The Prince Of Tennis

Season 1 Episode 9

The Hard Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ryoma's match with Inui continues. Wanting to make a comeback, Ryoma uses his "Twist Serve" with his right hand. Inui tries to counter, but the speed and force of the ball are too great. Soon, Ryoma wins. With four straight wins, he secures his spot as a Seigaku Regular!

Later in the day, Inui and Kaido face off for the last spot on the team. After a tough match, Kaido pulls ahead and wins. Inoue and Shiba talk, and state that all eight regulars have now been chosen – Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka (third year), Vice-Captain Shuichiro Oishi (third year), Shusuke Fuji (third year), Takashi Kawamura (third year), Eiji Kikumaru (third year), Takeshi Momoshiro (second year), Kaoru Kaido (second year), and Ryoma Echizen (first year).

After school, Sakuno waits for Ryoma to congratulate him. Tomoka arrives, and soon a commotion occurs. Ryoma leaves without them noticing.

The next day, Sakuno tries to find Ryoma to congratulate him, since she didn't get a chance to the previous afternoon. However, she can't find him.

After school, tennis practice starts. Sumire talks about the Regionals and afterwards, everyone returns to practicing.

Inui arrives, per Sumire's request, and prepares a special training exercise for the Regulars. They have to put weights on their feet and hit the special colored balls at the same color cones. If they make a mistake, they have to drink "Inui's Special Power Veggie Juice".

Ryoma and Eiji are up first. In the beginning, they mange to pull it off, but the weights on their feet get to them, and they lose stamina. With the loss of their stamina, they lose concentration, and hit the wrong cone. They both eventually have to drink the juice, much to their dismay. Eventually, all the members have to drink the juice. Afterwards, Inui gives them all advice in areas they need to improve.

After school, Sakuno walks home thinking that Ryoma is in a different league and world than the rest of the freshmen now. Suddenly, she spots Ryoma exiting a shop with his new Seigaku Regular jacket. She asks him if he'll show her what it looks like on him, and much to her surprise, he does. She then finally congratulates him on becoming a Regular. They walk home together.