The Princes of Malibu

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jul 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • The producers got brain-dead with this garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll try to make this review short and bittersweet as possible. More bitter than sweet. The only positive side to this show is that we got to see how stupid and painful those two punks really are. However, even played for kicks, none of the show was funny. I honestly felt sorry especially for the ladies for having to hang out with these losers. They deserve better.

    Note to the producers, especially the FOX executives: Thank you so much for ruining my days and wasting not only my time with this radioactive wasteful trash, but you've managed to waste millions of dollars, millions of viewer hours, and millions of energy cells in our bodies. Be thankful you've got better shows on your channel like "Hell's Kitchen", "24", and "Prison Break."

    P.S. If I come off as a complete a******, it's because you deserve it for giving us junk. Run commercials if you're out of original ideas!!! I'd rather be watching commercials.
  • The first episode of the series, we're introduced to the narrator, Dave Foster, his wife and stepsons. His stepsons are the ones he's trying to find ways to get out of his house.

    This first episode was funny as ever. You basically have two stepsons who have dropped out of college and moved back in with mom and stepdad, David Foster in Malibu. David Foster is a record producer and a composer. He's won tons of Grammy awards within his career. He also wants the boys out on their own, especially since they're both in their 20s. Their mother is songwriter Linda Thompson, who I liked almost immediately, and is more lenient towards her two boys. The impression I got of David was that he was rather anal over how money was being spent, especially since he and Linda make enough for them to continue on living the way that they do. He was a total asshole towards his sons' guests and their gardner. He needs to really take a chill pill. The guy reminds me of my father if he were as loaded as Dave is. He closes the account that they have at a posh sushi eatery called Nobu. I wonder what that will accomplish, especially since there were better ways for him to handle it like garnering a limit on the account or seeing to it that the boys don't go there every night. I don't really like Dave that much, but I'm surprised he doesn't complain about the fact that he'd be getting more money if so many of those 'damn fools out there didn't illegally download music'. He throws a fit over a dent in the yard that could be fixed, but the funny part was when one of the female bikini clad washers turned the hose towards Dave and sprayed water at him. Shoot, I'm surprised that he didn't throw a fit over how she ruined an overpriced shirt. Linda was laughing at what happened to her husband. My sister, Kate, when I told her about the show I was watching and gave my opinion, she's just shrugs her fat shoulders and after swallowing the water she was drinking tells me in a know-it-all tone, "Sarah, it's his money, he can do what he wants with it." Is it really? I thought he was conning the government out of all of the cash that he's managed to horde away for the last number of decades. I then tell her that he's anal over every little thing the boys do, he's like my father, only richer. She then tells me, being the fat judgmental moron that she is, that he's probably trying to teach those'annoying spoiled brats(or something like that)' how to be responsible. I then asked her if she's saying that I'm as bad as those boys. She tells me no. I just make a face at her and silently call her a dummy.

    All in all, the episode was funny as hell. I can't wait for the next episode! Here's to a great first season and hope there's another season.
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