The Prince Of Tennis

Season 1 Episode 4

The One Named Viper

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

It's time for the annual Ranking Tournament, a competition to see who gets the limited spots of a Seigaku Regular. Ryoma is able to compete, even though Freshmen usually aren't able to. He starts off his matches in D Bloick, and wins easily, with a score of 6-0 each time!

The regulars watch him closely each time to see what he truly has. They don't judge him however, as he has yet to face a regular.

Horio and the others are scared that Ryoma might lose his next match against Kaoru "Snake" Kaido, but Ryoma doesn't seem to care. Kato films one of Kaido's matches, but Ryoma doesn't stay and watch. Instead he heads outside to practice via hitting the ball against the wall. Sakuno spots him and wishes him good luck. Confused, Ryoma just heads to the match.

Inoue and Shiba arrive to watch the match. They gather around the court, along with Horio, Kato, Mizuno, Sakuno, Tomoka, and the regulars. Kaido arrives and the two get ready to play!

Ryoma gets the first point, and it appears that he's going to get the second as well, but Kaido shows off why he's nicknamed "snake", and with his long reach, manages to hit the ball, giving him the second point.

Meanwhile, Nanjiro sits at home, reading a magazine and teasing his cat Karupin. He takes out a toy snake and dangles it above Karupin telling him to get it. He comments that he can't be beat by a snake. Karupin calms down and stops. Suddenly, Karupin leaps up and bites Nanjiro's hand, and thus beats the snake.

Elsewhere, Ryoma switches hands and holds his racket with his left. Now, the real match begins...