The Primetime Emmy Awards

Sunday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jan 25, 1949 Special





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  • Awards for those who particpate on television programs, including television series, television movies, and television mini-series.

    So, the most watched television shows are on the stations of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and other stations, but it seems like AMC, FX, and HBO and other noone knows stations seem to be taking over all of the awards, and nobody actually knows who the heck is winning all of these awards or even most of the people who are being nominated for these awards. For example, one of the best acted shows on T.V. is easily Desperate Housewives, and they were not even represented in the most recent Emmy Awards, and all of the Awards, most of them, went to series that i had never heard of. You can bet that i will never watch the Emmys again, ill just look up who wins.
  • Once again the Emmys have come around. A way too long show rewarding the stars of the prime time slot for their work and contributions to the show.

    So this is my first review and what better show to start with than the Emmys?!

    First i will start with Ryan Seacrest who i thought was as dull as ever. I didnt enjoy his "performance" and i was really disappointed that Conan O'Brian wasnt hosting the Emmys again. He was the best IMO!

    I was pleasantly pleased with who received the awards but i must say why didnt James Gandolfini win for the Sopranos?!?! Congrats to The Sopranos though for winning best drama and to all the others who won. Good job 30 Rock for best comedy and Hooray! to Sally Field for her win on Brothers and Sisters!

    Overall an ok show. Not great but ok
  • Of course another NBC bias show! I turned it off.

    NBC used this show just like they use any type of talk show to bash McCain & Palin. NBC, MSNBC & CNN have the lowest ratings...hmmmm you think???? The only thing good that has come out of NBC lately was the Olympics and that is only every two years. After they started bashing the candidates I turned it off and according to the poles and ratings so did a lot of other people. You think NBC would get the picture but I don't think they will. I lost respect for some of the people that appeared on this show. Hollywood and NBC think they have a free ticket to be nasty but it always catches up to you in the end. No I did not like this show and will not watch it ever unless another network picks it up.
  • I was there!!!!

    I was in L.A last weekend and I went to the Primetime Emmys!!!!! It was fun and I was so happy to be behind the scenes, because I've always wonder what does everyone do while the TV audience are watching commercials?! And we didn't watch commercials but we saw old emmy shows and some commercials but I think there were like!!! Anyway it's always good to watch it!!!! I'm glad that the Office won and also happy for all the nomination!!! It was a great momment for all to watch the pre show and the actual thing!! I was happy to be a part of it, even thouch I wasn't on TV but I was online in a blog(byt a reporter).
  • It's fun to watch!

    Every year, television gets all its stars together and honours itself. It's fun to watch, and see who'll win and who'll lose; who'll wear great gowns and who'll look hideous.

    The hosts are sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This year's host, Conan O'Brien was good, and did some funny skits before the presenting started. That helped the show, which can otherwise be a little boring; just reading lists of names, and then having the stars come up and thank God, their parents, their agents, their cast, crew and so forth can be deadly dull. So the skits and anything else that the host can do to liven things up is very helpful.

    Otherwise, it's pretty much about seeing what people are wearing, and hoping for some goof-ups. They don't always happen, but sometimes people say funny things. Other times, they wear funny clothes. Sometimes the awards go to the show or person that everyone expected, other times it's a surprise... and that's what makes the Emmys worth watching.