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The 2014 Emmy nominations ballots were due on Friday, which means it's time to decide whose names we'd like to hear called on Thursday, July 10 when the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announces the shows and actors who're officially in the running for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

I asked some of my fellow staffers to join me in choosing our dream nominees, and after hours of internal debates and monologues that would make even Scrubs' JD tell us to shut up already, we've boldly narrowed down our picks—and as you'll see at the bottom of this page, we're prepared to defend them, too!

We've already conquered nine of the 10 major categories, revealing our selections for Supporting Actress in a ComedySupporting Actor in a ComedyLead Actress in a ComedyLead Actor in a Comedy, Outstanding Comedy SeriesSupporting Actress in a DramaSupporting Actor in a DramaLead Actress in a Drama, and Lead Actor in a Drama. Today, we're bringing it home with our picks for Outstanding Drama Series.

Editors' Note: You may notice that some of our nominees don't match up with the official Emmy ballots. That's not a mistake; we've taken a few liberties because we're only "dreaming" about the 10 "major" categories, and we didn't want to leave out deserving shows or performers based simply on their submission strategies and our coverage plans. You may see shows from the miniseries category on our lists.


WHY BREAKING BAD: Well duh, the final season of one of the best television series in the history of the boob tube was obviously going to make this list. But the mere act of bringing a great television series to an end doesn't automatically make something worthy of an automatic nod. Fortunately, Breaking Bad faded to black with one of its best seasons ever, as Walter White's story came to a violent, glorious conclusion that left just enough open to interpretation while also providing definitive closure. The show's incredible cast was at the top of its game, the crew provided flawless technical expertise (all of a sudden TV directors are becoming household names), and the story kept us guessing until the very end. If Breaking Bad doesn't win, I'm jumping out a window. — Tim Surette

WHY MASTERS OF SEX: Masters of Sex could've been a disaster. A pay cable show about sex researchers who ultimately mix business with pleasure? That's a logline that screams schlocky, not subtlety. Yet, thanks to a never-ending stream of great performances (starting at the very top with Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan), tremendous writing from Michelle Ashford, and a wonderful handle on its tone and time period, Masters of Sex ended up being one of the best shows of 2013. Sure, the typical pay cable directives meant that the show presented a whole lotta nudity and simulated sex, some of it very tongue-in-cheek, but Masters did a, well, masterful job of exploring sex, biology, intimacy, and more in a very serious manner. Move over Homeland and don't get your hopes up Ray Donovan, this is Showtime's prestige drama.  — Cory Barker

What shows would YOU nominate for Outstanding Drama Series?

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