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  • What is this show about?

    Don't bother watching it. You'll only end up slitting your throat.
  • You know you are Six.

    I was disappointed by this one, truly.

    The premise seemed very good, but soon the scenes kept getting more and more bizarre. Flashes, images, another scene, another place, and a character (usually Six) doing something that was totally unrelated to what had been happening a few seconds before.

    There was a thread to follow, somewhere in there, but it was hard to see sometimes. It was hard enough to follow which character everyone was talking about when they were merely referred to as numbers - which was both difficult and intriguing.

    I most liked the plot with Two's son. It wasn't the one in the spotlight, though, and instead we were pulled, time and time again, into Six's hallucinations and attempts to find out there he is, how he got there, what he's supposed to do... and then something else.

    I couldn't quite grasp what was going on part of the time. The scenes/things they talked about went this way and that, jumping to the next topic without warning. More and more characters began to get involved, their flashes and lives tangling into the already messy, incoherent storyline.

    The last few episodes were a bit more coherent, finally unfolding the details leading to all this, but still I must say this was one bizarre show, and I didn't get it. The basic idea was simple, but they made it into some kind of weird, psychologically challenging experience instead.
  • I liked and still like the original but apart from the initial opening I am very disappointed in this show.

    I can understand the show is trying to portray the strange things he is experiencing, but it makes the story a bit vague at times, but hey, maybe that is how they intended it to come across.

    For me, even if it is an artificial world in somebody's mind, at the end I felt there was a lot of information missing, perhaps it is one of those movies where it takes weeks before someone can come up with a meaningful explanation of the events, like that movie Mulholland Drive.

    Either way I am torn between wanting more and being terribly disappointed in not only how far off track they went from the original but also that at least 40% of it is a blurred memory.
  • If you remember the original, you will find this remake a very good one.

    I've only seen the first two episodes, but their recent make-over of that immortal cult classic "The Prisoner" are very good. I like the desert scenery. It's a cool looking little resort community. It must be in SouthWest Africa. One look at the desert and the vehicles says that. It's surreal and not like the old series that was very existential. All of the sly cat-and-mouse interplay the eponymous character engaged in are more played out this time. The notion that the Villagers mostly don't know they are prisoners gives it an edge to the story. We have mystery and enigma, with everything. We shall see what develops in the coming episodes, i am looking forward to follow this tv show.
  • This is yet another gem from the yanks.

    Thoroughly gripping situations are my fav with tv series, plus I'm a sci fi freak so the concepts presented in this series are fantastic. I've only seen the first 2 hours and am of mixed feelings about watching the rest, not from a lack of decent acting and plot, but the fact I hate it when good shows end.

    I didn't see the original series, but I was in for the duration as soon as I was presented with the idea the main character wakes up in a strange place where The real world doesn't exist and his current life is alien to him.

    Some instantly lovable characters, a brilliant concept so credit to where its due. The differences listed in the wiki do point to the remake being more my kind of show, with the whole "island" scenario being woven more into the plot.

    LOVE IT.
  • I remember the original, well bits of it....

    Lately i have noticed the influx of cult Tv remakes. This remake of the Patrick McGoohan cult series, was a great choice. While i barely remember the original, i can still picture McGoohan and that large boucning white ball bounding towards him. Enough to give a kid nightmares at the time.

    Just watch thed the first 6 episodes of this new remake. Already have a few theories as to where he actually is.. Main thoery being that his bosses didnt accept his resignation, and put him into a statis pod connected to some sort of subconscious "community" interface. this then creates the world in which he is trapped along with the faces of the peiople he analysed in his big brother job.

    Cant wait to see how it ends ... and see if im right or nearly right.
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