The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

A bus arrives with new citizens for the Village. Six asks who they are and where they came from. They explain that they came from the Village to arrive at the Village.

A woman comes into the Purpose Room and Six recognizes her as the winking woman, the female passenger, from the tour bus. She tells him that Mr. Curtis is waiting and the car is outside.

The Village continues to expand to handle the increased population. A messenger gives Six a summons to the Clinic. He begins to feel ill and goes there where 313 takes a blood sample. Six points out that if the Village is all that there is, it would be impossible for newcomers to arrive. 313 admits that he's right and they all accept it as ordinary. She gets the test results on his blood and stares at it in shock.

Two and 11-12 tour the new buildings and Two explains that "More Village" is becoming their way of life, and the very consciousness of the universe. He gets out of the car and poses for pictures, and insists that the moment will be handed down for generations of their family. He asks 11-12 if there will be generations, and 11-12 reluctantly says there will. Two advises him to relax and dance the night away with a girl. Six arrives and asks what the certificate means, and Two says it's his Certificate of Dying. He tells Six to choose a Village life, or Village Death. A newcomer approaches him and asks for his signature, and he paints a two on her overalls. Two tells him that the newcomers are good people and waves to them, insisting they choose life. As Six weakens, Two tells him to breathe in and then out, and then says he'll watch him die one tick of the clock at a time.

As 313 is haunted by visions of her previous life, Two comes to ask her to confide in him. He explains that he hopes the prospect of death will open up Six, and then tells 313 to block out the visions of her life. 313 insists she can't rub out the visions, but Two insists that self-control is all that is required� for Six's sake.

11-12 goes to place flowers on 909's grave. Six comes to him and says that at some point 11-12 will give him the information he needs to get them all out of there, including 11-12 himself. 11-12 asks if Six's mother cares for him and insists that his mother does, and then walks away. In the distance, the glass towers hover on the horizon.

Six walks through the Village, his condition worsening with every tick of the clock. 147 asks what he's going to do, and if he's just going to let Two do it to him. He tells Six that he met someone who might be able to help him. Six stands up and 147 helps him to his taxi.

Six goes out to the car to take him to Mr. Curtis� and 147 is the driver. 147 doesn't recognize him and insists that no one wants to be late to see Mr. Curtis. As he drives, 147 talks about how he used to want to hurt somebody. Now he's had a brain wash and his frontal lobe is clean.

147 takes Six to an old African prophet. He tells Six that something is coming and all they have to do is wait. Six insists that waiting is giving up and tries to explain his visions.

The driver shows Six a photo of his daughter, and explains that Mr. Curtis has spoken with the judge and is arranging for the driver to be reunited with his girl.

147 doesn't believe what Six is telling him. 11-12 arrives.

The driver admits that he doesn't know why Mr. Curtis wants to see Six, but is certain that Curtis has a plan. As they talk, people in a room monitor their conversation. They arrive at Curtis' office building and the driver sends Six in.

Six joins 11-12 as he drinks. 11-12 says that he's only Two's son and that's all he'll ever be to anyone. Six says that 313 told him about the pills and wonders if M2 is dying. 11-12 admits that he thought one day his mother would come back. Six invites the teenage to come with him and leave his father behind, but 11-12 insists that the Village is all he has, and he has stuff to do. He tells Six he wants to finish getting drunk so he can finish the job.

Six enters Curtis' penthouse apartment and finds a woman who he recognizes as M2, looking at photos and certificates from her life. Her husband, Curtis is seated near by. He gets up and recognizes Six as Michael from Summakor. He introduces Michael to his wife, Helen, a biochemist who explores the depths of the mind. Curtis explains that Helen speculated they could go into the depths of the mind and take all the broken people with them. There the people could fix themselves, surrounded by the simple values of life. They hoped such surroundings would let them rekindle their purpose. Michael realizes the driver was one of the people, and Curtis explains that Michael found all the broken people for Summakor. Helen was the first person in the Village, and every thought and impulse resides in her mind. The couple had no children, and they believed they could create a son for themselves.

11-12 goes to M2's bedroom and smothers her with a pillow.

Helen groans in pain and Curtis says it won't be long. She mutters that "he's here" and Two admits it's not part of the plan.

11-12 embraces his dead mother.

The dying Six goes to the Clinic and Two arrives to place a wreath on his chest and assure him he'll have a suitable funeral. Six asks if he will die at the right time, and Two promises that he will and there will be no escape. 313 overhears them talking and watches.

