The Prince Of Tennis - Season 1

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Decisive Moment
    Episode 48
    Ryoma is cornered by Akutsu. But he accepts this challenge head on and releases his newfound power. Each player steps closer to the next level without giving an inch, all the while throwing out his most powerful moves.
  • Samurai Spirit
    Episode 46
    Ryoma brings out his best shots to challenge Akutsu’s raw power. In spite of the spectators’ worries, the violent battle continues to rage. Will Ryoma find the strength within to help him defeat his most challenging enemy?
  • The Tiebreak
    Episode 33
    Kikumaru brilliantly revives his strength and breaks out his acrobatic moves, and the grueling doubles match with St. Rudolph goes into a tiebreak. Will Eiji be able to hold out to the end?
  • Momo and Viper
    Episode 29
    Momo and Kaido are assigned to play doubles by Coach in the next match, but their stormy rivalry just might get in the way—or could it work to their advantage?
  • Kalpin's Adventure
    Episode 27
    Ryoma accidentally packs his cat Kalpin’s favorite toy in his tennis bag, and the cat follows him to school. When Ryoma finds out his cat is wandering around campus, the search is on to find Kalpin!
  • The battle between Ryoma and Tezuka rages on and neither of them are willing to lose this match. But, in the end, Ryoma loses.
  • Tezuka asks Ryuzaki if he can play against Ryoma in a match and he agrees. Then, Ryoma has a match against Kaidoh. As soon as the match begins, Kaidoh tries to finish it with his snake, but Ryoma easily counters it. Then Ryoma ends the match with Kaidou's move- the snake! After practice, Tezuka tells Ryoma to come to the court at Haruno School in 3 days at 3 p.m and to come alone. So after the 3 day period, Ryoma and Tezuka meet. When the match begins, Tezuka starts off with fast one and he has a killer look in his eye. Could Ryoma actually win? And what's wrong with Tezuka's arm?moreless
  • Ryoma's Holiday
    Episode 24
    Sakuno's tennis racket needs it's strings replaced, and her Grandmother can't take her, so of course Ryoma is asked to take Sakuno instead. On an appointed day, Ryoma meets Sakuno, and everyone think they are on a date, including Sakuno. Ryoma's father decides to follow his son to see how the assumed date. He is soon joined by Momoshiro and the Freshmen trio.moreless
  • 3/20/02
    New training begins for the Seigaku regulars in preparation for upcoming tournaments. As part of the training, the regulars must play one another with special rules based on individual players strengths. The loser has to drink Inui's special Vegetable Juice. Poor Kaidou and Oishi get sick from drinking it, and then Tezuka accidentally drinks all of Inui's special juice and Inui is forced to break out with his new Super Deluxe Inui Juice. Of course Tezuka doesn't get sick, but Ryoma does after he loses and drinks the Deluxe Juice, which looks kinda like dirty water.moreless
  • Kaoru's Misfourtune
    Episode 22
    Early in the morning, Kaidoh begins his daliy extra training, starting off from a hill heading towards town. Meanwhile, Snake is jogging passing block by block, and soon encounters a thief stealing purses. During the same day the Seigaku members are hanging out with the Fudomine members and some are having matches against regional tennis team members.moreless
  • Is The Tennis Court Heating Up?
    After the incredible matches played against Fudomine, peolpe begin flocking to Segiaku to scout and spy on the regulars. While there, a couple of guys notice how cute the girls are on the girls' team. Two guys decide to spy on Momoshiro and Ryoma, in particular, tailing them all over town and gathering pointless data on the two. They are soon discovered and end up playing doubles against them. But, it turns out they are very bad, scoring only one point against the Seigaku pair.moreless
  • 3/3/02
    Seigaku’s recent success at the district matches attracts unwanted attention and “spies” from rival schools, desperately trying to gather any sort of data they can. Two of these spies, Shunsuke and Kenzo, end up challenging Momo and Ryoma to a match.
  • Time Limit
    Episode 20
    Ryoma is able to finsh the match with "Nitouryu", a move his father invented. After winning Coach Ryuzaki takes Ryoma to the Hospital and that night the Regulars celebrate their win at Taka's father's sushi shop.
