The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • At the end of part 1, Six is running toward the towers' shadows, yet on the next shot, the sun is glaring towards him (the shadow and the glare can't be on the same side).

  • Quotes

    • 93: You're... you're not from here.
      Six: I don't even know how I got to this place.
      93: You... are... miracle! Be seeing you.

    • Six: Where is this place?
      147: This... it's the Village.
      Six: Yeah, but what village?
      147: Hey, man, what gives with you--this is the Village, and I do local destinations.

    • 554: Uh, specials tonight are Beef Noodle Wrap and Feta Warm Salad Wrap, and for dessert, we have my own favorite, Cinnamon Fig and Honey Wrap.
      Six: Do you have anything that's not a wrap?
      554: Why would we?

    • Two: You know you are Six.
      Six: Please, I'm nobody. I don't know anything, please!
      Two: But you do. You are Six. You are Village. The truth is right inside you, Six.

    • Six: I don't want your help, lady. I want to get the hell out of here.
      313: Look, here's what's going to happen--I'm gonna fetch you a cold drink and then, someone is going to take you home. You're a free man.

    • Two: Look, see how the sun makes it all glow? Kind of day that makes you glad to be alive.
      Six: Why are you keeping me here?
      Two: I see no locked doors.
      Six: Well, they were after me.
      Two: Ooo, sounds terribly ominous.

    • Six: You can't do this to me! I don't care who you are--do you hear me?!? Now, I wanna get back to New York.
      Two: Well, that's not possible... there is no New York. There is only the Village.

    • Shopkeeper: Buy one, get one free.
      Six: What the hell would I want with two maps?
      Shopkeeper: Makes a perfect gift.

    • Shopkeeper: You crack me up, Six.
      Six: You've not seen me before.
      Shopkeeper: No, sir. You, I would remember.
      Six: But you know my...
      Shopkeeper: Welcome to the Village. Everybody knows everybody. Be seein' ya!

    • Two: Take a look outside, Six. People going about their lives, strolling in the sun, sitting together in the park, or anywhere where they might choose to sit together. They take a scooter ride, go dancing, enjoy a beer in the cafe, while they gaze about the Village. Contented. Hopeful. Every day above ground is a good day.

    • Six: Well... I want out.
      Two: You tried that! There is no "out." There is only "in."

    • Two: I pity you, Six. You refuse to open your mind to the possibility that you're wrong.
      Six: If I open my mind, you'll take it away from me.
      Two: We might... but we will always give it back.

    • Six: Do something for me, will ya? Lie down beside me.
      313: Uh, you're supposed to be trying to convince me you're sane.

    • Six: A hundred billion stars, over and over, billions of galaxies, and that's just what we can see. Can you honestly tell me that the Village is all that there is?
      313: Of course not. Has to be life out there somewhere. Perhaps, another Village.

    • 147: Hey, man--need a cab?
      Six: Why would I need a cab if I'm going into a cafe?
      147: Well, you know, people who go into cafes come outta cafes. And sometimes they might need a cab.
      Six: Well, I don't know if I'll need a cab. Why are you hassling me anyway?
      147: Hey, Six... I like ya--you're a likable man. And I like giving rides in my cab to people I like. Sometimes, being nice is, uh, just being nice.

    • Six: I will find a way to escape! Do you hear me? I am not a number! I'm a free man!

    • Lucy: You can tell a lot about a person from their apartment.
      Six: If you know how to look.

    • Two: A man with nothing to hide, is a man with nothing to find.

    • 70: Six, wait! There is no requirement that you share your thoughts here with me... us. Simply to have them.

    • Two: You think I believe all of this therapy babble, do you? My mother sat me sideways on the potty when I was a toddler, so now I want to sleep with her. Oh, grow up, man. Have you had sex with your mother, 70?
      70: No. Never.
      Two: Well, don't.
      70: Two, if I might ask, if you don't believe in the value of the talking cure...
      Two: It's not necessary for me to believe. It is necessary for Six to believe.

    • Six: You know, I watch people like us, doing things like this, and I write about them in my reports.
      Lucy: So, if you were watching us now, what would you see?
      Six: Two people, a man and a woman in a room, for one night, 'cause that's all they're capable of anymore.
      Lucy: Please, tell me that is not true.
      Six: It's only a report.
      Lucy: It's what you believe.
      Six: It's what I see.

    • Six: You sit there, you look at me, and you tell me why you're here.
      Lucy: You think you resigned--maybe you did. But it's not over. They still control you.

    • Six: What is it they want from me? They must have told you something.
      16: My head is so confused with confusion. I... I don't even know if what I just told you is true or not.

  • Notes

    • Music: Show Me the Way to Go Home (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There (Washington Phillips), I Love to Say Da-Da (Brian Wilson)

    • Injoke: The elderly escapee at the beginning, 93, is dressed like Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) from the original series The Prisoner. His memory-drawing is of Big Ben, which was featured in "The Chimes of Big Ben", and his flat is decorated in a similar style to the original Number Six's flat.

  • Allusions

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