The Prince Of Tennis - Season 6

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Game and Match
    Game and Match
    Episode 32
    A very nice match between the two rivals! A match that touched the hearts of the audience. The rivalry between Kevin and Ryoma turned into friendship. Thanks to Kevin and his great playing the US team gets their sponsorship.
  • Illusion
    Episode 31
    At first, it is tied 5-5. Then, Ryoma pulls ahead. At first, it seems like there's no chance for Kevin to win, but then he pulls out an amazing technique that Ryoma can't seem to get his racket on. Can Ryoma still win?
  • The Long Awaited Game - Ryoma Vs Kevin
    Ryoma takes Kirihara's place on the court. After discovering that Kevin copied most of his techniques, Ryoma uses the Cyclone Smash, which Kevin did not have a chance to copy, and reverses the score.
  • Delusive Phantom Ball
    Kirihara's shoulder injury prevents him from hitting many Phantom Balls, and it finally becomes too much for him to keep on playing. Ryoma takes his place and continues playing from the current score.
  • Who Will Play?
    Who Will Play?
    Episode 28
    Who will play in the Singles 1 match; Echizen or Kirihara. Finally, the person is announcer.......Kirihara. But will he be able to defeat the powerful Kevin?
  • The 1 mm Battle
    The 1 mm Battle
    Episode 27
    It seems that Arnold has sealed most of Fuji's techniques. Also, it starts to rain and the dome closes up, so there's no wind. This means Fuji can't use his triple counters! Will he be able to win anyway, or will the Tennis Machine beat the Prodigy?
  • The Prodigy Vs Tennis Machine
    Fuji Vs the US team's "Tennis Machine" Arnold - someone who could accurately hit the ball at the places he wanted.
  • Challenging the Limits
    It becomes a tie between Bobby Max and Sengoku. In the end, it's an all out endurance match. But can Sengoku outlast his opponent? Also, the next competitors are announced; Fuji against Arnold Ignashov.
  • Bobby Max The Beast
    Bobby Max The Beast
    Episode 24
    It's Bobby Max vs. Sengoku, and things aren't going well for Sengoku. It seems as though Bobby has no weakness at all, until the very end when he finds something that might work out. But will Sengoku be able to make a comeback?
  • Marionette of Sadness
    The match is still pretty even, but it turns out Mr. Baker ordered Tom and Terry to lose! Will they really go through with this, or will they stop being puppets? Also, the next match is Bobby Max against Sengoku Kiyosumi.
  • Cool Boy's Doubles
    Cool Boy's Doubles
    Episode 22
    Oshitari and Eiji are playing pretty well, but the score is staying even. Finally, they get the lead. Can they win it, or is this another one of Coach Baker's scenarios?
  • The Tango Toward Destruction
    Atobe and Sanada seem to be playing pretty evenly, and it's tied 5-5. But can they pull ahead to secure a win? Also, the next matchup is announced; Tom and Terry Griffey against Oshitari Yuushi and Kikumaru Eiji.
  • Baker's Scenario
    Baker's Scenario
    Episode 20
    Cassidy and Lee of the US team were able to make a comeback! Atobe and Sanada must do something!
  • The Most Powerful! Atobe and Sanada
    An odd matchup is in place for Doubles 2; Atobe and Sanada. Will Atobe's egotistical attitude and Sanada's hardheadedness get in the way of their success? And what techniques are the US team hiding?
  • The US Team's Ambition
    The American team has a press conference, and Kevin finds out that Ryoma will be participating after all. Meanwhile, Ryoma, Fuji, and Eiji partake in some difficult training in order to prepare themselves.
  • Ryoma vs Kevin
    Ryoma vs Kevin
    Episode 17
    Kevin angrily wonders how it's possible that Ryoma isn't an invitational member. Meanwhile, Ryoma searches for Kevin in order to play a match. Finally, he gives up and decides to ask Tezuka if there's any way for him to be chosen as a member. Will Ryoma end up playing in the Invitational after all?moreless
  • Formation! A Dream Team
    The people to be on the team are announced! Then, everyone heads home to train. However, Kevin is playing Akatsu. Ryoma watches and finds out that it's a copy of when he played Akatsu. Then, Kevin challenges Ryoma to a match.
