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  • Who at Fox thought to Green Light THIS?!?!?!

    And next on our tour of sucessful and unsucessful tv shows is \'Princes of Malibu\' please note the foul taste in viewers mouths as these two rich male Paris Hilton wannabes try to mooch off their step dad. This show was part of the \"Reality Show gone amok\" generation of the early 2000\'s that included The Simple Life. This is the show that Fox should NEVER have green lighted for ratings. The Fox network should have stuck to what it knew best: another Simpsons or King Of The Hill episode instead of this dreck of reality TV. It was so bad and stupid if I it was a movie I would have walked out and demanded my money and the wasted 30 minutes of my life back.
  • David Fosters free loadin step sons need to find jobs..

    This show is pretty awsome, but its really unrealistic! Brody, Brandon and Spencer are cute jokers, but sooner or later they gotta smarten up. Poor David, if my kids were like that i would kick 'em out.... and ther not even davids children, thats wat i dont get. I think David should devorce his wife and kick all 'em kids out of his palace (his house is to big to be called a mansion,lol).
  • Two lazy idoits that mooch off their rich step-dad.

    There are these two spoiled brothers, and their step-dad finally cuts them off. He tells them to get jobs, and if they are going to live with him, they have to pay the rent. Well, they do manage to get jobs, but in a stupid way. Their mom treats them like they are five years old! They act like it too! They are irresponible and have no respect for anyone but themselves. The step-dad is the only one with a brain in the house! How can he stand to be married to a stupid women, and live with the morons for step-sons for this long?! I cannot believe he did not do anything sooner!
  • This sucked I guess.

    It's amazing this show only lasted two episodes and it was cancelled. That seems to be the only show in history that lasted two episodes. But the show actually was bad, it wasn't about anything it was just a time filler for the Fox network. Two spoiled children, not men, who would rather waste time than finish college. They actually expected someone to watch their stupid antics and say hey, it's so funny that their deadbeats. The only thing I would tune in for is to watch how idiotic they are and feel sorry for David because they spend all his money. All in all the show is a waste.
  • I honestly have no idea about what this show is really about. Its just a show about two idiot brothers who do retarded things and are not even funny.

    This show is just horrible. What more do I have to say?

    Wait, that was only twelve words. So...
    How\'s it going. Are you enjoying this review. I am having a tough time coming up with more stuff to write.

    Damn! Only thirty-nine words. This last sentence should do it. See ya!
  • If "Arrested Development" was real.

    One scripted "reality" show, a handful of people without any acting experience and an unlimited supply of money. How can it NOT be funny?

    This show has been funny since day one. When the opening credits roll in the very first episode, the two boys' lack of diligence - which the whole show is about - is shattered as they both are credited for creating the show, and even the mooching friend is credited as an executive producer.

    It's immoral waste of space. Three spoiled brats doing a show about how incredibly spoiled they are, just so they can spoil themselves even more. What's worse is that they aren't even famous. Heck, the awfulness that is "Growing Up Gotti" at least had the name and blood relation. The only one remotely famous here is David Foster (the dad), and almost no one knows who he is since people usually never hear of musicians that aren't infront of the mike.

    Ah, the acting. It's horrendous at best. The worst is when the cast actually tries to "act" instead of just saying their lines as they would normally. It adds quite a bit of points to the "unintentionally funny" aspect of the show.

    But, if the people involved in this project purposely participated in these self-mocking segments, I salute you.
  • The daily look of spoiled rich kids. Boo Hoo some rich kids are told to get jobs and make fools of themselves trying to make money.

    Thank God this show is cancelled. The person(s) that thought of this idea should be fired. This show was sooooo stupid. Who cares if some rich kids have to work to make a living.
    The Sunday line up is much better with Simpson, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and American Dad reruns then any new episodes of The Princess of Mali boo hoo I have to get a job.
  • Two lazy bums who are the stepsons of rich and reknown music mogul David Foster pillage and live up his earnings while promising to fix their lives.

    Congratulations Fox, you've officially hit
    the bottom of the barrel of reality shows and
    show you that your staff have no original ideas!!!

    It doesn't get any worse (acting wise) and
    any more fake (scripted wise) than the Princess
    of Malibu. One dead giveaway is that the
    lazy sons are the executive producers of this
    show!!! Man talk about not being subtle!!.
    These guys don't have a clue.

