The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

A black van pulls up outside Six's flat.

Six considers Lucy's phone number and finally calls her. He hears the phone rings outside and discovers that she's lying unconscious on the floor. She says that she's feeling slightly sick. Six admits she was right and they should go to Summakor, but she wants to go inside his apartment for a few minutes.

Six wakes up and hears a broadcast about the Modern Love Bureau, which promises to find everyone the soul mate they deserve. He goes to see 313 and shows her the invitation for the Bureau that was thrust under his door. 313 notes that's how people meet in the Village and he might learn something about his feelings. As they talk, she notices a scalpel on the table.

Two and 11-12 note a huge hole in the ground, but Two insists it's just an ambiance anomaly caused by the weather.

Six meets with the Modern Love Bureau woman, who talks about their Blink-Match technology that can find something for anyone. Six figures she's trying to set him up with a woman to distract him and starts to leave, but they find a woman who is impressed by a man who is a bit of a rebel and has a mystery. Six is intrigued by the fact the woman looks like Lucy from his dreams. The MLB woman offers to set them up and he considers it.

Lucy says that she wants to talk for a while first and explains that she looked in his file. She notes that he has never taken a vacation and has no relationships. Six admits that all the reports he saw affected him. Suddenly he wants to make love and goes to her, and she admits she's scared.

Two talks to 313 and wonders if there is a part of her that wants to betray Six. Two warns that she's a dreamer and dreamers vanish. However, he's intrigued by betrayal and wonders if she likes him. She admits she doesn't know him, and Two wonders if she's ever tempted to tell Six the truth. He points out that she's fundamentally betrayed someone and still wonders if he'd like her if he knew her. Two figures there is something she wanted more than to hurt that love. Two then settles in to wait, saying he'll be with them soon enough.

As Six sleeps, he dreams of a hospital. He wakes up, clutching at his throat, and the MLB woman is on the screen to inform him it's time for Matching, Stage Two. He turns off the TV only to find her at his doorstep. She directs him to the café where the woman, 4-15, is waiting for him. Six realizes that she's blind and says she's exactly what he expected. He asks 4-15 about herself and wonders how long she's lived by herself. Six asks how she was blinded and she explains that she woke up one day when she was six, and was blind. The doctors said it was some kind of trauma. She feels his face and says he has nice bones, and Six insists that he knows her from some other life. He says he wants to get to know her tonight.

They end up lying next to each other in bed and Lucy says that she's not normally so impetuous, but now she's letting go.

Six takes 4-15 to his flat.

Six gets out of bed and Lucy wonders what they're doing and what purpose it serves.

As Six starts to kiss 4-15, he remembers kissing Lucy in his apartment and making love on the bed. He wonders if they had one night together somewhere else, and insists that he can remember them together. He recreates the scene from his memories and calls her Lucy, and 4-15 says he's crazy to be talking about another life. She says she has to go and need to slow things do. As she leaves, Six tries to kiss her as she leaves. As she goes, she asks where their story ended, but Six admits he doesn't remember.

Six sleeps and continues to have dreams of being taken into the clinic.

At Palais Two, 11-12 opens the vault holding his mother's pills. Two watches him on the monitors.

11-12 goes to see 313 at the hospital and asks if Six trusts her. When she says he'll have to ask Six that, 11-12 informs him that he already did. He then asks 313 to analyze the three pills Two gives to M2 and discover what they do. As he goes, 11-12 asks her if Six is crazy. 313 tells him that Six is not.

At home, 11-12 and Two have dinner. Two finally asks if his son wants to know about his mother. He admits he didn't count on Six pushing things along so fast. However, he warns that once 11-12 knows, there'll be no going back to innocence.

Six, 147, and 313 go out to examine a hole in 147's garden, which is growing minutely larger each second and seems to go down forever. Six wonders if it's a way out. 147 goes to have cake and Six contemplates it a little longer before going inside. Inside, 313 asks how the date went and Six admits that 4-15 must know something. As they share a toast, 147's daughter 832 goes outside. They realize that she's gone and run outside just in time to see her fall into the hole. A Village team arrives immediately and pulls 147 back from the hole. They cover the hole but make no attempt to rescue the girl. 147's wife looks at her husband angrily, noting that he is the one who left the door open.

As 147 and Six leave, the Village authorities announce that pigs are being issued to combat the anomalies and stabilize the holes. At home, 147's wife stands vigil over the filled-in hole and refuses to speak to her husband.

Six goes to see Two and says his friends need help. Two insists that people want to come together, and that the Villagers are volunteering for pig-distribution duties. He asks if Six has a head full of 4-15 and asks if he wants to be with her. Six concentrates on 147's problem and goes to the hole with Two. Two says that someone will have to go in and get the girl, and Two seems surprised he would do it for someone else's child. He warns that 832 is gone and the only thing in the hole is oblivion.

