The Prince Of Tennis - Season 7

Saturday 10:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 10, 2001 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Goodbye, Prince
    Goodbye, Prince
    Episode 18
    Ryoma comes back to Japan to play a match with Tezuka. Can he over come this obstacle and beat Tezuka? Or will he go back to America full of regret?
  • Unforgettable Promise
    Ryoma makes it past the preliminaries of the US Open. He goes back to his hotel, and, in the middle of the night (US time) receives a call from Momoshiro asking how he is. Momo then tells him that Fuji lost to Tezuka. Ryoma realizes that the figure who has been haunting his dreams is Tezuka, not his father. Upon realizing this, he decides to temporarily return to Japan in order to play a match.moreless
  • Climax
    Episode 16
    The ranking match between Tezuka and Fuji continues, with both of them playing extremely well. Each of them remember the past, when they were first years. Finally, it goes into tiebreak. Can Fuji win, or will this match become the first time the prodigy has ever lost?
  • Seriousness of a Third Year
    The ranking match between Fuji and Tezuka continues. It begins to become one-sided in Tezuka's favor. Fuji starts reminiscing about how he always wanted a match with Tezuka. Finally, the sleeping lion in him awakes, and he takes a point.
  • Tezuka Kunimitsu VS Fuji Shusuke
    Echizen's preliminary match has started. Meanwhile, Tezuka and Fuji are playing a ranking match for Singles 1. Who will win, the prodigy or the captain?
  • Samurai New York
    Samurai New York
    Episode 13
    Ryoma spends some time exploring New York, and meets up with Kevin. They're talking when they see two older kids kicking some others off a tennis court. Ryoma and Kevin challenge them to a match. Then, it's time for the preliminaries of the US Open to begin.
  • Goodbye Seigaku
    Goodbye Seigaku
    Episode 12
    As Ryoma leaves for New York for the U.S. Open, The Seigaku Regulars each give him something special and wish him good luck at the U.S. Open.
  • To My Dear Friend...
    Ryoma forfeits his match with Momo and Momo isn't to happy about that. The entire Seigaku team holds Momo back from beating the crap out of Ryoma. Momo stays around the court sulking about the match. The coach comes and talks with him. Tezuka talks with Ryoma on the roof of the school about Ryoma becoming Seigaku's pillar of support. Momo goes around the campus looking for Ryoma. When he gives up his search, he sees Ryoma washing his face. The two begin to talk. Ryoma and Momo play another match. They go all out but Ryoma keeps a lead. The rest of the team cheers them both on. In the end, Ryoma wins. Ryoma decides that he will go to America. His family throws a small celebration for him. His dad asks why he changed his mind. Ryoma said that he got a real love letter from a beautiful blond in America.moreless
  • Burn, Echizen!
    Burn, Echizen!
    Episode 10
    It's time for Ryoma's match with Momo. However, he just can't get into it, because he's busy thinking about the US Open, and whether or not he should go. Momo gets angry because Ryoma isn't attacking. Will Ryoma make the right decision?
  • Wavering Feelings
    Wavering Feelings
    Episode 9
    Echizen insists that he's going to the Nationals with the team, not the US Open. However, Tezuka and some of the other regulars wonder if that's truly what would be best for him. Also, the regulars from Fudomine come to watch Tezuka's ranking match.
  • Ryoma's Decision
    Ryoma's Decision
    Episode 8
    The Intra-School ranking matches continue; this time it's Inui against Eiji. But will Eiji have enough stamina to finish the match? Also, Ryoma finds out that his dad already registered him for the US Open!
  • Eternal Rivals, Momoshiro Vs Kaidoh
    The next ranking match is Momo against Kaidoh! They are very evenly matched, so who will win? Also, Ryoma gets a letter inviting him to participate in the U.S. Open.
  • Seigaku's Speciality, Once More!
    Matches will now be held to determine who plays in the Nationals. The regulars win all their matches against non-regulars, but then Oishi plays Kawamura! He's never yet beaten Oishi, but he's determined to this time. Who will win?
  • The Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?! - Christmas at the Tenipuri's!
  • Seigaku's Shocking Secret Plans
    Finally the Seigaku's hear good news about Ryuzaki Sensei's condition; it seems she will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow. As the Seigaku's hear about her condition they decide to throw her a party for when she leaves the hospital. But they just can't seem to keep things together, and Ryuzaki is on the edge of finding out. Meanwhile, the Seigaku's try out other clubs. In the end they all have fun and Ryuzaki sensei is happy to see everyone having a great time.moreless
  • Kaidoh's Unknown World
    Kaidoh gets hit in the head with a ball and loses his memory. The regulars try to help him, but they scare him, so he runs away. Then Mizuki tries to convince him that he's actually on St. Rudolph's team! Will Kaidoh's memory return in time?
  • The Golden Pair's Memories
    The container that Oishi and Kikumaru always go to when they lose is going to be removed! Oishi and Kikumaru reminisce about their past and how important the container was to them.
  • Run, Momo!
    Run, Momo!
    Episode 1
    Momo and Ryoma eat at a ramen place. The man who makes the ramen challenges them to eat his Super Size Ramen in less than ten minutes. If they don't, they have to pay extra! Momo has to go back to his house to get more money, and is given two hours to do so. However, he runs into a ton of distractions along the way; will he make it in time?moreless