  • Ryoma Is Injured
    Episode 19
    Using a series of topspins and slice shots, Fudomine's Shinji has managed to "freeze" Ryoma for a few seconds, enough time for the dark haired second year to easily score points. When Ryoma tries to return the play with his body, his muscles refuse to maintain their grip to the racket, which flies out his hand and smashes into the net. A piece of the racket flies back at Ryoma and hits him in his left eye. Coach Ryazaki patches up Ryoma's eye and allows him to finish the playing the game. Oishi is against Ryoma retruning to the court after such an injury so he gets a grace period; if the match isn't finished in 10 minutes, Ryoma must forfeit! Can he win the match in time?moreless
  • The Love Letter
    Episode 18
    Ryoma starts his match with Fudomine’s Shinji Ibu, and Coach Ryuzaki remembers when Ryoma’s father Nanjiro was a student of hers.
  • Love Letter
    Love Letter
    Episode 18
    As Ryoma plays out his game on the courts, Coach Ryuzaki fills the Seigaku regulars in on some key facts about Ryoma's professional tennis player father. Meanwhile, the Elder Echizen himself lazes around the house reminicing on his own days as a Seigaku regular.
  • 2/6/02
    The three singles games begin between Kaidou and Kamio, and it becomes an all out endurance test. Inui offers to help Kaidou improve his control over the Boomerang Snake. Even Ryoma seems interested in the match, at least he doesn't go wandering off. Sakuno, however, does go wandering off, and she gets in a bit of touble when she steps on some jerk's shoe by accident. A mysterious girl steps in to help Sakuno out, but ends up getting pushed around. That is, until Momoshiro arrives and gets angry the guy for hitting her. Then Ryoma and Ibu's match begins.moreless
  • Boomerang Snake
    Boomerang Snake
    Episode 16
    After the win with the Golden Pair, it's Kaidou's turn to play. Suddenly, a rainstrom occurs and dampens everyone's spirit. Kaidou faces off against Fudomine's speed demon Akira Kaimo, and a lucky shot due to furstration gives birth to the Boomerng Snake.
  • The Boomerang Snake
    Episode 16
    Eiji Kikumaru and Shuichiro Oishi win their doubles match over Fudomine, and Kaoru Kaido begins his match against Fudomine’s Akira Kamio. Kaido is pushed by Akira’s speedy game and is forced to use his specialty “Snake Shot,” but he slips!
  • 1/23/02
    Doubles begin and its Oishi and Kikumaru Vs. Uchimuru and Mori! At first it seems as though the Seigaku pair are winning, but then they begin to have trouble. Have the "Golden Pair" of Seigaku met their match?
  • The Swallow Return
    Episode 14
    Enter Fudomine - an unseeded Junior High school team that gave Seigaku a run for their money. An incident involing violence forced the team to withdram last year, but this yeah Fudomine is in top form.
  • Men Play Doubles!
    Men Play Doubles!
    Episode 13
    The conclusion of the first doubles game between Ryoma and Momoshiro vs the two boys they played against in the park. Will Ryoma and Momoshiro win? Was agreeing to sign them up for doubles really a mistake? Or will they prove themselves to be excellent at singles and doubles?
  • 1/10/01
    In the midst of their uncoordinated game with Fukawa and Izumi, Ryoma and Momo bring their game back with an interesting yet unorthodox way to synchronize their attack.
  • The Perfect Match
    Episode 12
    Although they lost to Fukawa and Izumi, Ryoma and Momo decide to challenge themselves and play doubles at the district matches. Coincidentally, their opponents there are Gyokurin’s Fukawa and Izumi, again.