    That said ,ok it is entertaining to a degree
    but then again watching rich spoiled, idiotic
    preppies who never worked a day in their lives
    make fools of themselves is fun. When people
    talk about the dumbing down of America and
    todays use, well this is a classic example
    right here.

    Why doesnt David throw them out or have
    them stripped of their money and belongings
    because it's fake!!! Why doesn't David's
    wife some Malibu bimbo do anything because
    it's scripted.

    Not really worth you're time brainwise but
    if you want a cheap laugh then this might
    be the show for you.

  • Ugh, just another crappy show trying to capitalize on people's love for reality television.

    Princes of Malibu is an awful, awful show. I watched for like five minutes, just out of curiousity, and lordie, my first thought was that it felt so fake and staged. I thought that Britney Spears and her low-life husband's show was the worst reality show ever, but this one really takes the cake. The two doofus kids were with their friend in their mansion, and they decided to sell their step-dad's grammy on eBay. What the hell??? How dumb can you get? That's horribly, and cruel, to do that to someone else's property. And of course their dad walked in on them. Very very fake. Don't waste your time here. They're just trying to rip off The Simple Life.
  • Of course, this is no work of art, but it was fun. I think Fox is completely spineless in giving it a grand total of TWO EPISODES to sink or swim.

    Like we need MORE repeats of the Simpsons on Sunday nights. I mean, the week before they cancelled it, Fox shows \\\\\\\"scenes from upcoming episdoes\\\\\\\" and then pulls the plug. Why not just show scenes from upcoming episodes of Simpsons repeats?? This was a charming little reality show, and it deserved a longer leash. Fox dropped a few notches in my book. Take some lessons from HBO. They knew \\\\\\\"Carnivale\\\\\\\" sucked by the second episode, but they rewarded its audience by letting it ride for a couple of SEASONS. Stop screwing your audience Fox, or we won\\\\\\\'t take chances on your summer trash. We\\\\\\\'ll just sample the other guy\\\\\\\'s.
  • Spoiled 'Princes of Malibu' placed on the chopping block and sent to Hell by the Head Chef

    Gordon Ramsay should take over for these two brats' stepfather and teach them a thing or two about decency. I'm not talking about the car washes (girls are just fine...) or the parties on the lawn (outdoor movie theaters are just fine...). What is questionable is their inhumane behavior of mercilessly destroying the many things their stepfather worked so hard to earn in life. These two kids should take a road trip with Paris and Nicole and learn about "The Simple Life" (pun intended, I got carried away...). I would LOVE to see Chef Ramsay slam these two onto meat hooks and show America the price of their unruly behavior. These two are prime examples of rude customers Chef Ramsay has to put up with.

    "The Princes of Malibu" have wasted my time burning a hateful California sun-burned skin rash into my body and have earned a rightful place of honor on my year's list of "The Worst TV Shows in History!!!" for 2005.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing David cuss out his step sons. But The Princes of Malibu is a great example of a reality show that doesn’t live up the ‘reality’ moniker. Further, the idea that this feeble entry would be the next ‘Osbournes’ is just prep

    I heard some critic refer to this program as the next great family reality drama… even more real than the Hulk Hogan show. What a crock. A simple freeze frame of the opening credits reveal that both Brandan and Brody Jenner, and their weasely friend Spencer Pratt are the executive producers of the show. The executive producers?

    That’s right… talk about the irony of their first few episodes being about a their making schemes. This show couldn’t have been more fabricated. Every bit of anger that David can muster is staged, every bit of heathenism that his step-suns can stomach is staged. Hell, the fact that the first episode opens with David coming home early to a 21st birthday party and that this event marked the “this is the last straw, now you have to get jobs!” moment is completely ridiculous. More like a “ah, here’s a great way to kick off the first episode of our great new ‘reality’ show, so let’s stage a great party confrontation. Yeah! That will allow us to set up the next show with a bikini car wash scene. We’ll get tons of ratings! Burp!”

