The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

As Six lies unconscious in the desert, he remembers his old life.

Six and Lucy go up to his apartment They share a toast to forgetting.

Six wakes up from a dream of lying on a beach as a boy. A man from the Village is standing over him: his own brother, 16.

Back in the Village, Two asks if he recognizes his brother. Six insists the man isn't his own brother and Two wonders why he would deny such a thing. Six points out that he's considered sick and demented, and his brother shows him a family photo. Six's brother has everything to prove he is who he claims, but Six doesn't believe him. Two suggests therapy and wonders if Six is afraid of being proven wrong. Six refuses to back down and agrees, insisting he has nothing to hide.

Six and 16 walk to his brother's home, and 16's wife and children know who Six is. They all go in to watch Wonkers, the Village soap opera. As they talk about the soap opera, Six discovers that he likes barbeque pork after all.

At Palais Two, 11-12 goes to see his comatose mother. Two approaches with a meal and pills and 11-12 hastily hides outside on the balcony. The boy watches as Two comes in and gives her the pills, and then kisses her gently on the lips. He then settles down and eats the meal.

Six goes outside to talk to 16, who is working on a bicycle. 16 invites Six to help and admits he has a lovely family. Six questions the entire reality and insists that his brother is dead. 16 is disappointed but Six accuses him of possibly working with the authorities, and his brother says all he wants is his brother back.

In therapy, Six admits that nothing is real. The therapist, 70, questions him and says he has to hand over his thinking.

Six talks with Lucy and discusses phone numbers. He explains that the number she dialed wasn't a number and Lucy wonders how he could notice such things.

Six talks of seeing a seagull and realized they're closer to the beach then he realized. The therapist has no idea what a "beach" is and asks Six about the vacation he spent there. Six talks of taking a train to the sea with his brother, but then realizes that the therapist has a clone that is watching from the shadows: one who engages and one who contemplates. As Six goes, 70 says that he doesn't have to share his thoughts: he only has to have them.

Outside, 313 greets Six and says that he's worried about Six. Six insists that he is not a number and says there was something in his pockets that someone took. 313 insists there was nothing in his pockets. 16 comes up and suggests that he work so he can forget his troubles. They go to the bus depot where Six's brother works and introduces Six around. Everyone seems to know him and they promise to go out drinking with him later. 16 offers to let Six drive and insists that he's the best driver there is, despite the fact that Six believes he has no idea how to drive. Six gets behind the wheel and discovers he can drive. They go on a tour of the city, passing the museum and the clinic.

Two checks with the therapist, 70, who notes that Six is reluctant to reveal the Six inside. Two demands further explanation and the therapist admits that Six admitted he went on a fishing trip. Two sits down and suggests that he enter into therapy. He talks of how he is the reason his wife is how she is. 70 is clearly reluctant to enter into the matter, but Two talks of 11-12 and worries that if his son knows who he really is, he might not like him. He then asks 70 if he likes him and takes out a hand grenade. 70 insists that everyone loves him but admits that he doesn't know him enough to like him. Two tosses him the hand grenade and dismisses therapy as balderdash. As Two goes, 70 asks why he believes in therapy. Two insists that he doesn't, but it's necessary for Six to believe.

The tour continues into the desert and Six notices a structure in the sands. He turns off the road and 16 apologizes for the detour. Six discovers the object is a large anchor. Everyone takes pictures of it as Six concludes that there must be a ship, and water, somewhere nearby. He asks the passengers if they know what an ocean is, and insists that it means escape. 16 decides to show him something a short distance away over the next dune: the Ruins. It appears to be an abandoned railway station, and 16 explains that they used to play there as children. Six feels something from being there, a feeling of belonging.

At the restored café, 313 questions Six and wonders how he can believe that 16's entire family can be faked for his benefit. She begins to question whether there is a way out, and Six asks her if she's ever been on a boat. She wonders why it's important and he tells her she doesn't know what he's missing.

Lucy explains that she saw Six sitting alone and figured he might want company. He wonders why she happened to approach her on the day he resigned but she insists it's a coincidence.

Six wakes from a dream of driving on the bus with Two as his only passenger. He drives on another tour with 16 doing the tourist spiel. They drive by the clinic and then to Palais Two. Much to the passenger's surprise, Two and 11-12 come out and everyone hastily sits down and tries to remain unobserved. Two gets on the bus and notes that Six is doing better. He talks of how family is important, and how family teaches one the meaning of love. Two then chats with the passengers, asking what they think of his driver. They're all filled with praise for Six. Two then informs everyone that one family has won a prize: a vacation at the Escape Resort. 16 is the winner and he's happy to get the news.

313 is going down the street and watches white-coated medics take someone out of a home as a wife and daughter look on, crying.

As they drive, 16 asks if Six is going to come with the family. Six asks if the Escape Resort is by the ocean, but 16 doesn't know what he's talking about.

