The Prince Of Tennis

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • 2/1/12
      Tezuka is dominating in his match against Kaidoh, but continues to draw the game out. On the next court, Atobe is teaching Hiyoshi what it means to be number one.
    • 1/11/12
      Takeshi Momoshiro is the first Seishun student to play against a staff member. Unfortunately he is against Jujiroh Oni, the man with a 2 string racquet, the Gatekeeper of Hell. Is Momo strong enough to withstand the onslaught from the Gatekeeper?
    • New Year's Smash
      New Year's Smash
      Episode 16
    • A Day on Survival Mountain
      Ryoma and the other Seigaku regulars take a day off of their normal routines and go hiking on a mountain. Expecting to do some special training, the team reaches theie destination only to find their precious tennis courts taken over by a group of college tennis players. Naturally, Ryoma is more than happy to teach them a thing or two about how to play “real” tennis.moreless
    • New Year's Special
      New Year's Special
      Episode 14
      Who is the strongest of Seigaku?
    • Deadly Battle: Emperor vs Prince
      Ryoma Echizen boldly steps out to challenge Keigo Atobe in the final match to determine which team moves on to the National Semifinals. Each is so confident of their win that an agreement is made to have the loser shave their head. During the match, Atobe seems determined to bring out Echizen's "state of self-actualization" and both start the match with special techniques. Atobe relentlessly pounds Echizen with Taunhauser serves until finally Echizen is forced to take reckless measures to counter him.moreless
    • The Two of Us
      The Two of Us
      Episode 12
      The Doubles 1 match begins, and it is a showdown between the two Golden Pairs: Kikumaru-Oishi and Shisido-Ootori. In this match, combination is the most important factor, and Hyotei's pair have a few new tricks up their sleeve!
    • Tezuka Kunimitsu
      Tezuka Kunimitsu
      Episode 11
      It's time for singles 2 and Tezuka is just the man to face Kabaji. But unfortunately Kabaji is copying every single move Tezuka uses including the Tezuka Zone. Will Tezuka lose to his own technique? Or will he find a way to defeat Kabaji?
    • The Short-Lived Match
      Once again, Kaidoh and Inui pair up to play in the Doubles 2 slot. Their Hyotei opponents, Mukahi and Hiyoshi, are going full-out from the start. Can Kaidoh and Inui stand up to this pair?
    • Unbreakable Spirit
      Momo takes an early lead in the match against Oshitari, but Oshitari has a few surprises of his own.
    • The Calm Before the Storm
      The members of Hyogei go throughout the day thinking about the upcoming match. Ryoma and Kintaro meet for the first time.
    • The Prince of Volleyball
      Fresh off their success in the first round of Nationals, Seigaku goes to the beach for some rest and relaxation. They meet up unexpectedly with Rokkaku, and a game of volleyball breaks out...and with the losing teams forced to drink Inui juice, more than honor is on the line!
    • The Man Called Killer
      As the coach of Higa Middle School's tennis team was about to quit, their captain Kite stops him. It seems like he's got something up his sleeve. Will Tezuka be able to beat this guy called "killer"?
    • The Longest Summer
      Kaido and Inui pair up to play in the Doubles 2 slot, but Inui doesn't seem to be helping at all during the rally. This leaves Kaido doing all the work and he isn't using the Snake at all. Will Kaido's stamina be able to hold out long enough for him to win the match, and why isn't he using the Snake?moreless
    • Kikumaru Alone
      Kikumaru Alone
      Episode 4
      Kikumaru is At first the match seems one sided in his favor, but then his opponent pulls out a special move. Can he make it through the match without Oishi's support?
    • The Fourth Counter
      Kawamura and Fuji are having a tough time keeping up in their doubles match. Finally, it becomes tiebreak. Can Kawamura return the specialized serve, or will they lose Doubles 2?
    • Hot & Cool
      Hot & Cool
      Episode 2
      Ryoma is playing Singles 3, against a huge player. The player reveals a special serve- the Big Bang! At first it seems unreturnable, but can Echizen figure out a way around it and win the match?
    • Return of the Prince
      Seigaku continues on the road to winning the National Championship. Now, only the best schools remain and Seigaku will have to go head-to-head with old rivals and new foes in the National Tournament!
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