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The 2014 Emmy nominations ballots are out, which means it's time to decide whose names we'd like to hear called on Thursday, July 10 when the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announces the shows and actors who're officially in the running for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

I asked some of my fellow staffers to join me in choosing our dream nominees, and after hours of internal debates and monologues that would make even Scrubs' JD tell us to shut up already, we've boldly narrowed down our picks—and as you'll see at the bottom of this page, we're prepared to defend them, too!

Each day for the next couple weeks, we'll be bringing you our highly sought-after, well-respected, and very prolific thoughts and opinions on which shows and actors should make the cut. Yesterday we revealed our selections for Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and today we're discussing their male counterparts.


WHY HANNIBAL BURESS: On Broad City, Buress's laid-back style and occasional bouts of wide-eyed wonder offer the perfect antithesis to his F-buddy Ilana's exaggerated spaz-outs, making him the ideal supporting actor. There are other gents on this list, like Nick Offerman and Jim Rash, who command the room with in-your-face performances, but Buress is the kind of quiet actor who draws you in. However, if we're breaking down Buress's award-worthy work in layman's terms, sometimes a dude is just funny. AND he plays a dentist. — Tim Surette

WHY TONY HALE: Hale took home this trophy last year, ending Modern Family's three-year reign. And even though I rarely advocate for repeat winners, the Veep actor's turn as Gary, Selina's put-upon bag man, is worthy of the honor for the way he effortlessly and hilariously embodies the quiet, oddball character without making him feel too much like a cartoon. Gary is supposed to be invisible but constantly present, and Hale has infused the character with the perfect mix of awkward quirks and humanness. No one would fault the actor if Gary was overshadowed by the show's more in-your-face characters (of which there are quite a few), but Hale's subtle performance is actually what makes him stand out. — Kaitlin Thomas

Who would YOU nominate for Supporting Actor in a Comedy?

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