At home, 313 secretly examines 554's drawing of the Statue of Liberty. Six arrives and realizes that she took it from him. He wonders if she's going to report him but 313 admits she likes the idea of another place. She insists she doesn't want to lose his friendship and apologizes for lying to him.

Lucy accuses Six of being suspicious and he admits she would be too if she worked "there." When she asks, Six explains that he works for Semicorp, a company that collects and analyzes CCTV footage from around the world. His job was to find out what's going on, and notes that what he finds out isn't always good news. When she questions him, Six wonders if she's a spy but she says that she's simply interested. When Lucy offers to provide a distraction, Six notes that he writes reports on incidents like what he sees, and says what he's seeing now is a man and a woman in a room for one night. Hurt, Lucy asks if that's what he sees or what he believes.

At Palais Two, Two is in bed next to his wife when he hears a door open and close. He goes to investigate and finds 11-12 looking at a childhood toy. The boy admits that he has no memory of it and Two points out that memory is fickle. 11-12 wonders if Six is right but Two dismisses the man's delusions. He insists that he loves 11-12 and tells him never to doubt his family.

Six dreams of his childhood and seeing his brother Steven go out into the water. Later, he goes to therapy, and 70 asks him about his brother and the dream. Instead, Six starts talking about Wonkers and then says he sees their fear, and knows they don't want to accept that their prisoners. He refuses to become like them and leaves.

Six take 313 to the Ruins and paces off six steps on the track. He digs in the sand and finds a metal box holding a piece of paper. On it is a note written by an eight-year-old Six. Six believes it's a trick but 313 points out that he knew exactly where it was. As he goes, 313 takes a photo of a young Six from the box.

Lucy asks Six why he resigned. He explains that he worked in "Analysis" and doesn't know who worked in the level above him. Six noticed people changing, too many people, and sent a report. He was told to cease and desist. Lucy identifies the level above, "Solutions," by name, and Six realizes that she's lying. He demand answers and she warns that despite his resignation, they still control him.

As they return to town, Six refers to 16 as his brother. When 313 points it out, Six says that he has to leave before he becomes a part of the place. As he gets out, a woman from the bus trip comes over to him and tells him that she heard the ocean once when she wandered away during a stop.

A skeptical 147 drives Six and the woman passenger out into the desert.

16 and his family prepare to go to the Escape Resort, and wonder where Six is.

In the desert, the woman passenger walks out into the sands and Six and 147 follow her.

The bus leaves without 16 and his family.

The trio finds the anchor and the woman passenger wonders if she imagined the ocean. Six tells her that she has to believe and encourages her to keep trying. She concentrates while Six notices the towers nearby. He accuses her of working for Two and putting him off track, and sees the bus to the Escape Resort driving past. Six runs off to be with his family. Two, secretly watching, smiles in triumph.

147 takes Six to the bus depot and 16 is glad to see his brother, confident he wouldn't let them down. 147's bus is burned out so they take one of 16's tour buses to the Escape Resort. As Six drives through the desert, he notices the two glass towers in the distance and turns off the road toward them. 16 warns that it's not possible, but Six hears Two's voice, goading him on. Six begins to see the ocean ahead of him, and discovers he's driven to the anchor. He crawls in the sand before it, crying.

Six wakes up and discovers he's been handcuffed to a post. Two is there and pours water out just in front of him. He then places a hand grenade in Six's mouth and pulls the pin, and strides away. The grenade explodes...

And Six wakes up aboard the bus as 16 says he has to stop. Six explains that he remembered a monster from his childhood and wonders if he is insane. He apologizes for causing 16 pain and says he's a good man and brother. 16 tells him that he's not his brother and apologizes, saying he needs Six's help now.

The family arrives at the Escape Resort and 16 privately tells Six that he's scared of the ones who watch them all the time. He goes to get a beer and admits that he doesn't know if what he told Six is even true. He isn't even sure if his "family" is his family, but admits he thinks of Six as his brother. Six admits that he feels the same, and 16 asks if there is another place. Six insists that there is and 16 asks to go with him.

Six, 16, and the woman passenger walk across the sands. 16 worries that Two will know that he turned traitor. They continue and finally locate seagulls. They run over a ridge and see an ocean in the distance. They run into the water as Six remembers his brother Steven running into the water. He watches as 16 runs out into the water and tells him to come back, but 16 refuses to come back. A white sphere rises up behind 16 and pulls him down as Six watches in horror.

Later, Six brings 313 back to see the ocean, but it has disappeared entirely.

Six goes to see 16's family and tries to tell them what happened, but they're too busy laughing at Wonkers. Men in white suits take him away in a straitjacket.

Two laughs in triumph and tells 11-12 that you can never choose your family. He goes to see Six, who insists that he saw the ocean and his brother is dead. Two points out that he's accepted that 16 was his brother, but Six insists he was wrong and tries to remember his name. He finally gives in and admits that he's Six.