The Prince Of Tennis - Season 3

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Thunderbolt
    Episode 26
    The next match is about to begin. Before the game, the Golden Pair sees how big one of their opponent is; Daichi Kiriyama, and how small the other opponent is; Oota. Even thought Daichi is big, he is also fast at the net and can easily return even a lob at that post. When they try to make a higher lob, Oota runs on and Daichi runs back to recieve it. In a short time, the Golden Pair are down 2 games. To make things worse, Oishi's injury still hasn't fully healed. Things are starting to look up for the Golden Pair because for some reason Daichi can't return slow serves and Oota is too short to return a lob. Finally, the Golden Pair gets a game. Now, the real challenge is if Oishi can continue to play with his wrist still in pain...moreless
  • The Fight Between The Calm And The Passionate
    The Seigaku pair are having trouble in this game of doubles because Momoshiro's blood is really boiling. After the freshmen trio makes Momoshiro realize the error of his ways, he calms down and Momoshiro asks Inui to forgive him for playing as though he was alone, not in doubles. Momoshiro uses Dunk Smash to knock both of the twins' rackets out of their hands. But just when the Seigaku pair gets the upper hand, Momo accidentally drinks one of Inui's 'experimental' juices and has to be taken out on a stretcher. Seigaku is forced to forfeit, and Jyousei Shounan leads 1-0.moreless
  • Seigaku vs. Jyousei Shounan

    The Kantou Regional Tourtment begins and it's Seiguka's Momoshiro and Inui vs the Jyousei Pair for the first match.

