The Primetime Emmy Awards

Season 59 Episode 1

The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • the 59th annual emmys were broadcast sunday 16 september to give awards and recognize actors, directors, writers and producers of the previous year's prime time television shows

    to begin with, the red carpet broadcast was cut in half by a late football game. the gay community is probably going nuts over this! fox shouldn't be allowed to air this awards program late. what if the game was over an hour late? i think that the people waiting in california for the show to begin would be really ticked! i hope that the people in charge make sure that that is written into the contract in future years. this was an unforgiveable oversight considering that everybody knew that there would be a conflict. the opening number with brian and stewey griffin was well written and funny, but they should have done a computer animated version or at the very least animate it at twice as many frames per second to make it blend in better with the live background. the jokes by the recipients of the awards early on kept the show entertaining, but the decision to edit out political comments and swear words was ill-conceived. i hated missing parts of the show to look at the back of a disco ball. they should just give the show an "R" rating and be done with it. do little kids watch this briadcast anyways? as always, the awards were loaded on the side of the most popular, completely neglecting many good shows on the air. c'mon! the sopranos? that show stinks and had a crappy finale. it's only popular because of it's originality - and apparently because people want to hear swearing and see murders by stereotyped italian-americans. and although i'm sure that america ferrara is a fine actress, her show is too campy and unrealistic. how do these shows even get on the air, much less win awards? is the gay mafia deciding everything in hollywood? acting awards are really based on the good writing. writing awards are based upon the concept of the show. comedies, the hardest shows to do, are grouped in with musicals. does anybody really deserve the award they get?