The Prince Of Tennis - Season 2

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Decisive Moment
    Decisive Moment
    Episode 22
  • Will Not Lose
    Episode 21
    Ryoma and Akutsu are both determined not to give in. Who will be the winner of this match?
  • Intra-school ranking matches have begun! This time, it seems relatively straightforward. However, Inui, Tezuka, and Momo are all in the same block, and eventually one of them will be eliminated from the regulars! Momo faced Tezuka and lost, and next it's Inui's turn! Who will win?
  • Jack Knife
    Episode 18
    Momoshiro is still against the happy go lucky regular from the other team. His leg is sprined and he is about to collapse, but then he comes up with a move called the Momo-style Jack Knife. With it, he wins the match against the other team! In the end, however, he falls down on the tennis court.moreless
  • Samurai Spirit
    Episode 20
    Nothing has seemed to change between the two. Akutsu still has the upper hand and Ryoma can't seem to do anything about it. Takeshi remembers that Akutsu once came into his Karate class and beat up one of the best student's and the others who tryed to fight him. With that new information, Ryoma gets hit in the face but gets the point.moreless
  • 7/10/02
    The semi final tournament is right around the corner, and the guys are busy training.
  • Mizuki's Scenario
    Episode 4
    Kaidoh and Momo are still playing doubles and they seem to be having a hard time against the two boys Atsushi and Yanagizawa. Kaidoh refuses to use the Snake with is throwing off their game. Their opponets are even trying to get them to use their moves, and the match seems to be going on forever. It already 40 mintues into the match, it gets intense. Finally the duo scores a point but Kaidoh and Momo are getting madder and madder at each other. Finally, Kaidoh seems ready to use the snake. However, he tricked them into thinking it was the snake and instead used the Boomerang Snake. When they think it will be the snake they hit a chance ball. When Momo hits it with his Dunk Smash, the impact of the ball on the court left a mark.moreless
  • Moon Volley
    Episode 5
    The match conutinues, and Kaidoh and Momo seem to have the upper hand. However, they keep on bickering and the weather doesn't seem to be cooling down, so things are getting intense. The St. Rudolph players try to set a trap but it fails and when Momo does his smash it hits Yanagizawa in the face. St. Rudolph forfiets, but Momo doesn't want to accept the win. The second match begins and it's Eiji and Oishi against the St. Rudolph pair. Already the Seigaku duo are losing, but things pick up for them and it looks like it could go either way.moreless
  • Drive B
    Episode 9
    Echizen faces off against Shusuke's younger brother, Yuuta, also known as the "Left hand Killer".
  • Lucky Sengoku
    Episode 17
  • Momo And The Viper
    Momo And The Viper
    Episode 3
    Momo and his rival, Viper, end up playing doubles together. But will their fierce rivalry cause them to lose?
  • 4/24/02
    The Seigaku Regulars meet Fuji's little brother, a regular from another school, Yuuta.
  • Twist Spin Shot
    Episode 8
    Echizen's match with Yuuta begins. At first, Yuuta has the upper hand because he can easily return Ryoma's Twist Spin serve. However, Ryoma catches up. That's when Yuuta shows them all his very own Twist Spin shot!
  • 8/21/02
    At last, the match between Akutsu and Ryoma begins. Ryoma starts with his serve and follows it up with a Drive A (a ball aimed for the face). Akutsu gets hit by it and becomes serious. He starts showing his real skills in tennis. He is a prodigy that can change his whole body's movement at the last second. This makes Ryoma unable to predict where the ball is going, because it always seems to go the opposite way than what he predicted. How is Ryoma going to win?moreless
  • Tiebreaker
    Episode 7
    Oishi and Kikumaru's match turns into a tiebreaker. Can they hold out until the end, or will Kikumaru run out of stamina again? Finally, it's Ryoma's turn to play none other than Fuji's little brother!
  • 6/19/02
    The Match between Mizuki and Fuji begins and already things are looking bad for Fuji. Mizuki makes a return ace that is so fast Fuji can't even move, and to make thing worse, Mizuki can see his weak spots and can counter his serves easily. As they change courts, Fuji asks Mizuki if he taught Yuuta the Twist shot even though he knew it would hurt Yuuta's body, and Mizuki said yes. With that said, Fuji's game comes back and Mizuki takes a real beating. Can Fuji's anger pull him through to win the match?moreless
  • 6/26/02
    While Ryoma is trying to train Sakuno, she hits the tennis ball over the wall and into another middle school's court. However, she knows which one is hers because she drew Ryoma's face on it.
  • PenalTEA
    Episode 12
    Akutsu is impressed by Ryoma's Tennis skills. However, he likes to fight people and picks one with Ryoma. Then Akutsu picks up a stone and throws it at him, but Ryoma blocks it with he racket. Akutsu picks up a handful of stones and Ryoma is hurt while trying block. Later, Ryoma is in the nurses office and lies about how he got hurt.moreless
  • 9/18/02
    Horio accidentally knocks an upperclassman basketball player in the face. In order to protect him, Ryoma and the basketball player have a free throw contest. Also, a spy from another school comes to Seigaku.
  • A Duel In The Rain
    Episode 14
    The match between Ryoma and Fuji continues.
  • Seigaku's Biggest Crisis
    Tezuka starts playing seriously and makes an easy comeback against Inui. The members of the tennis team, especially Oishi, are worried about Momo, who hasn't been coming to club activities. Oishi's attitude bugs Eiji, who decides that he'd rather be paired up with Ryoma! Banji from Yamabuki talks to Ryuuzaki-sensei about Tezuka being involved in a study abroad program in America.moreless
  • Inui's Challenge
    Inui's Challenge
    Episode 25
    The match between Tezuka and Inui begins. They are pretty evenly matched up, until Inui starts to pull ahead with his determination and Data Tennis.
  • Eiji seems as though he won't be able to play, he is so exhausted. But, after two games with Oishi covering for him, Eiji finally regains his strength. But, will it be enough? Or is there no chance for the Golden Pair to make a comeback?
  • Karupin's Adventure
    Karupin goes to Ryoma's school to get back his toy that accidentally got dropped in Ryoma's tennis bag.
  • Oishi Is Targeted!
    Episode 16
    The golden pair, Oishi and Kikumaru, are having trouble against a Yamabuki doubles team.
  • Trouble
    Episode 15
    Four Fudomine players are involved in a car accident, forcing Fudomine to forfeit to Yamabuki once Akutsu alerts Tachibana to the fact.