At the Palais Two, Two discovers Helen dead, a flower in her hand. He calls out for 11-12 and summons his men. They go to the Go Inside Bar and discover that 11-12 has hung himself. Two carries his son's body out of the bar and has him placed in state.

At the Clinic, 313 has flashes of a young girl singing in a church. 313 sings along with the girl.

More holes open up throughout the window.

Two gets into 147's cab and 147 offers his condolences. Two says that it is allowed because 147 knows what it feels to lose a children. Two says that he wants it all to stop, all the madness. 147 admits that most days, he doesn't know why he lives. All he does is drive and hopes the black pit in his gut will go away. But all it does is grows. Two wonders if what has happened to them is for a purpose, and explains he had a dream of clarity. He suggests that his daughter's death may give 147 the purpose to do the unthinkable. Two asks if 147 likes and trusts Six, insists that Six can give them freedom within the Village, and tells him to call out "Six is the one" at the proper time.

Curtis and Michael drive through the city and Curtis points out a former soldier that blew up a village, but is now recovered thanks to the Village therapy. Another woman, a former drug addict, is now cured. Michael objects, saying none of them asked to be fixed. He insists he can't be fixed, but then realizes that Curtis was keeping him because no one resigns from Summakor. Curtis admits that they threw everything they had at Michael, including death, but he resisted. Curtis wants Michael to take them forward. They arrive at a church and he asks Michael to come back to us, and then hands him an access card.

The dying Six staggers across the Village until medics find him and bring him in. Meanwhile, Two asks 313 if she wants Six to live. He says he can give her Six's life but says she must answer a question honestly. He asks if he's the reason for his son's death. 313 immediately says he is the reason. Two admits that Six was right, but Village Death wasn't his last throw. He knows that Six is in his love with his own humanity, and his desire to do the right thing will cause him to surrender to Two. All he needs is 313 to do the right thing as well. Two tells her that when the time comes, she must choose to give herself to Six. 313 smiles and admits that's what she wants.

Six is brought before Two, who asks if Six chooses to die. Six says he wants to die and insists he's a free man, but Two says that he loves the Village. Six continues to resist but a white sphere appears, a representation of Six's fear. Two admits he never had any power over Six, and tells him that he must find the open door rather than the beast that keeps him there. Six finally flees out the door and Two smiles in triumph.

The Villagers gather for 11-12's funeral. Six, cured, arrives and tells Two he has to let the Villagers out since the holes are growing and it's a matter of survival. Two goes to the hearse bearing his son and explains to the crowd that his son killed himself because he believed he was a prisoner. Two admits that his son was right, and tells them that Six was right and they're all prisoners. Another hole opens in the ground nearby.

Curtis leads Michael into the church where Sarah, 313, is yelling repeatedly to shut up. He explains that as a child, Sarah suffered an unbearable trauma and now nobody can help her. She showed signs of improvement in the Village, but has begun to resist.

Two tells the crowd that there's nothing he can do to stop the holes. Soon they will all face the abyss. Two talks of seeing Helen, groping in the dark. He tells them all to breathe in and out, creating more Village. A boy hits him with a rock and 147 steps forward.

Michael wonders if there's anything they can do, and Curtis calls out to Sarah. She tells them not to look at her.

Two tells the Villagers that Six is the one. 147 follow Two's instructions and takes up the chant, rallying the crowd.

Curtis tells Michael that one word from him will let them fix the people.

The Villagers chant that Six is the one that will save them all. Two tells Six that they must find a Dreamer, and then tells 313 that they must pity Six. Six refuses and 313 steps forward and offers to take his place until he finds a better way.

Michael approaches Sarah and offers his hand.

313 takes the pill from Six's hand and then kisses him. She says it's too late and then collapses.

Sarah collapses in Michael's arms.

Two says that one pill is for Six and another is for him, and then says it's time to wake up. He places a grenade in his mouth and activates it, killing himself.

Everything in the Villages flashes through Six's mind.

Curtis returns home and discovers she is now fully conscious and aware. They embrace and he tells her not to look back.

Michael returns to Summakor and takes his position as head of operations.

Six takes a catatonic 313 out into the desert and insists that he can now see the beauty of the Village. He says that they have to make it into a good place, no matter what the cost. 313 sheds a single tear.