The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

A tow truck makes its way through the desert. Six is lying on the ground and has visions of being taken through a hospital. The truck driver, 909, gets out and points out that it's not wise to hang out near here. Six sees the Village security guards nearby, firing guns into the air and riding on motorcycles, and goes with 909.

313 awakens and starts drawing images from her dreams on a piece of paper.

Lucy says that she has much to explain and asks for a drink. As soon as Six turns, she runs for the door and he stops her.

909 wonders if Six is having trouble with a lover or alcohol, and figures it's a lover.

Lucy admits that Six makes her nervous. He tells her that she's not leaving until she tells him who she is and what she wants.

909 takes Six out to a golf course where Two and 11-12 are playing golf. Two explains that the driver, 909, is an Undercover and wants Six to work with him. He wants Six to work on behalf of the Villagers and use the authorities' resources to find the Dreamers. When Six notes it's a trap, Two agrees and wonders if Six can turn it to his advantage. Six agrees and strides away.

As they drive back into town, 909 explains the undercover structure and that he and Six are now a cell. None of the Undercover cells know each other, and Six points out that every person in the Village could be a spy. 909 admits it's a possibility. In the Village, they check out 1955, and 909 explains that they've had a report. He tells Six to get close to determine if the man is a Dreamer, and explains that Six has been given a position as a teacher. Of course, 1955 may be compiling a dossier on Six, so 909 advises caution.

In the school, 1955 briefs Six on the surveillance courses and explains that he'll be doing the teaching. 1955 gives history lessons on the Village while Six watches. Six asks who is Number One, and the smartest student, 1100, explains that there is no Number One and the concept of number two exist to remind them that they all are public servants.

At Palais Two, 11-12 is listening to music when Two arrives. They discuss their relationship, and 11-12 notes their father-son relationship isn't like anyone else's. Two insists everything is as it should be.

1955 and Six talk, and Six tells him he has crazy thoughts of someplace outside the Village. 1955 says he has no family, no outside interests, and everything he needs in the Village.

Six meets with 313 and asks if everyone lives in fear. 313 isn't sure how to answer and insists that everyone has their place and look out for their neighbors and fall in love. Six wonders what kind of lives they have if they speak out, and 313 says they are sent to treatment. Six believes there must be others and he vows to find them, but 313 says that she can't be seen with him anymore because it's too dangerous.

909 and Six watch as 1955 swim. 909 warns that every one has secrets and no one is without guilt. All they have to do is work out what he's guilty of, and admits that if they interrogate him, 1955 would lie. He tells Six that one of his students reported 1955, but all reports are anonymous. A group of joggers pass, including 313, and 909 notes that Dreamers are often found among the newcomers.

1955 goes to a café and they watch him. 909 gets a call on his cell phone but ignores it. The next day in Six reviews the students' studies and learns that they've been compiling surveillance reports and using high-tech items to observe those around them. Six gives them a new task, to find out whom they are all working for and what their secret is.

That night, Two unlocks the case with his wife's medicine and finally selects a bottle with black pills. He gives it to his comatose wife, M2. Meanwhile, 11-12 goes out into the night.

1955 hangs out a towel to dry, and 909 figures it's a signal to the others. However, he notes that no one has admitted they meet. However, 909 insists that once you're a suspect, you're guilty.

M2 wakes up and he tells her where she is. She's satisfied with the information and he admits she's been sleeping too long for his liking. She wonders why he revived her and he says he needed to know if it was still possible. They have a meal of wraps and Two warns they don't have much time.

909 takes Six onto the roof of 1955's flat via a folding ladder. He then drills a hole and inserts a roach cam to watch the teacher. He tells Six to get a flask of coffee from the truck. As Six finds the flask, he notices a journal and reads it. Inside are photos of himself with 1955, and detailed notes identifying him as a suspect. There are also surveillance notes on 313.

Two's wife asks about 11-12, and Two explains that he grew up and is curious about everything. Two mentions Six and takes a drink. Before Two can go further, his wife passes out again.

Atop the roof, Six asks 909 if he has any family. The man admits he's never been good at relationships. They watch as 1955 gets a phone call.

Two discovers a roach cam in his home. He pulls out the wire and considers it carefully.

1955 seems to see the roach cam and approaches it, but then goes to the bathroom, takes out a razor, and cuts his throat. Six insists on taking the man to the hospital and 909 reluctantly agrees. They leave 1955 on the steps and drive away. As they park, Six wonders if 1955 was guilty after all, and 909 says that he's catching on. As he gets out, 909 says that what happened is the way he was taught to deal with Dreamers.

313 is doing more sketches of what may be memories from her past. She goes to bed and leaves them all discarded on the floor.

147 is playing with his daughter and notices something in the garden. He goes to investigate and discovers a large hole, seemingly reaching down into oblivion.

