The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on AMC
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Six agrees to help Two by spying on his fellow Villagers. Meanwhile, 11-12's secret is revealed and 313 wonders what secrets her past holds.

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  • Part 2.

    Part 2 of The Prisoner (episodes 3 and 4) transforms from a series with an eerie, science fiction feel to a largely political-based ideology and is nothing more than anti-communistic propaganda at its finest. The Prisoner tries to disguise its intention with Lost-esque flashbacks and time jumps, but the viewers sees right through these illusions and realizes the true meaning of the show.

    Our hero Number 6 has gone from a likable, Patrick Henry-esque leader to someone simply determined for revenge, a shift not too kind on him, similar in concept to Ellen Parsons in Season 2 of Damages. The show is still riveting, but at what cost?moreless
  • So 6 gets an invitation to join the investigators of The Village by 2. If you can't beat them join them. He works with 909 and finds out some important info on 11-12. Next 6 meets 4-15 through a dating site and has some dealings with 313 as well.moreless

    This two-parter seems to wander even more than the first two-parter did. One of the first people 6 meets in the first part is a cab driver nameed 147. 147 is a family man with a wife and a daughter. This relationship becomes critical to the final piece of the story.

    6 is paired with 909 for investigations and it is not a random choice. It seems everyone is investigating everyone else. They have some high tech devices to spy on each other and it becomes obvious there is no privacy in this world. It's like 1984. Someone is always watching.

    6 discovers secrets about 11-12 and 909 and also realized that the women doctor he has become friends with, 313 is being monitored as well. It is pretty obvious that 6 is wearing 313's defenses down even though he may not have been trying too. Just then 6 is invited to a match making company. Again, not a coincidence. There he is matched with 4-15 who is a blind girl he knows from his past life. She was the company operative who in the end tried to warn him. Here in this world she is blind. It turns out that by manipulation 6 is being brought into a relationship with 4-15 and finally asks her to marry him. She accepts. As 313 is falling for him and at the same time doing the manipulation at 2's order there is the dilemma.

    There is much more than this going on so you'll need to see the piece to follow it all. It is unfortunate that they must go in such a round about way to get you to the end. I would say this part is not quite as good as the first and that wasn't that good. So... Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Michael: You have a knack I've noticed. You talk a lot, and the more you talk, the less you says. Is that something they teach you?

    • Two: I offer you the apparatus and expertise of our highly trained and well-financed operation to do just that.
      Six: Why would you give me all that, if it wasn't a trap?
      Two: Oh, my dear Six, it is a trap.You have such a high opinion of yourself. I wondered if you would be clever enough to turn this opportunity to your own advantage. Still.
      Six: Everything you say is a trap. All right, let's do it.

    • Six: Who was Number One?
      1955: Ah, the oldest question in Village history. Go on, 1100, you tell them.
      1100: There is no Number One. There never has been and there never will be. The concept of the number two is an act of humility. The title reminds us that we are all public servants, even Number Two. No one is Number One.

    • 909: Everything is suspicious if you look at it properly. Everyone has secrets. No one is without guilt. We just have to work out what it is they're guilty of.
      Six: Why don't you arrest him and ask him if he's a Dreamer?
      909: Well, that would produce nothing but confusion. He would lie. If I catch him out in his lying, then he tells new lies, and then more new lies. It's better to watch him. Wait 'til his guilt emerges.

    • 909: Once you're a suspect, you're guilty.

    • Six: Kinda makes you wonder. If he'd do that to himself, maybe he is guilty.
      909: You're catching up fast.

    • Two: Has Six ever met up with my son?
      909: 11-12? Why would he be meeting with Six?
      Two: Youth is susceptible to wild ideas. Young blood craves rebellion as much as it craves sex.

    • Two: I hear you've been doing outstanding work.
      Six: Everything and anything I might do is for one reason. That's to work against you.

    • Two: 909, he's different. Don't tell me you haven't seen the fears in his eyes.
      Six: Fear is not guilt.
      Two: Yes it is. Fear is always guilt in disguise.

    • Two: You are a dreamer, 313. And dreamers vanish.

    • 313: Does he not love her enough, now?
      Two: Oh, no. He's hardly begun. What he feels only scrapes at the skin of love. Let him go where love is terrible.
      313: Is it possible to love someone too much? Does he have to come in here very night?
      Two: Love is a torment or it is not love. It'll crack him right open. And then, we can see the Six inside. The inside Six.

    • Two: We always save our best lies for ourselves.

    • 313: Please, why am I here?
      Two: If I touch your hair, you can refuse. We can all refuse. We have choices, so long as we can live with the consequences. Oh, damned consequences, huh?

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