The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on AMC

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  • Excellent start.

    AMC, arguably one of the best cable networks at creating compelling drama, despite only having a schedule consisting of two original series, released its brand new mini-series, a remake of the cult classic from The UK, The Prisoner.

    The show starred Jim Caviezel, who did his best Matthew Fox impression, playing the struggling hero amidst the chaos around him, except instead of an island, his character, Number 6, was stuck on a seemingly endless desert. Caviezel proved to be a formidable protagonist, one who was likable in the sense that you wanted to see him prevail and escape from The Village, but not to strong so as to not enjoy the strong supporting cast around him. Veteran actor Ian McKellen was perfectly cast in the role of Number Two, a leader who its intention and biases are "ambiguous" and who provides structure and mystery to the show all at once.

    I think a lot of people wish this was a full-length TV series and not a mini-series, but for what its worth, this is yet another homerun for AMC.
  • A man who the audience is introduced as Michael/Number 6 awakens in the desert. He is disoriented and has no idea how he got where he is. 6 finds himself in the world of The Village which is a society administered by Number 2.

    A modernized version of the classic starring Patrick McGoohan. First of all if you are expecting and familiar with the original I'm sorry. This is not it! This is even more of a psychological oddity than the first of a man trying to get back to his old reality and the similarities end there.

    I was truly excited to see this when I first heard it was going to be on. The thought behind the original was that Secret Agent Patrick had resigned and was finding out there is no resigning from the agency. In the new piece analyst James Caviezel finds out he can't resign but from what he has no idea.

    In this first two parter we see a disoriented 6 trying to figure out who he is and what he's doing here. Number 2 tries a few ways to get him to come on board like introducing a brother and his family to him. Of course 6 has a mind of his own and knows his real brother died at an early age. So he fights the system tooth and nail. Number 2 does not seem to have total control though. His son 11-12 has free reign and does not seem to play within his fathers rules.

    I heard there were a lot of people confused by this first part. That's understandable on a number of levels. If you were expecting The Prisoner you would have been confused and if you had no knowledge of the prior series you would have been confused as well. Not a well put together plot. Actually sort of disappointing. Thanks for reading...