show, how sad and here we are in 2017.
  • Awful

    This show has lost its class and enjoyment. What a disgrace Drew and those dumb models are let alone the announcer. The era with Barker and his beauties is all gone. This is a bubble gum bimbo show. Even the music is awful. I want to punch my tv when i see those bimbos wave.
  • Biased

    I used to watch this show all the time until I decided to study it because of what I noticed. When I watched it with friends they were surprised that I could pick the winner of the spin the wheel about 95% of the time. A large number of women and especially black women are selected. Very few white males are selected. I wish someone would study this and document their findings. Categories would be something like this: Women,

    black women, Hispanic women, Asian women, white women, same categories for men, people in military, senior citizens. I don't watch the show any more because it is too racist.
  • Newbias

    It's certainly noticeable that even though the ratio in the audience whites to blacks is far more contestants are not random , who owes the NAACP a favor these days???
  • Do the TPIR contestants know?

    I love Drew, he is a great host. It is obvious that the people who pick the 9 contestants to "come on down" have a race component to the selection process. Normally, when you look at the entire audience, about 15% have dark skin with 85% being light skinned. There always seemed to be a consistence selection of 3 to 4 dark skin contestants per show. Based on the law of averages this can't happen on a regular basis without a predetermined selection process. The obvious question here is, are the people who stand in line to get into the audience aware of the selection criteria?
  • Fun Show

    I have watched this since I was little. I make it a point to watch whenever I sick at home. The male models are weird IMO. I think drew does a great job.
  • Quit watching

    It is so sad what has happened to the price is right. The show has turned out to be so prejudice. Drew only likes the blacks and always tells them how beautiful they r. They get called up more then the whites and miraculously seem to always win. I'm done watching this show after 40 years until they get rid of drew and can quit being so prejudice.
  • show is racist

    first of all like people are saying is that this show is for the blacks every time i see it they have a least 4 or sometimes 4 at a time and only three whites I hope you read this stand your an idiot you should be fired if this keeps up im only watching wheel of fortune
  • Why so many black contestants?

    I am really disgusted that TPIR is picking so many black people that just do stupid displays of excitement during their appearance. There aren't enough Hispanic or Asians selected.
  • How contestants are picked

    I'd say about 80% of the audience is pale skinned and 20% darker skinned. When I was there of the nine contestants picked only two had pale skin!! If you were dark skinned your odds of being picked were much greater. Second, there are probably about 80% women and 20% men, but at least two men get picked every time. Here's how it goes - 4 very dark skinned, 3 medium dark skin, and 2 light skinned. There is usually a "dumb" male or older male and a blond girl. I have NEVER seen a redhead. Plus -- here goes-- you MUST have good teeth, you must jump up and down when interviewed, but without contorted facial expressions. There is NOTHING random about picking contestants - it's all very racist and biased. If you go to the show, expect to spend 5 hours there. Four hours are made up of three holding areas. (Bring something to do) Plus there are two options for food during the holding time. Both not good and very expensive. The show tapes straight through and takes about an hour. I was surprised at how rinky-dink everything was. The people that work there are really not very nice and almost appear to have an attitude of contempt for the audience. Before starting the show, they make you think that if you keep cheering, you'll have a better chance of getting on - not true - everyone is picked in advance. I saw the crew before the show looking in the audience to see where the people that they had chosen were sitting. (They were holding the person's picture from when they took Once the last contestant is chosen, they say they will have a $100 drawing if the audience keeps cheering. One surprising thing for me, was that I couldn't hear them call the contestant down (they held up a placard with his or her name on it) and I couldn't hear the descriptions of anything. Nothing is given to the audience - not even lunch.
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