The Prince Of Tennis - Season 5

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Conclusion - Which One Will Win?
    From hitting all the Cyclone Smashes, Ryoma's body is very tired, as well as his eyes from watching Sanada's swings. But he can't afford to close his eyes anymore. Now Sanada can return the Cyclone Smash, and it soon becomes match point. Suddenly, Ryoma returns Sanada's amazing serve; the true Ryoma has been awakened! Now Sanada is the one who is being pressured, for Ryoma switches between the playing styles of all his previous opponents. Sanada is completely overpowered, and Seigaku wins the championship!moreless
  • Invisible Serve
    Invisible Serve
    Episode 30
  • Clash! Ryoma vs. Sanada
  • Angry Fuji
    Angry Fuji
    Episode 28
    Fuji gets hit multiple times with the ball. He is having trouble playing, and Kirihara is in the lead. However, when Kirihara serves and purposely hits Tachibana, who is standing behind Fuji, he becomes very angry. Fuji easily wins. The next match is Ryoma and Sanada. The winner determines who the Kantou Tournament Champion is.moreless
  • Kirihara's Red Trap
    Kirihara's Red Trap
    Episode 27
    Fuji is playing Kirihara. At first, Fuji has the upper hand. However, Kirihara hits the ball into Fuji's knee, causing him trouble when he ran around. It appears that Kirihara now has the upper hand. Who will come out victorious?
  • Conclusion of the Remembered Game
    Inui is still playing. He remembers when he played his doubles partner, but the game was never finished. They both consider this to be a continuation of that match. In the end, Inui wins. Now it's Fuji's turn.
  • Inui Hollers
    Inui Hollers
    Episode 25
    It's Inui's turn for Singles Three. If he loses this, Seigaku loses the Kantou Tournament. Unfortunately, the match is against his best childhood friend and doubles partner. They both know each other and they're weaknesses. Who will turn out victorious?
  • Yagyuu's Decision
    Yagyuu's Decision
    Episode 24
    The Golden Pair is losing and at each others' throats. Eventually they make amends, but is it too late for a come back?
  • Kikumaru Was Read By Niou
    The Golden Pair's match continues, and Kikumaru is having trouble. This is because Niou can tell which way Kikumaru is going to hit it. By the time Eiji realizes this, it's almost too late? Can the Golden Pair pull ahead despite the obstacles?
  • Tightrope Walking Doubles
    The doubles match between the Kaidoh-Momoshiro pair and the Mauri-Jirou pair continues. Mauri and Jirou finally take off their wrist weights and begin to play Momo and Kaidoh with their full power.
  • Battle Ceremony
    Battle Ceremony
    Episode 21
  • Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I'm Going to Win!! (Part Two)
    The finals begins today, but everyone's late!
  • Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I'm Going to Win!! (Part One)
    The regulars take a break before the big match tomorrow. During this short break, Fuji, Momo, and Ryoma visit Tachibana, but then Ryoma leaves and plays a quick match against Sandna. Ryoma has the upper hand, but they do not play all the way through.
  • Baseball is a Game for Men
    The TeniPuri gang returns for a game of baseball. The second half of the episode involves the gang in the Wild West.
  • Ryoma is Going!
    Ryoma is Going!
    Episode 17
    Things look bleak for Ryoma in his match against Atobe. Will he be able to turn things around and win?
  • Atobe the Beautiful
    Atobe the Beautiful
    Episode 16
    The final two practice matches between Hyotei and Seigaku begin. Check out the recap to see the final match-ups.
  • Hadoukyuu vs Scud Serve
    The practice matches between Seigaku and Hyotei continue as the next two matches are underway. Check the recap to see the match-ups for this episode.
  • Original Prodigy: Fuji Syuusuke
    The practice matches between Seigaku and Hyoutei continue with the next two matches. Check the recap to see the match-ups for this episode.
  • Jump, Kabaji!
    Jump, Kabaji!
    Episode 13
    The Seigaku regulars get their final surprise of the training camp. They will face the Hyoutei regulars in practice matches to see how much they've improved over the training camp. Check the recap to see the match-ups for this episode.
  • Tennis Biathalon
    Tennis Biathalon
    Episode 12
    The regulars get another surprise in the form of an intense biathalon.
