The Primetime Emmy Awards

Sunday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jan 25, 1949 Special





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  • Once again the Emmys have come around. A way too long show rewarding the stars of the prime time slot for their work and contributions to the show.

    So this is my first review and what better show to start with than the Emmys?!

    First i will start with Ryan Seacrest who i thought was as dull as ever. I didnt enjoy his "performance" and i was really disappointed that Conan O'Brian wasnt hosting the Emmys again. He was the best IMO!

    I was pleasantly pleased with who received the awards but i must say why didnt James Gandolfini win for the Sopranos?!?! Congrats to The Sopranos though for winning best drama and to all the others who won. Good job 30 Rock for best comedy and Hooray! to Sally Field for her win on Brothers and Sisters!

    Overall an ok show. Not great but ok