  • The Two "AH-UN" Boys
    Ryoma and Momoshiro volunteered to play doubles 2, and to their surprise the opponents are Fukawa and Izumi, whom they played street tennis with. Fukawa and Izumi try to hit the ball down the middle every time because they know the their opponents are amateurs at doubles, and don't cooperate well. However they conquer the opponents' plan by shouting AH and UN to indicate who's going to return the ball. The shout works perfectly. Izumi and Fukawa try different moves to get Ryoma and Momoshiro on the same court, so the other side will be open to attack. Ryoma and Momoshiro start to arugue whose ball it is. Ryuzaki asks Tezuka if she made a mistake allowing Ryoma and Momoshiro to play Doubles 2. Unfortunately, their opponents take lead in the match.moreless
  • 1/27/07
    The district preliminaries are coming up, and there are only three spaces for the singles match. Even worse, the first two spaces have already been chosen. Both Ryoma and Momoshiro want the third and final spot, so they agree to have a match to decide who will get it. Unfortunately, the court they go to is doubles matches only!moreless
  • 12/12/01
    Ryoma and his freshman friends go to a court to practice. However, a man comes and starts bullying the coach! Ryoma then asks for help, and plays a match with the man. He thinks the man will be easy to beat, but the man reveals that he is the Golden Retriever, able to get balls on the far side of the court! Will Ryoma still be able to win?moreless
  • The Hard Day
    Episode 9
    Ryoma and Inui’s match finally comes to an end? Who will win, and who will lose? At the end of the day, who will fill the eight spots and become a Seigaku Regular?
  • The Split Step
    Episode 8
    Ryoma unleashes his secret weapon, “the split step,” which makes him respond to Sadaharu’s attacks quicker and clouds Sadaharu’s predictions of Ryoma’s game.
  • Split Step
    Split Step
    Episode 8
    Ryoma’s match with Inui continues! With Inui reading his every move, Ryoma tries out a new technique - The Split Step! This move puts Inui in a bad position, however, because he can anticipate where the ball is heading and can hit it at a deadly angle, but Ryoma can hit all the balls easily. Will Ryoma make a comeback? Or, will Inui hang on till the end and win?moreless
  • Two Ryoma's
    Episode 7
    After watching Ryoma in many matches, Inui calculates his moves and sets the statistics. The two face off, but Ryoma may not stand a chance! Inui can read his every move and easily dominates him!! Is there any hope for Ryoma? Meanwhile, Tezuka and Oishi face off. Who will win their strong match?moreless
  • 11/14/01
    Mamoru Inoue and Saori Shiba head to Nanjiro Echizen’s home to ask him some questions. When they arrive, Nanjiro challenges Inoue to a game of tennis. If Inoue can get one ball past him, Nanjiro will answer all of his questions. Elsewhere, Ryoma practices alone for his upcoming match with Inui. Sakuno finds him and tries to wish him good luck, but she can’t seem to say it. Meanwhile, Inui prepares for his next match in a different way...moreless
  • Snake Shot
    Episode 5
    The match between Ryoma and Kaido rages on. Kaido lures Ryoma into his trap, but in the end, Ryoma sets his own trap. With both players running low on stamina, who will win? And, can Ryoma really pull of the Snake Shot?!
  • 1/6/07
    It’s time to pick the regulars for the new year via a Ranking Tournament! Ryoma is able to compete, and he does well against all his opponents early on. But, what will happen when he faces Kaoru “Snake” Kaido and his deadly viper technique? Will Ryoma be able to win? The regulars, freshmen, and reports are all watching with eager anticipation yet again!moreless
  • An eight grader named Arai is fed up with the new seventh graders, epspecially Ryoma. He challenges Ryoma to a tennis match, but there’s a catch; Ryoma has his rackets taken away and must now play with a broken wooden one! Will he stand a chance? The Seigaku Regulars and Captain Tezuka are watching, and this might be Ryoma’s opportunity to prove himself to them – that is, if he can win...moreless
  • Samurai Junior
    Episode 2
    It’s Ryoma’s first day at Seigaku Junior High School. He meets three seventh graders, including Satoshi Horio who has been playing tennis for two years. All of them want to play tennis, but it’s the upperclassmen’s turn today. Two upperclassmen bully the three friends. Ryoma shows them up and humilities them, exposing them as cheaters. But, what will happen when upperclassman Takeshi Momoshiro challenges Ryoma to a match? With a small audience, will Ryoma prove that he’s as good as his father?! Will he be good enough to hold the title of "Samurai"?moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Episode 1
  • The Prince Appears
    Episode 1
    A tennis tournament is being held in Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden for people 16 years old and under. 12-year-old Ryoma Echizen is one of the boys who registered. Everyone makes fun of him for being so young and small, but he'll soon prove that he is The Prince Of Tennis!