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  • GREAT Reminder/Reason to Homeschool/UNschool!!

    Every time I see "The Principal's Office" I am reminded why school was such misery for me (and based on this show, its only gotten WORSE and more fascist, dictatorial, and tyrannical in the over decade and a half

    since I graduated) and why if I ever have kids they are NEVER, EVER, EVER setting foot in any conventional school as long as I have a say, and instead will be home-schooled and specifically, UNschooled!!

    Seriously, I thought MY high school principal was bad for kicking me out of school for weeks/months at a time for being a "cutter" and being suicidal at times, but compared to the such trivial and frivolous crap

    that kids on this show are being suspended example, the episode where a kid got in trouble for just speaking a foreign language to friends at school, or another kid was suspended for texting during lunch (of course, cell phones weren't in widespread use, when I was in school so that wasn't really an issue back then -- although pagers & cell phones were banned at my school as well, nobody really had cell phones yet, and only the drug dealers had mean WHO CARES if a kid is speaking a foreign language at school?? Don't schools actually have FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES (at least they did in my high school where they offered Spanish, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese and ASL) so if its all right and expected to speak foreign languages in those classes then why aren't kids allowed to speak foreign languages amongst themselves if they want? They're not hurting anyone!

    Yet, pretty much EVERY SINGLE principal or assistant principal featured on this show are absolute dictators, especially that "paddling principal" Steve Halter! I bet a pervert like him really gets his rocks off paddling young schoolgirls behinds! You can just see the lust and excitement he has, hoping that the students will choose a paddling when he offers them the option of trading a paddling for a half a day of Saturday detention school. Even the non-paddling principals are all fascist bullies, like that Principal Sheninger (from New Milford HS, I think?) who called a mother to his office just because her daughter was texting DURING HER FREE TIME at LUNCH. I loved how the mother pointed out Sheninger's tyranny, saying "If this is the worst thing that my daughter has done at school, I should be coming down here for an award!", or that Wills Point principal, Coach Lamb, who threatens to burn a kid's skateboard just because he was skating at school! WTH?? Talk about emotional abuse and destruction of personal property! What right does he have to burn someone's skateboard just because he doesn't like their behavior? Also, what is it with nearly EVERY male principal (Sheninger, Tague, Halter, Coach Lamb, on this show being bald?? Are they intentionally TRYING to draw a comparison between the principals and goose-stepping skinhead neo-Nazis??

    It's INCREDIBLE how much more fascist and tyrannical that schools have become since I was a student. This series is a PRIME EXAMPLE of the many EXCELLENT points made in the SUPERB Cevin Soling documentary, "The War on Kids". As funny as some of the kids & situations on this show can be, it just furthers my resolve that if I ever have kids, they arenever going to any school (whether public, private, parochial or charter) to have their every move controlled by Gestapo-wannabes, and worse put them at risk of perverts in power like that paddling sirreee! This show is a great reminder (and anytime I

    need a refresher -- though I never do, and just watch it for the laughs) why, with the exception of college/university (which will be THEIR choice whether to go or not) if/when I have kids, they're never

    setting foot in a formal school system, and instead, will be home-schooled/UNschooled from toddler-hood to adulthood!!

    So thanks Principal Sheninger, Coach Lamb, Mr. Tague, Mr. Halter, Dean Arritt, and the rest of the tyrannical dictator bullies on "The Principal's Office", as well as my own fascist principals from middle school, the late Gary Grossnickle, and High School, Dr. David S. Symington, for making what might have been a hard decision (where and what kind of schools to send my kids to) a much easier one!!!
  • Principal office my review.

    Suspended? yea sure, the kids just love that. Expelled, well that just gets them totally out of school and they like that to. Discipline starts at home. Not in the schools. And these kids where not born this way they where raised that way. It is the parents fault for what there child is doing.

    And now a days the kids are arrested where I live. These kids now a days stand up in the class rooms and tell the teacher what to do. and the teacher can do zero about it. NO teacher can touch, or even yell at the children they have no authority at all anymore. I see the kid going to court now in my town for what they are doing in school. I think a few days in a jail cell would change them. They are out of control. and like I said discipline starts at home. All these schools they show are down south lets bring this show up to New York, And big cities and see the police arresting the students.
  • Back when I was in school...;

    When I was going to school here where I live at now,I was always a very sickly child,kidneys,epilepsy and so on...and the schools didn't or wouldn't understand I needed special permissions for going to the restrooms for my bladder,time to take my medicines while in school and to be able to set closely to a door in the classroom on a lower level incase I had seizure.But,my schools back then were so backwords to my needs that they were always pushing my important things aside.This is why my parents had to get an attorney for me to use the restrooms,take medicines and try to be a better student although I was sickly then. I feel that the students now adays are getting jipped like I did back then....their taking all kinds of privelages away from by one(sad) - Detention* I was put in there once just because I had to go to the restroom asap ad the teacher yelled at me to put my hand down for it..she said you don't need to go to the restroom you just want out of class !! So I sat there an I didn't to leave a mess in my seat so I took off for the nearest restroom...the teacher ran after me and sent me to the principal's office......they called my Dad from work he was mad.....they tried to lie to him about me leaving class for no reason-he knew better-so my Dad called the attorney and they got served*. So I say God Bless those in school now-hope everyone graduates with honors and goes on to be doctors lawyers and more !!! PEACE (As for he show--you need to do follow ups with the teens after the shows and see how they feel ruly about there school and teachers.)( As for the paddlings they show---do you guys realise that this kind of punisment can rupture viens in that area? & Blood flow too ! )
  • Reality TV in school shows parents how their kids act outside the home...

    I love this show. Not only are these the dumbest kids on the planet, and the worst liars i've ever seen, but I think it's hysterical about much they swear to be telling the truth when I know they're lying. I mean, they know the rules, break the rules and then back-pedal and struggle to get away with their crimes and then blame the teachers, prinicipals and staff. I mean, how stupid can you get? If they channeled their ability to lie into their lessons, they'd all get college degrees! They use attitude, can't think without certain clothes, accuse the teachers of lying and struggle with their own lies. How brain-damaged do you have to be to think you're going to get away with this stuff? I love the things the principals cover which are never covered in the rules, like one kid who rode her horse to school. What's she going to do when she gets there?! I really hope these kids see themselves on TV to see how stupid they look.
  • This is actually a pretty interesting and informative show.

    One Saturday I was desperately trying to find something to watch on TV, and then my brother told me about this show and he said he loved it, so we watched a marathon of it. I really liked it. It really took me back to when I was in high school, seeing all those kids getting in trouble and comparing those schools to the one I went to. The principals on the show are all different, and they deal with the students in different ways. One of them even did corporal punishment! That was one part of the show I didn't like. And it was funny when some kids got in trouble for stupid reasons like not dressing out in gym or peeving off their teacher. The funniest part I saw was when a girl rode her horse to school! I lol'd so hard at that.

    Anyway, if you feel like you get nostalgic about high school or if you plan on being a teacher or school worker check this show out, it might give you a good insight on what high school can be.
  • This was like when I was in High school, and i left the high school in 2005.

    When I was high school, I had to be worried about trying to survive the worst of the worst. Smoking, trouble making, and sex were never on my mind... and I was among the few students who never had dirty thought, i know of. However, these students do have their say and they done things I a hard time doing. I had a hard time talking about to my classmate's father when I witness a food fight than one buy meat run. I had bad view and didn't see who started it. I pleaded the 5th because of that reason. Now, these students are doing things I would think twice about, luckily "painful" punishments in schools are banned in my homestate. I can't wait to see what they have in scored for the students and prinicpal with a heart of gold.