The Prince Of Tennis

Season 1 Episode 7

Two Ryoma's

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After watching Ryoma in many matches, Inui calculates his moves and sets the statistics. The two face off, but Ryoma may not stand a chance. Horio, Kato, and Mizuno come to watch, and soon Tomoka and Sakuno join them. Fuji arrives and informs them that Inui is stronger that Kaido, and has even beat him three times.

Elsewhere, everyone gathers as the Captain, Tezuka, and Vice Captain, Oishi, face off! Back in Block D (Ryoma's match) Inui taunts Ryoma. He tells him that he has looked up information on him, and has memorized his moves and playing style.

Tezuka and Oishi's match continues! The two play with amazing skill, but in the end, Tezuka wins 6-1. Just as Inoue and Shiba are about to check out Momoshiro and Eiji's match, they hear a lot of cheering from Block D.

Up above, in a classroom, Sumire comments to herself. She says that playing Inui is like playing yourself.

Back on the field, the match heats up, as Ryoma constantly sees himself in Inui. Inui is reading his moves so well, that it's impossible for Ryoma to get a point in. Inui tells Ryoma that he is stronger than him, but it doesn't matter because he can read his moves. With the score 3-1, Ryoma comments that it's not over yet. He says that he came to Seigaku to play strong people.
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