  • Surprise at Camp
    Surprise at Camp
    Episode 11
    The regulars finally get their hands on rackets to see how much they've improved over the course of the training camp. Meanwhile, the freshman hear a frightening rumor that a bear has been spotted in the area.
  • The Captain Appears?!
    The regulars receive another surprise, former-Captain Yamato has stopped by to help with the training and preparation for Rikkaidai with some hiking and vegetation gathering. Although Ryoma doesn't understand or like Yamato, after getting lost with him, he comes to see Yamato as a great and wise person.
  • Let's Go Camping
    Let's Go Camping
    Episode 9
    Ryuzaki-sensei and Oishi have a surprise for the regulars, they will be going to a training camp to prepare for their upcoming meeting with Rikkaidai.
  • Ryoma Utterly Beaten
    Ryoma and Sanada have an unofficial match, and Akutsu watches in secret. The match doesn't seem to be going well for Ryoma and the game ends without Ryoma being able to get one point against Sanada. The next day at practice, Ryoma is totally off his game; all of his shots are hitting the net or going out. Ryoma asks Kawamura to hit Hadoukyuus to him, to imitate Sanada's shots, but he can't return any of them. Akutsu tells Kawamura about Ryoma's loss, then plays against Ryoma to help him recover from the defeat.moreless
  • Ryoma vs. Sanada
    Ryoma vs. Sanada
    Episode 7
    Ryoma and Sanada are on the tennis court and agree to have an unofficial match. Meanwhile, Jin Akutsu on happens to come across their match...
  • Sleepless Night
    Sleepless Night
    Episode 6
    The Kantou finals starts tomorrow, and no one can seem to get any rest. They all deal with the stress in their own ways, but they end up at the Seigaku tennis courts together.
  • Mizuki's Whispers
    Mizuki's Whispers
    Episode 5
    Ryoma and Momoshiro encounter coach Hanamura from Jyousei Shounan, a school Seigaku has already beaten. She invites Momoshiro to join Jyousei Shounan, which he declines. Kaidou overhears, and Momoshiro brags about his offer. Kaidou says that he would be happy if Momoshiro left Seigaku. Momoshiro gets angry, and they start to fight. Just then, Mizuki from St. Rudolph appears and asks Kaidou to join St. Rudolph. While the boy are still fighting, Mizuki and Hanamura discuss an offer. If Momoshiro and Kaidou defeat Mizuki and Hanamura, then they both will forget the offer they made. But if Momoshiro and Kaidou should lose, Kaidou will go to St. Rudolph and Momoshiro to Jyousei Shounan.moreless
  • Eat Rikkaidai
    Eat Rikkaidai
    Episode 4
    Kawamura reminds Ryoma in the locker room about the all you can eat sushi coupon he won playing billiards. He informs Ryoma that it will expire today. In addition, he can invite anyone he want. Momoshiro and Kikumara overhere this, and invite themselves along. It ends up that the entire Seigaku team invites themselves, including the freshmen trio as well as Sakuno and Tomo. They have a toast of wasabi sushi to their victory over Rikkaidai.moreless
  • Captain Oishi
    Captain Oishi
    Episode 3
    Tezuka is in Germany in order to heal his arm. His doctor notes that he will be able to play tennis soon. He returns to his room and reads the email from Oishi saying he will do his best to provide support to the team. At practice, Oishi announces the tennis team is to do some training in preparation for the Kantou finals with Rikkaidai. Fuji and Kawamura engage in a practice match. Kikumaru does trampoline work as special training. Momoshiro does shadow boxing, while Kaidou does resistance training. After practice, Oishi reflects that the team's recent attitude is too laidback for the upcoming match and wishes Tezuka were there to help.moreless
  • The Cursed Racket
    The Cursed Racket
    Episode 2
    Strange things begin to happen when the Seigaku regulars find a cursed racket. Bad things seem to happen to whomever is holding it! Will the regulars be able to dispel the curse?
  • The Prince Of Billiards
    The Regulars take a day off and play a few games of Billiards. Fuji is determined to win this time, as he is an expert at billiards. The losers have to drink Inui's "Special Juice" and the winners... have to drink it too?!
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