The Prince Of Tennis - Season 4

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Finishing Smash
    Finishing Smash
    Episode 19
    It is time for Ryoma's match to resume, but both he and his opponent are nowhere to be found. Will their match be called off? Has something happened to Ryoma? Everyone on their respective teams search for their teammates except Kaido, who has been told to warm up in case Ryoma doesn't show up. Meanwhile the Seigaku regulars are still searching for Ryoma. Then, Sakuno and Tomo found Ryoma. The whole team this time including Kaido follow Ryazaki and they find Tomo-chan there. She tells them to be quiet and the team wonders why. Then they notice Echizen and his opponent are asleep under a tree because of all the practicing they did before dawn. Kamawara wakes them both up and they both get scolded by their teams. The match continues and in the end Ryoma takes the game and match for Seigaku thanks to his finishing smash.moreless
  • Ryoma, Get Pumped!
    Ryoma, Get Pumped!
    Episode 18
    Fuji and Eiji are able to win their match against their opponents and now it's the Singles 3 match. Now it's Ryoma vs Kentarou Aoi, but Kentarou's racket is very wide and long and this could be a problem. When the match begins they seem to be playing evenly, but Fuji says that Ryoma is being toyed with. Because of Kentarou's racket, he is able to return the ball with force no matter where it lands on his racket. When Ryoma hits the Drive B, Kentarou is able to return it easily. The tides change and Ryoma makes a comeback. He ties the games 3-3. It seems that the game has been going on for hours and hours. But it's still tied 4-4. Because of the sunset, the game has to stop. It will resume the next day.moreless
  • Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken!
    Eiji has been doing a great job but he is starting to become a little weak, and lose a lot of stamina. Also, one of Fuji's principle techniques is sealed! Will he and Eiji take the match despite the difficulties?
  • The Secret Plan To Seal Kikumaru
    The next doubles match begins. It's Fuji and Eiji versus the Rokkaku Pair. The Seigaku Pair start out with the upper hand, and they are already 3 games ahead. However, it seem Eiji is messing up, and gave Rokkaku the game. Fuji's having a hard time returning the balls Eiji missed. However, Fuji and Eiji refuse to give up. And now Eiji is able to get around his opponents and able to read their movements. This leaves Seigaku with a 3 game lead.moreless
  • Dash Hadoukyuu
    Dash Hadoukyuu
    Episode 15
    With a 5 game lead, it's going to be tough for the Seiguka pair to come back, but they refuse to lose. Soon the game is tied, thanks to Takeshi's Dash Hadoukyuu. Now, can Seiguka win?
  • The Boy With The Long Racket
    The Semifinals finally begin and it's Seigaku versus Rokkaku. First up is a doubles match with Takeshi and Momoshiro versus Bane and David, but David and Bane both have huge rackets. As soon as Bane serves, he hits Takeshi and knocks him down. The two are soon able to return the Jack Knife and Hadoukyuu! Things only get worse from there!!moreless
  • Rokkaku's Freshman Captain
    The Captain of Rokkaku is revealed.
  • Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball
    Echizen's dad is the temporary manager of a beachside restaurant. When the regulars go to the beach to train, they end up getting employed. Echizen and Kaidoh play some volleyball with the "Golden Retriever" and his son.
  • Seigaku, DaDaDaDan!
    Seigaku, DaDaDaDan!
    Episode 11
    The Tennis Club is about to train when Oishi introduces someone that looks like Ryoma. His name is Dan Taiichi form Yamabuki High. Then the training begins and Dan wants to play Ryoma. They eventualy face each other. Can Dan live up to his dream of defeating Ryoma Echizen or will Ryoma win easily?moreless
  • Tennis Folktale- Prince Detective?! The Prince Of Bowling (Part Two)
    The folktale continues.
  • Tennis Folktale- Prince Detective?! The Prince Of Bowling (Part One)
  • High On Rhythm
    High On Rhythm
    Episode 8
    The regulars take a break and watch the games to see who else will be in the top 4.
  • The Result Of The Deadly Duel
    The match continues and the game is tied. It's getting hard for Ryoma to keep up with Shinjyou, but he manages to return Shinjyou's serve with a Deep Impulse. With Ryoma back in the lead, he soon takes the match!
  • Deep Impulse
    Deep Impulse
    Episode 6
    Shinjou continues to use the Deep Impulse. The power of this serve is soon able to break though the racket's net, but when Ryoma tries to return the ball, it turns and hits Ryoma in the face once again. The next time is the same way, however, Ryoma rushes the ball with The Drive B and knocks the racket out of Shinjou's hand. The game is now tied...moreless
  • The Best Masterpiece
    The match between Ryoma and Shinjou begins. Ryoma wins the first game easily. However, all of a sudden Shinjou's power increases greatly, knocking Ryoma's racket out of his hand. When the racket isn't knocked out his hand, the ball just drops. To make things worse, Shinjou can change his underhand serve to a top spin, and he's is catching up fast. After a good number of twists, Ryoma can see though Shinjou and is able to score. Soon Ryoma's head is back in the game. Can he pull through to the end?moreless
  • Hanamura's Temptation
    It's a battle of the Snake Shots between Kaido and Wakato, who is imitating Kaido's style. They seem pretty evenly matched and enter a tiebreaker, but then Kaido uses the Boomerang Snke, a move which Wakato just can't copy! Kaido wins the match 7-6, and Wakato admits that he didn't change characters halfway through because of his stubbornness. Now it's time for the singles 2 match, Ryoma versus Shinjou Reiji.moreless
  • Viper vs. Fake Viper
    The Viper of Seigaku goes up against a pretender! However, his opponent copies moves; including his own! Can Viper beat someone who can copy his every move?
  • Style Of The Pretender
    The Golden Pair has won their match and now it's Kaidou's turn. He plays a guy the pretends to be a famous player. His style is to copy famous players. Kaidou gets mad and has a morale boost. He says he'll never lose to a fake. But can he uphold his words and win the match?moreless
  • The I Formation
    The I Formation
    Episode 1
    The Seigaku Regulars learn about the I Formation.