  • Tezuka's Choice
    Tezuka's Choice
    Episode 15
    The strange boy's name turns out to be Kevin Smith. He is the son of someone who was defeated by Ryoma's father a long time ago, and is out for revenge against Ryoma. Meanwhile, Tezuka has to reccommend people from his team to be on the team that goes to America. Who will he pick? And what will happen when Kevin finally finds Ryoma?moreless
  • The Boy Who Came From America
    A mysterious boy has appeared, and he's going around to all the middle schools and challenging the best player to a tennis match. And he's winning! Also, Tezuka decides to split up the Golden pair and another pair and have them play each other. What will the outcome of this match be, and why does the mysterious boy keep on asking for Ryoma?moreless
  • Atobe vs. Sanada: The Ultimate Showdown!
  • Welcome Back, Tezuka Kunimitsu
    Because of Ryuzaki's condition, Tezuka is chosen to be the captain of the team she was head of.
  • Sengoku Kiyosumi, Reborn!
    With Ryuzaki in the hospital, the group decides to use their time wisely by playing matches. The first match is Sengoku of Yamabuki against Momoshiro. However, this time, Sengoku is a completely different person. Can Momo really win?
  • Ryoma vs Kirihara! Beyond Battle Rage
    The person who hurt Kirihara finally confesses, but what really happened was different from what everyone thought. Also, Echizen challenges Kirihara to a match in order to see if he really had changed his ways. It is verified when Kirihara could have hit Echizen in the knee, but chose not to.moreless
  • The Suspicious Member
    Kirihara gets treated for his injuries he got when he was pushed down a staircase. Also, a match goes on between the Oshitare-Amane pair and the Ibu-Shinjou pair. Later, Ryoma and the rest of the team help look for clues as to who attacked Kirihara, and Ryoma finds something.
  • Junior Selection Camp, Gather!
    The best tennis players from middle schools all around the area are gathered together at a training site. They will train and play matches to determine the team that will go to America and play. Kirihara of Rikkaidai is bugging Kamio of Fudomine, asking him to play a match. Eventually, someone gets so fed up, they push Kirihara down the stairs. Everyone accuses Kamio, but he denies it.moreless
  • Kikumaru's Summer Vacation
    Kikumaru wins a contest in which his favorite pop idol stars come visit his house. He manages to get his family out of his house but then all the Seigaku regulars show up. Will Kikumaru figure out a way to get them out of the house before they show up?
  • My Prince
    My Prince
    Episode 6
    Fuji saves a elementary school girl from two men. Now she has fallen in love with him. The two go on a date and everyone finds out that there is some turmoil between the girl and her twin sister. Can the Seigaku regulars fix the problem?
  • The Best Sushi Chef in Japan
    Kawamura's dad breaks his arm, so they need to find a substitute sushi chef. The man they hire is very mysterious, and Kawamura admires him. However, Kawamura is having trouble deciding between tennis and being a sushi chef. What will he choose? Will he give up tennis for good?
  • The Zany Teni-Puri Family (Children's Day; Continued The Zany Teni-Puri Family)
    The characters of the Prince of Tennis are back in their chibi form again this time as one big, twisted, happy family.
  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up
    Episode 3
    Ryoma plays with the drunk lady as Tezuka fills them in about her background. Surprizingly she used to be a pro but because of pro played really bad pranks on her, she decided to give up... See ryoma's determination to continue to keep playing really surprises her. In the end she loses the match butdecided to continue to believe in her dream of becoming a world class pro once more.moreless
  • We Miss Tezuka
    We Miss Tezuka
    Episode 2
    The Seigaku regulars go to Germany to visit Tezuka. Unfortunately, Kaidoh, Ryoma, Inui, and Momo get lost. Ryoma ends up playing Tezuka's personal trainer, who used to be a pro tennis player.
  • The Samurai's Ballad
    Ryoma and his family talk about old times and his dad's past.