The Prince Of Tennis

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Twelve-year-old Ryoma Echizen joins the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Freshmen rarely have a chance to actually play during their first year, but Ryoma's cool confidence, combined with a deadly, un-returnable "twist serve," gain him a coveted starting spot. With rigorous and extremely intense practices, the upperclassmen of the team expect the very best from themselves, and expect even more from the new members of the team. He's made the cut but can he survive the intense competition? Join Ryoma and other first year players, as they train hard, make friends, and try to find a place for themselves on the team. Ryoma's cute but chronically shy classmate, Sakuno Ryuzaki, also has problems of her own as she hopes he will notice her. Ryoma Echizen is The Prince of Tennis. He may be ready for the Seishun Gakuen tennis team, but are they ready for him?

The exciting backdrop of high school tennis serves as the setting for the sports drama and coming-of-age story, The Prince of Tennis, or Tennis no Ōjisama (テニスの王子様). From creator Takeshi Konomi, the manga and anime depict the life and adventures of Ryoma Echizen, both on the court and off of it. The series has becomes one of the most popular manga and anime titles to hit Japan. In Japan, the manga is published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump (and is still ongoing), and in North America (and in English), it is published by VIZ Media as a Shonen Jump graphic novel series.

The anime aired its final episode in 2005 on TV Tokyo in Japan. On this side of the hemisphere, The Prince of Tennis anime series is slated to air on Cartoon Network's new online broadband service called Toonami Jetstream on July 17 2006.

General Note on Airdates: The Prince of Tennis airs on Cartoon Network and Viz's broadband service, Toonami Jetstream and on Toonami. Even though has broadband shows in its database, the airdates and the titles for each episode are that of it's U.S. regular Toonami airing. The Japanese titles and airdates, and the Jetstream airdates can be found in their respective episodes ONLY when dub info (titles and airdates) have been revealed.

Popularity of the Franchise: The series is extremely popular in Japan. In addition to the manga and anime, there is a half-hour weekly radio show, over 100 music CDs and Drama CDs, several games, an animated movie and a live action movie, a five episode OVA, a number of live-action musicals, and much, much more.

Seasons: Season 1: Episodes 1-26 - Intraschool Ranking Arc I (1-10), Versus Fudomine Arc (11-21), Seigaku Training (22-26) Season 2: Episodes 27-52 – Versus St Rudolph Arc (27-26), Training Filler Arc (37-40), Versus Yamabuki Arc (41-48), Intraschool Ranking Arc II (49-52) Season 3: Episodes 53-78 – Versus Hyoutei Arc (53-68), Tezuka's Leaving Arc (69-75), Shonan Arc – Part 1 (76-78) Season 4: Season 5: Season 6: Episodes 129-160 - Recreation II Arc (129-135), Junior Selection Camp Arc (136-146), Versus American West Coast Team Arc (147-160) Season 7: Episodes 161-178 - Recreation III Arc (161-165), Intraschool Ranking Arc III (166-176), Start of Nationals Arc (177-178) Season 8: Episodes 179-194 (1-13 + 3 specials) - The Prince of Tennis OVA: The National Tournament (179-191/1-13), New Year's Special 2003 (192), A Day on Survival Mountain (193), New Year's Smash 2005 (194)moreless

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AIRED ON 2/1/2012

Season 8 : Episode 18

Takayuki Kondou

Takayuki Kondou

Shuichiro Oishi (Jap.)

Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

Takeshi Momoshiro (Eng.)

Kenjiro Tsuda

Kenjiro Tsuda

Sadaharu Inui (Jap.)

Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer

Sadaharu Inui (Eng.)

Cindy Robinson

Cindy Robinson

Sakuno Ryuzaki (Eng.)

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Kunimitsu Tezuka (Eng.)

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  • Ryoma,sasuke,tezuka,inue,kaido.

    What can i say?..i just loved playing tennis,so when first time i saw it on tv here in MALAYSIA,..i decide to buying the PRINCE OF TENNIS DVD,s..thangs to them! Now i know the rolls of how to playing n funny!!.mada mada dane!!!!!...
  • I liked the show a lot. Even if you are not the biggest fan or not a fan of tennis at all, chances are you would like the show. The show is not about tennis, it is about a kid who plays tennis really greatly in a tennis club with great members and how evemoreless

    Even if you are not the biggest fan or not a fan of tennis at all, chances are you would like the show. The show is not about tennis, it is about a kid who plays tennis really greatly in a tennis club with great members and how everyone interacts with each other and the situations around them. The characters also have alot of things to overcome in every episode.
  • A great show for Tennis fans!

    I must admit, I don't really enjoy sport anime, probably because of my own lousy athletic ability.

    However, Prince of Tennis did catch my attention for a little while; not enough to keep my attention for the rest of the series, seeing as I never managed to complete the anime, but I did enjoy what I did see.

    I know next to nothing about Tennis, so I guess I can't say much about the Tennis aspect of the show or how accurate it is. I can, however, talk about the characters. Ryoma Echizen is really the main character. And I must say, for a kid, he was pretty cool. While Sakuno annoyed me, she was a good character either way.

    I suppose if you're a tennis fan, you might really like this show. It wasn't one for me though.moreless
  • Stop For the love of everyone my eyes PLEASE!!!!!! NO More NO More NO More

    Tennis show Stop!!! prince of stick up the A## stupid little brat. Look at me I play tennis with super powers Out of all the sports tennis is the worst and the animation

    is something to be undesired those eyes suck if you watch this show you would think he plays tennis to save the world or something it's soooo exagerated then he has a catch phrase you got long way's to go slap punch kick stomp and much more you stuck up idiot.Stop For the love of everyone my eyes PLEASE!!!!!!

    NO More NO More NO Moremoreless
  • Just too awesome for it's own good. SERIOUSLY. Prince of Tennis is one of the best sports anime out there.(I haven't seen many, but out of the ones i've seen, it's awesome.)moreless

    This show is just-just AWESOME! It really has a good message to it: "Follow your dreams" and "You can do anything you set your mind to." People have to get away from the fact that it's a TENNIS ANIME and try actually WATCHING the show. If you do, i'm almost garunteed that you'll get hooked on it.(My mom did!)Just because it's tennis doesn't mean that it will be boring. I guess it gives you good knowlodge about tennis too. Actually, i used to HATE tennis until I saw it. Now I've been watching the Tennis chanel on my t.v all the time! It has it's funny moments, your emotional moments, and total ownage moments. It doesn't even have any negative messages to it. That's probably what's the best. It's just a great and positive attitude-setting anime.moreless

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