  • Farewell, Kunimitsu Tezuka
    Ryoma is being controlled by the Tezuka Zone. He tries to use Drive B, but ends up lobbing the ball so Tezuka can smash it. However Tezuka tricked Ryoma by hitting it straight down the middle and winning his first game. Ryoma serves again and does the Twist Serve, but it fails to beat Tezuka. Ryoma keeps doing Twist Serves because he has no options. Even though Ryoma plays his hardest, he still loses 6-4. Tezuka now leaves for Germany and the club continues practicng for the upcoming tournament.moreless
  • A Message For Echizen
    Tezuka gathers the regulars together to say that he is leaving Seigaku for treatment in Germany. Oishi and the others are concerned, but Ryoma doesn't show it. Tezuka shows up for practice and has a light rally with Fuji. As soon as practice ends, Tezuka challenges Ryoma to a one set match. Ryoma wins one game with the Twist Sevre, but Tezuka traps him using a perfected right-handed Tezuka Zone, stronger than with his left hand. Will Ryoma win this match?moreless
  • Tezuka's Decision
    Tezuka's Decision
    Episode 21
    Tezuka decides to go to Germary to heal his arm.
  • Kaoru Becomes Ryoma
    Kaoru Becomes Ryoma
    Episode 20
    Most of the regulars take a break from tennis, but Ryoma and Kaido still train. At the tennis courts, some boys mistake Kaido for Ryoma because Shiba put Kaido's picture in her article about Ryoma by accident. The boys want to see who is better, "Ryoma" or Momo. But Kaido can't imitate any of Ryoma's moves! Will Kaido crush the young boy's dreams about his hero Ryoma?moreless
  • It's A Date!
    It's A Date!
    Episode 19
    Momo gets asked out on a date by Ann. Only, he's nervous, so he drags Ryoma along with them. The trio is spotted by Inui, who makes a few calls. Soon almost all of the regulars are following Ryoma, Momo, and Ann to the public Tennis Court. There they meet some of the people from some rival schools. Later, Fuji comes to the court too.moreless
  • Tennis vs. Ping Pong
    It's Club Mix Day, a day when different clubs sign up for other clubs. Ryoma goes with ping pong, the Golden Pair signs up for volleyball, Inui and Kawamura go with baseball, Momoshiro chooses basketball, and Kaidou goes to badminton. Ryoma is challenged by one of the strongest players of Table Tennis in Seigaku. Ryoma uses tennis techniques in order to win. Also, Fuji signs up for curling; the only club that no one signed up for and he becomes champion.moreless
  • Who Will Be A Regular?
    Tezuka is gone because of his injury, and everyone is practicing hard for the next ranking tournament, especially Arai and Momo. Kachiro gets annoyed with how and Arai and others think that Tezuka's injury is just a chance for them to become regulars. Kachiro challenges Arai to a match, with the loser quitting the tennis club. Although everyone thinks Kachiro has no chance of beating Arai, who will win the match?moreless
  • The Never Ending Tiebreaker
    The game continues with a score of 35-34, and Seigaku is in the lead! But, the game keeps going back and forth, and even though Tezuka played to the best of his abiliy he still loses the game. Since the score is 2-2 and one no game, the substitutes Ryoma and Hiyoshi have to play! Although Hyotei's Hiyoshi is thought to have the match in the bag, after Ryoma switches to his left hand, he easily beats Hiyoshi with the Twist Serve and Drive B, making the final score 3-2. Seigaku has beaten Hyotei!moreless
  • The Last Shot
    The Last Shot
    Episode 15
    Tezuka has the upper hand and he is beating Atobe with ease, but just when everything is looking good, his arm gives out on him. As the team rushes to aid him he doesn't want them to interfere. He takes a break and then he gets back up to finish the match. The team says he overdoing it, and Oishi talks to him. Shortly after, Tezuka is ready to play. However, Atobe has caught up and now it's the tiebreaker. Even with his arm, Tezuka is still able to play evenly with Atobe. However, because of his arm the socre keeps going back and forth. But who will win?moreless
  • Rondo Towards Destruction
    Atobe reveals his amazing smash, Rondo Towards Destruction, that first knocks the racket out of the opponent's hand and then wins the point using a second smash right after. Atobe was aiming for the match to be a long one to wear down Tezuka's arm, but Tezuka also wanted it to be a long match. He wants to carry Seigaku to the Nationals. Can his arm withstand so long a match?moreless
  • Become Seigaku's Pillar Of Support
    After training, Oishi said that he and Tezuka promised to bring to team above the Perfectal Tournament to the Kantou Tournament and to the Nationals. In a flashback, it is showed how Tezuka injured his arm. When he was still a first year, one of the regulars found out Tezuka was left-handed though he had been playing with his right hand. He wanted to teach Tezuka a lesson about looking down on people. He used his racket and hit Tezuka in the elbow. He then decides to quit the Tennis Club if that's the kind of people that are in it. Just then, the captain comes out and talks to Tezuka, telling him to become Seigaku's pillar of support.moreless
  • Special Tenipuri (Super Soldier; Beware of Snow White?!; Jump Out! Seigaku)
    Three stories are told about the Seigaku regulars' adventures.
  • The Last Triple Counter
    Fuji hits the ball just right so it bounces on the oppnenet's count and then, because of the wind, the ball bounces back into Fuji's hand. The person Fuji played was incredibly spirited and even thought he lost he had no bad feelings. At the start of the singles 1 match, Tezuka versus Atobe, there are college and pro scouts, along with all the top seeded schools of the tournament, watching.moreless
  • The Disappearing Serve
    Fuji is moved by Kawamura's fight with Kabaji becuase he gave all that he had to win for Seigaku. Unfortuately, the match was not won due to the fact that both sides continuously used the Hadoukyu and were unable to continue. So Fuji was determined to finish his match quickly. It was Fuji's service game and he used an underhand serve, which made it disappear. Fuji and Jirou continued to volley until Fuji realized that Jirou's specialty was serve and volley.moreless
  • Duel Of Hadoukyuu
    Duel Of Hadoukyuu
    Episode 9
    Takashi hits a two-handed Hadoukuu, which Kabaji imitates. Takashi is suprised and so are all the other members of Hyotei. Abote remarks that Kabaji is simple-minded taking in all he sees. Takashi ends the game with the one Hadoukuu,which is stronger than the two-handed Hadoukuu. Kabaji can't play any longer and Takashi played so hard his hand began to bleed. This inspires Fuji, and he takes Takeshi's bloody racket for the next game.moreless
  • Power vs. Power
    Power vs. Power
    Episode 8
    Next up is Kawamura Takashi in singles 3 and his opponent is Kabaji, a very powerful man, but Kawamura vows that he won't lose. Takashi serves his Burning Attack but it is returned with ease and Kabaji and Takashi engage in a powerful rally. Kabaji increases his power and speed but Takashi still manages to return it. Takashi uses the Hadoukyuu but will it suceed?moreless
  • The Hidden Trouble
    The Hidden Trouble
    Episode 7
    Nothing has seemed to change between the two teams, but it appears as if Inui has been collecting data on the two and now Kaidou and Inui are able to see right through them. Soon, the Seigaku pair makes a comeback. As they change courts Inui tells him how he became stronger then him. And now it's time for the Boomerang Snake. Finally, Kaidou has mastered it, but it is returned. But even with all the comebacks, will they win?moreless
  • The Worst Compatibility
    Kaidou and Inui are having a hard time trying to keep up with the opponents and they can't seem to get the upper hand, but Inui takes off his wrist band which has weights in it. It increases his speed but for the moment it doesn't matter because they still can't gain the upper hand. Also, Kaidou is beginning to lose his strength. Will the new partnership pull through?moreless
  • Scud Serve
    Scud Serve
    Episode 5
    Using great teamwork, Momo and Eiji make an awesome comeback to beat Hyotei 6-4. Next is doubles 1, Shishido and Choutarou of Hyotei versus Inui and Kaido of Seigaku. Choutarou reveals his incredibly fast serve, the Scud Serve, that not even Inui's data can predict!
  • Doubles For 3
    Doubles For 3
    Episode 4
    Because of Osihi's injury, Momoshiro is forced to play with Kikumaru. Kikumaru, who always counted on Oihsi's support so he could do his arobatic play, is suprised and can't play to his full potential. As the game goes on, however, Kikumaru begins to depend on Momoshiro with his jumps and takes the role of Oihsi.moreless
  • Hyotei Presses Near
    At the Kantou Regional Tournament, Momo is full of team spirit, but Oishi is late! While helping a woman in labor, Oishi hurt his right wrist, so Momo has to enter the tournament and play doubles 2 with Kikuamru. Because of the brute strength of the singles 3, Kabaji, on Hyotei, Ryoma is a reserve player. When the doubles 2 match starts, there is an even more acrobatic player than Kikumaru on the Hyotei team!moreless
  • Kaoru's Special Training
    At the Kantou Regional Tournament combination order drawings, Hyotei Gakuen is chosen as Seigaku's first opponent. Hyotei's secret to their strength is that they replace any regular that loses a match. Everyone at Seigaku trains hard for the match, especially Kaido, who still can't perfect the Boomerang Snake. After helping Kaido, Inui asks him if he will be his doubles partner.moreless
  • Momo Returns
    Momo Returns
    Episode 1

    In this episode, the time comes for tournament combination drawings. Seigaku discovers that they will next play against Hyotei Academy. Kaido realizes that he needs to better develop his skills, and he pledges to become Inui's doubles partner in exchange for coaching in the unbeatable Boomerang Snake. In the meantime, Hyotei's selection process becomes public knowledge.