    Though in some sick way, I really wish it would have gone on a little longer… this show was SO bad it had that goodness to it. You know?
  • why do people not like this show??

    i really like this show, its hillarious, i watched the 2 or 3 times it came on, what happened to it?? it doesnt come on any more, i looked everywhere for it and its not on anywhere, so i dont know what happened to it ... plus they are hot, well the younger one is :-)
  • Though I can see why people don't like this show, I disagree. This show is hilarious and one of the more decent and better "reality" shows thats made it onto tv in the last few years.

    Though I can see why people don't like this show, I disagree. This show is hilarious and one of the more decent and better "reality" shows thats made it onto tv in the last few years. The way Brody and Brandan act towards their stepdad is quite amusing, but with that said, it is easy and totally obvious that this is at least partially scripted because no man (or woman) would let theirself be treated that way, especially someone of David Foster's stature.
  • If you have no one to hate, you'll find three here waiting for you to slaughter them.

    Surely this series isn't a waste of time, It is rather informative, because there are people like this and we should be able to identify them. And in general there are 3 people to be hated. The mother and her 2 kids. I mean this is a classic example of bought friends. All there so-called friends would suddenly stop being so friendly if no green was to be thrown in to their faces. With this I mean to say that these people don't contribute anything to this world and shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same air we are breathing. Wit this I don't mean to say that we should kill them............................
    ..........No, that is exactly what I mean to say!!!
  • Fox, what are you thinking?

    Because of curiosity, I watched the first episode and part of the second episode. It's really a trash. Those two boneheads and their friend need to get their heads examinated. I think it's time to count down when it gets cancelled. Really! Hey Foster, you need to get a restraining order!
  • Just watching this show made me more dumberer

    This show is about a father that's supposedly sick and tired of his permenently unemployed middle aged step-kids and supposedly is very suprised when they do stupid abusive things, but then he never punishes them or even thinks to contact that Super Nanny lady. You would get better millege going down a muddy hill in your underwear. Skip this show. Also, its stoopid, fake, and the acting of the fake actors is poor.
  • Its good for what it is.

    The show Princes of Malibu is a very funny reality show. Wait... then you remember that half of the "reality" stuff on shows like this is scripted and it kind of takes away from the humor. Brody and Brandon are just a couple of rich kids who have never had to do anything and now their stepdad David is getting tired of supporting the 21 and 23 year old boys. The boys always say that it isn't their faults that they were born into this life. Well I agree with them that it isn't their faults but what does that have to do with them getting a career and doing something.
  • This show is so definitely underappreciated.

    This show is simply hilarious. If you are not a big fan of reality television, then you might not get the jokes or the pure comedy featured in the show.

    At first, the show seemed alright but once I turned it on, the show was amazing. I felt the chemistry between David Foster and the rest of the delightful characters; his two stepsons, their bad influence best friend, his soft wife, and a menagerie of other funny characters. To see the Foster completely break down and curse everyone off was hilarious. I find this show to be an escape from reality.

    My advice, watch the show before criticizing it and you may get a few laughs. If you like Viva La Bam or any VHI style reality show, you'll get a kick out of the Princes of Malibu!
  • This show isn't as bad as some people have made it sound. It's a better family to watch than, um, well, some other TV families...

    The Princes of Malibu is the reality TV series about David Foster, trying to get his step-sons Brody & Brandon Jenner out of his 12 acre estate, or to at least start paying rent...and the events go downhill from there.

    This show isn't first class. It wouldn't be anything I would watch in the fall primetime schedule if it was located there...but the concept is a little interesting, and the techniques David Foster uses to get to his step-sons is very sneaky.

    The Princes of Malibu is simply another show that I would recommend checking out to say that you've seen the show and at least have a valid opinion. Who knows, maybe you'll tune in to another episode, just like I think I might do...
  • Just terrible. Horrible attempt to sponge off the success of The Simple Life

    Fox made a very big mistake here. They thought that the success of The Simple Life was simply that Paris and Nicole were rich and working. But they were wrong. The success was that Paris and Nicole were rich and CELEBRITIES. As in, we KNEW who they were. (Moreso with Paris than Nicole) And they actually were working. We got to laugh at Paris and Nicole for doing manual labor.

    This show has none of that. Just spoiled little brats acting like 12 year olds and a rich fatehr who doesn't care that he is assaulted by some spoiled bikini clad girl at the end. Every show should end with David calling the police on the kids and their friends, and the season should end with a divorce.