Six watches 313 as she leaves her flat for the day. He then goes up on the roof and finds that someone has placed a roach cam in her home

Two summons 909 and notes that an Undercover must have placed the roach cam in Palais Two. 909 notes that Six is different, and has conviction. Two says that Six is not to be harmed but must be made to feel compromised. He then asks 909 if Six has ever met with 11-12. 909 says he hasn't and wonders why, and Two insists that all youths crave rebellion.

As 909 leaves for the day, Six hides in the back of his truck.

That night 11-12 leaves Palais Two and goes for a walk. 909 follows him to a club, and Six follows 909. Inside the club, 909 meets with 11-12 and shares a kiss, and then warns him that Two suspects something is going on. He explains that Two believes 11-12 is meeting with Six, and 11-12 wonders why. 909 assures 11-12 that no one will ever touch him.

Lucy figures that Six knew she was a spy from the first time he met her. Six explains that everyone at Summakor has a monitor, and says she's free to go but if she stays, they talk. Lucy says that he knows she'll stay. She admits that she liked him and that was no lie, but his reports and his curiosity is what gave her the courage to approach him.

Six goes to the hospital and asks 1955 what happened, so that they can stop it happening to other Dreamers. 1955 writes down that he's a mistake, but Six says that he has a friend in danger and he needs to get her safe. He asks how he can make contact with the Dreamers, but 1955 insists that he's simply a history teacher. He then explains that he tried to kill himself out of despair. Six hears a drilling noise and sees someone inserting a roach cam. Six climbs down the balcony and falls the intruder into the woods, but fails to see 1100 hiding in the trees.

The next day, Six meets Two on the golf course. Two congratulates him on his outstanding work but Six says he's only doing it to work against him. Two tells him he has a new mission and informs Six that 909 wasn't invited. 909 is now Six's new mission, and Two says that he's seen fear in 909's eyes. He wants 909's fear investigated and thoroughly analyzed. When Six wonders why he should do it, Two says he needs to do it to keep up and because he must.

Six approaches 313 and warns her not to write anything down and to watch what she says. She asks why he's doing it and then shows him photos of Six on the roof of her flat and taking 1955 to the hospital. She says the photos were sent to her anonymously. 313 says that she was foolish to trust him and walks away.

909 goes to his trailer to meet 11-12, seemingly unaware that Six is following him. 909 tells 11-12 that they need to stop meeting for a while. He insists that they have to be careful so that Two never suspects. Six comes in and demands to know why 909 sent the photos to 313. 909 denies it and Six tells him to leave 313 alone. 909 says it isn't possible but Six says that 11-12 can, and he will in return for Six's secrecy.

Two notices his son returning home and approaches him. He tells his son that he was being watched and worries that 909 now has secrets. Two plans to dig them out so he knows what they're dealing with.

11-12 goes to 909's trailer and tells him that Two knows, and then takes out a knife. 909 tells him that everything will be okay and then gets up and deliberately turns his back on his lover. 11-12 stabs him in the neck, mortally wounding him, and then walks out.

Six sees the medics taking 313 away in a black van. He goes to 909's trailer and finds him dying. 909 asks if the dreams are true and Six tells him that they're all true. 909 insists that there are Dreamers and they meet, but dies before he can say anything more.

Lucy asks Six not to drink and wants him to tell her why he resigned. He admits that he doesn't know how to trust and all he can do is drink. She thought that whatever he saw led him to drink. Lucy realizes that he's already there and says that the same thing he saw in others that changed has happened to him as well.

Six goes to the club and confronts 11-12, and threatens to expose his secret if he doesn't tell him where 313 is. He tells him that 313 has been sent into the tunnels and Six doesn't want to know what will happen to her. When 11-12 warns that only people sent for treatment can get into the tunnels, Six tells him to have him sent for treatment.

11-12 places a black bag over Six's head, manacles him, and gives him the key. He then claims that he's 909 and has the medics take him away. In the tunnels, Six is freed and finds 1100. Together they search for 313. He finally locates her and the head for the exit, and a white sphere approaches, dissolving everyone in its path.

Six is rendered unconscious and taken back to his flat.

Two calls his son in while watching footage of 11-12 dancing at the club. He suggests that they escape to the mountains for a week, alone. 11-12 agrees and Two tells him to forget 909 and find someone his own age. Haunted by visions of 909's corpse, 11-12 cries and says they could go to the other place, and Two tells him that the Village is enough. 11-12 walks away from him.

Lucy says that they need to talk to Curtis, but Six refuses to trust her and orders her out. She leaves her number and says he can call her if he changes his mind.

Two summons 1100 to Palais Two and tells her that Six will spend a while in the tunnels until they're ready to release him. He gives her an ice cream cone and assures her that she would never betray her parents like 11-12 has betrayed him. Two then points that she's the one placed the roach cam and says she'll be going for treatment, but assures her she can finish her ice cream first.