147 and his wife still are unable to talk.

That night 313, prepares a syringe and gives 4-15 an injection. Two says that there must be more love so that they can pull Six in. She wonders if they must bring Six in: he's on the other table. Two believes that they can use love to crack Six and find out what lies within. As 313 gives Six an injection, she says that she doesn't want Two to kill 4-15, and he wonders if he likes her. He then invites her to Palais Two to sit with her and see what there is to be seen.

The next day, 4-15 and an increasingly besmitten Six spend their time together at the home of her parents. Her father, 2944, tries to discuss the holes with a distracted Six. Six goes into the man's home and looks around, and sees a photo of a young girl. 2944 comes in and admits that his daughter was an adventurous kid, and wonders if a miracle might happen and she regains her sight. Six wonders if she's ever been gone, but 2944 insists she's never been gone even a day.

That night, 313 meets 11-12 at a club and tells him that she doesn't know what her mother's medical condition is. She explains that the three pills are a sedative, an unknown hallucinogenic, and a pill with no known content.

Two takes 313 to see his sleeping wife.

147 brings Six home, and his wife wonders how they could have matched her with a man who does nothing. 147 picks up a knife and leaves.

Two has 313 sit on the couch near his wife and then tells her that if he touches her hair, she can refuse if she's willing to live with the consequences. As Two touches 313, he explains that his wife can sense them and it would break her heart. He then offers to remove 4-15 so 313 can have Six all to herself. 313 insists that she wants Six to choose her of his own free will. Two then asks if she can reverse the treatment and get rid of the longing she's induced in Six. 313 admits it must be possible.

147 uses the knife and tries to dig the dirt out of the hole, and tells Six that his wife is right and he does nothing.

Two assures her that they won't be undoing Six's longing, but it's good to know that they both have the option. He tells 313 to be with Six if that's what she wants, and then lies down next to his wife.

That night, 313 goes to see Six, who insists that people come to get him in the night. He asks her to stay with him because he trusts her. As he starts to doze off, 313 admits that she couldn't bear it if he chose 4-15. The medics arrive to take Six away and 313 steps aside.

At the hospital, 313 switches syringes and gives Six a different injection. Two comes in and notes that Six is touched. He speaks of love and how it can ruin, and then notes how far love has brought 313 so far. Six awakens and asks how it's possible, and Two shows him a vial containing gene symmetry formula. He explains that they transplanted 4-15's genes into him to bring them closer together. Six wonders what he felt before the treatment and questions what love is. Two warns 313 that she defied him but she's already being punished. He then asks Six if she still wants to marry 4-15. He says he will and 313 backs away in shock.

Six and Lucy wakes up in the morning. and she insists that someone is making this happen. However, he insists on buying her breakfast first. She asks for oranges and he runs out to buy them. Before he goes, she insists on a kiss. He wonders where they're going with their relationship, and she tells him that it will keep.

Six and 4-15 are in bed and she tells him yes. Later, the Villagers assemble at the church and 313 comes to see Six as he accepts their congratulations. She tells him that there are two viruses used in gene symmetry therapy and what she gave him won't last. He simply tells her that he wants her to be his friend and then watches as 4-15 arrives in her wedding dress. 313 grabs Six and kisses him, and the crowd informs 4-15 of what is happening. She turns and runs into the hills, and a confused Six pulls away from 313 and goes after her. Once he's gone, Two notes that 313 will never know if her feelings are genuine.

4-15 runs into the nearby hills and a white sphere descends toward her. Six watches as it glows with a bright light as it approaches her. He runs to her and addresses her as Lucy, and insists that they've met before. She looks at him, her vision restored. Six tries to remind her of what she was, but she insists that she's 4-15. Six demands to know who she really is and she finally admits that she was Lucy. She was blinded so that she wouldn't give away the fact she was sent to love him and break his heart. Lucy says that she's glad he's cured of her and leaves.

Six returns to the Village by bus.

Six heads home after buying oranges for Lucy. He sees a homeless woman eating an orange and Six gives her one of his.

Six sees 147 standing at the edge of another hole. 147 says he's going to find his little girl but Six warns that there's nothing there. He tells his friend that if he wants oblivion, he should jump, but he shouldn't lie to himself by believing he'll find his daughter. Six promises to watch him go as long as he knows why he's jumping, but says that 147 loves his wife. 147 takes Six's hand and steps away from the hole. Lucy arrives, goes to the edge of the hole, and jumps in before Six can stop her.

Six approaches his apartment and sees it explode. A short distance away, M2 opens he eyes in shock.