    There is no redeeming qualities in this show, and Fox is going to get a huge black eye for this. It will be as bad as their negatie press for Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire. (Which effectively this show is about, with the money grubbing groupie wife who had been tossed out of other relationships in the past when her talented husband grows tired of the botox.) This will b a show that Fox will apologize for, and scale back the reality shows for awhile. Just like with Who Wants to Marry...
  • Don't hate me because I like this - the boys lack the charisma of Paris and Nicole, but their parents really make the show.

    Call it The Simple Life: Male Edition if you want. That's basically what this show is if you take The Simple Life (or any of its spinoffs), replace the female genetalia for the male kind, flip the show around (so that the boys are trying to make money in order to stay in their stepdad's house - not so that they can show they can survive in the real world), throw in a crazy father and a way-too-lenient mom, and there you have it: The Princes of Malibu, Fox's new show that's actually enjoyable. That's more than I can say for Fox's Hell's Kitchen, which I find completley unwatchable.

    Anyway, I like this show. I think the dad, David Foster, is hysterical, and the boys, Brody and Brandon Jennen and their friend Spencer Pratt, are funny, but who really takes the cake and makes the show worth watching? The mother, Linda Thompson. Her lienency (is that you spell that?) makes me laugh, and that's what it should do. I mean, seriously, we're not talking about anything groundbreaking here! Just something to crack a smile, maybe a laugh or two. As long as no Wal-Mart is mentioned, and there's no kissing booth, I'm in for the ride.

    - Adam Polaski
  • Seriously, I don't.

    In my school, 65 is passing. [However, due to techincal constraints, let it be 6.5]

    However, this isn't school, it's television. Television shows get dumped, not left back. In this ones case, it needs to be revived.

    "Princes of Mailbu"'s premise is to show how a rich record producer tries to drive his kids to become indenpedent, and get a job.

    Why would you need to get a job, anyway! You're dad's a multi-million dollar record producer, and you live in Malibu! Not just any Los Angeles suburb, but Mailbu, the place where the 434 express bus goes.

    Forget getting the prince! Someone get the king, and order a regime change.
  • Interesting

    I enjoyed the show. It's not the greatest but it's interesting. I think some of the stunts that the boys pull are going to be hilarious. I don't usually like these kinds of reality shows (like the newlyweds or simple life) but I think I might enjoy this one.

    Brody is hot!!!

    Out of all the family reality shows this show is the by far. The Jenner boys are creative and funny as all get out. Take 30 min out of your sun evening and watch these boys do the dirty to get that rent money. Because pops is not playing no more.
  • How come this is on T.V?

    Two words sum it up, Simple Life rejects. Hasn't fox learned by now that two spoil brat's on television is getting old? I only watch one episode and I only intend on watching one. I could understand if these somewhat "princes" were actually somebody's before this show came onto the air...But let's face it they aren't

    I really don't expect this show to be success and I wouldn't recommened anyone to watch it. The two princes should keep being spoiled brat's two the experts Paris and Nicole. If these two princes do become successful after this show ends it will probably be another unorignal name, hmm maybe they'll take another thing from Paris Hilton and have a sex tape?

    Or maybe they will have their computer hacked? who cares? anyone who watches this should figure it out it's the boy version of "Simple Life"
  • why?..................

    who really gives a damn??, OMG rich kids are going to work for a change!! OH NO!!!..give me a break. just by watching the commercials you know its going to be garbage. its basiclly going to be 30min of those two rich kids pissing off their dad, show after show after show.

    this would have been a better show if they would have moved those two clowns to compton and given them jobs at the burger king. now thats reality
  • Although the show hasn't even aired yet, I thought I'd just add a review based on promos I've seen...

    This show's going to be interesting if the promos have shown some early promise. I guess the interest will lie in the fact that the boys' stepfather, David Foster, wants his stepsons, Brody and Brandon Jenner(sons of Bruce Jenner)to leave the house and get some real jobs making some real money. On their own, of course, but just wait what they have up their sleeves.

    At first, watching the promo, I said to myself that it's people like them who make me proud of once downloading music illegally. That aside, I think the show's going to be very interesting and entertaining. After the first episode, I'll post a review again since I'll have a better idea about the show.
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