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  • The Price is Wrong.

    So is this show. COME ON DOWN! Admit it.
  • Drew Carey? Really?

    Dry, unfunny, and boring.. like a piece of toast.

    Worst game show host choice ever.
  • Rachel

    Rachel looking Great in that blue dress,, and the black one, and wtevr she wears,, as always!...
  • Bigotry

    I watched the show for years when contestants were picked randomly not by race. Seems odd that 8% of the audience continues to get called up 90% of the time.
  • Drew favors black women contestants

    Has anyone noticed that almost every time a black woman gets on stage, Drew says "hi beautiful", or "what's up gorgeous"? He only does this with black women, never white women. I guess he's trying to curry favor with the black community, or he's afraid he'll be replaced with a black host. Also, like the man said below- why are there always 3-4 black contestants on every show lately? Where are the hispanic and oriental guests? Why do they ALWAYS have to have black people? What- do blacks deserve special treatment because of the "slave thing"?
  • WHY? WHY? WHY?

    I work in TECH. You know a GEEK. I do have a TV on all day in the office which is usually set to a minimal volume. I have been noticing, from about the time that Drew has taken over, every time they have anything tech, no name brand is mentioned EXCEPT Apple. WHY? Apple/MAC are the -least- used products. The most accurate was of measuring this is with the OS (Operating System) usage. Since Apple does everything in their power to make sure they are incompatible with the rest of the world, their OS will run only on what they build, for the most part. Total global use of anything Apple OS = 5.77% [Source: 8x3] Global All-Device Shipments: 11.04% [Source:

    Nevertheless, I just find it amusing that you announce Apple, but refuse to mention any of the larger and dare I say better brands. (Based on usage, compatibility, and
  • Inadequate ethnic mix on The Price is Right

    Why is it that there appear to be 2 to 3 African-Americans on nearly every segment of The Price is Right lately? Blacks make up only 9.8% of the . population, but make up 22% to 33% of the contestants selected. Seems that the producers are clearly biased. Why are there not more Hispanics, who make up 47% of the . population, and whites who make up 41% of the . population. How about the large Korean/Asian population, who make up 11% of the . population, (more than blacks)? Today we had 3 African-American contestants called down, but only 2 were selected, and guess who were the only contestants offered new cars --- the 2 black contestants, of course! Maybe The Price is Right wants to move to BET ???

    Good show otherwise. Drew does a good job and Rachel is a knockout!
  • Make me Happy!!

    My husband and I were in the audience on July 8, was a dream come true...3rd thing on my bucket list. The person at home here in Pennsylvania was suppose to record it for us, but it didn't get recorded. I went online to see if there was a way to watch it and found on but will not allow us to review the show. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we were reminiscing about our trip. Season 38, Episode 23. Thank you in advance. Oh yeah.. even tho it was Bob who I "really" wanted to see, Drew Carey rocks! :)
  • "Come on down!"

    Wonderful show
  • blonde is out

    i dont know what made u think this is a good look for u but it is NOT. I really hate it and wish u would go back to your natural color!!! if not change the glasses. the look together is just NOT you!
  • Women deserve eye candy too!

    why do the female models look like they're ready for the runway and males look like they're off to the local bar to meet their buddies?
  • Models wasteful walking.

    Just a quick question. I always wondered why Bob never carried his own mike out with him, now we have a model bringing out a wireless mike to Drew. Looks like a waste of steps for people. Just wondering.
  • Plus size model.

    Love the show. Drew is great. Men and women models are perfect. BUT , how about a PLUS size model. You won't regret your decision ! Thanks.
  • male model

    Please get rid of the male model that you have now. All he does is stand there and clap, no action or movement or interest. Very boring to watch and please a clean shaven one would be nice.
  • priceisright

    Love this cant understand why I cant long unto inernet for cyber monday for free items
  • Loud, stupid and insanity.

    I hate this show!
  • Cut out the assinine jumping and screaming

    I assume the producers of the show encourage the contestants to act as if they are excited - as if normal excitement is not enuf! show was better without the stupid shenanigans, lying on the floor, grabbing Drew, and the jumping! It seems so fake. Has anyone else noticed that when a constestnat guesses correctly they sometimes forget to jump and then remember it? my score is lower because of this otherwise the show is ok
  • Tech-NO

    Socially awesome week was totally annoying,distracting and UNawesome. Pleeeeze. No more tweets and flash take away from our favorite part of the morning. It was so not necessary. Have loved the show since it began and it has thrived for many years without having to use "GIMMICKS" to attract viewers. Hate when you have guest models as well.
  • Twitter Feeds Stink

    We love the Price is Right but your new twitter feeds being put on the screen hiding contestants faces and parts of the show are very annoying and distracting to the show. Please stop.
  • Bye Bye Carey

    I enjoyed Price is Right when Bob Barker was there and yes, I know that he has some things against him through the media but, honestly it's hard to replace him with someone like Drew Carey. Drew does the show a horrible injustice and I honestly just don't care to watch it any more.
  • Oldest Game Show I Like (probably)

    Various ep (09)
  • Where are Rob and Manuela

    When are they coming back. We miss them! Otherwise the show is great!
  • Full of excitment

    Shows lind of good. I really liked how they took economical policy and put a positive spin on it through the game.
  • made me laugh!

    I laughed so hard today! So funny about wigged out! So glad she won! Been watching since it began!
  • Spooktactular Show

    Just wanted to let you know that your Halloween Show was Spooktackula. I loved it, well done, a lot of thinking went in to this special show. Put together really great. Characters were fantastic. My Blood was really flowing watching the stage settings, games that were displayed and related to the holiday. I hope you get a special award for putting a show like this together.

    I also watched the price is right since I was 2 and it is still amazing! It really is lots of fun and cool to play along! Bob Barker was good, but I like Drew Carey better!
  • where is the free stuff?

    where do you enter free stuff? seems like am not the only one having a problem.
  • What happen to the Mini ?

    Drew said to come to site to get mini pad what's up? During the week I call number on TV, and the prize said on show and prize on phone were differnt. I would not have called or even come to this site if I can never do what is said on show!
  • price is right

    why did Drew say go to price is right to see how to win the blu ray player and disk, there is nothing there?
  • who won today?

    hubby and i forgot to switch back to the show to find out who won the showcase showdown. one was a woman that guessed $28k on a trip to san diego/the zoo/africa, and the other guessed $25k on a trip to berlin and a car. who won??
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