The Primetime Emmy Awards

Season 59 Episode 1

The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Has to be the one of the worst telecast of the Primetime Emmys that I have seen ever.

    The 59th telecast of the Primetime Emmys has to be the one of the worst that I have ever seen in a long time. Why? Because Ryan Seacrest seemed to out place with this aunnal event and all of his jokes seemed to be either forced nor they were funny unlike last year's telecast that was on NBC. Now, I don't blame Seacrest for the bad jokes, because he didn't write the jokes, but at least he could of dilevered them a little better.

    Another thing was the fact that it was on FOX and this was the first time that they aired something like this with so much weight toward it, but FOX is no stranger to live events, because they have done numberous of Football, Baseball, and Hockey events. But, FOX has a theme of series that seem to be geared toward the hip crowd of viewership and while that is great for FOX he doesn't translate well with the Emmys, that have been around longer than FOX. One more thing that I didn't like was the mention of Global Warrming in this telecast, while I know that is a hot topic issue of late, but I kind of sick of hearding it all of time(I think a good majority of the user as well are sick of it as well) and whenever something is going on with the climate they blame it on Global Warming. It like now Global Warming is now the new scapegoat.

    While I do comment them for using old materal for the set, but not because of the new "Go Green" fad, but because it would save them on money. But I didn't like the set design either it seemed a little werid and I felt that some of the crowd that was facing the wrong direction wouldn't be able to see the winner nor the presteners and it seemed that some of the winners didn't like the set design either.