The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on AMC
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Six is seeing double when an evil version of himself launches an assassination attempt on Two. 313 struggles with her inner demons and 11-12 seeks answers to his personal dilemma.

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  • 6 seems to become not only a split personality in The Village but actually two separate people all together. After this manipulation he is threatened with a slow painful death. This gambit leads to the interesting conclusion of the mini-series.moreless

    The big finale! Unfortunately even thought the idea behind this is intriguing I felt a lot ripped off. For the purposes of those who haven't seen this I won't go into that. It involves 5, 2, his wife, and their son 11-12. Also 147 and his wife. Finally 313 and some interesting reality checks at the end of the story.

    To go into detail would be to really tell the story. So I will say here and now that this was probably the best of the three two-part episodes. Unfortunately that is not saying much as they are all convoluted in one way or another. Let's just say that the producers, writers, ad directors thought they were making some kind of an original statement. The truth is the actors really carried this piece from the stars to the smallest bit parts and that's what is really worth watching here. Terrific performances by a host of cast members.

    Six hours to watch this piece!?! A very unsatisfying ending any way you look at it. I tend to be pretty even handed, but my recommendation is don't waste your time unless you really love these specific actors. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The final part.

    Snickers slogan is: Satisfied? Well, I wasn't satisfied with this finale, and as the article on alludes to, I really hope Lost does not follow in its footsteps with a similar, philisophical finale. This show will be retained in my memory for its strong acting all around and mesmerizing special effects. I will not remember The Prisoner for telling a good story all around and giving an ending worthy of such hype, because it failed to deliver on those promises. After being vehemently excited following the first two hours of this show on Sunday, my interest and anticipation waned before declining ultimately during the final hour. I understand that this was a remake, but you can still alter the conclusion and remain true to the story at heart.

    Definitely a step forward to AMC, and I look forward to some of their upcoming projects, but I was not satisfied with the ending like I would be had I consumed a Snickers candy bar.moreless

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    • Lucy: They're selling tickets to your execution, Michael. But they're calling it a promotion.

    • Two: Do you think I don't doubt? My conscience whispers to me night and day. And sometimes, I listen... but most of the time, I keep my faith in the Village.
      11-12: Where is the Village?
      Two: Inside. The mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it. All the past, as well as all the future.

    • Two: Smoking is a kind of... suicide.
      Shopkeeper: That's a bit philosophical for a Thursday.

    • Six: Two.
      Two: Huh... oh. It would be quite a coincidence, if I was Two, but I am un-Two. So, there is no coincidence.

    • Two: The world is not a pretty thing when you look at it too close. We fell in love with atrocity. We make pornography and call it news. A daily fix of horror. We think the coming disaster is going to be ecological, that the problem is political, but no. No, the great war is psychological. It's in here--puhkk. We have made ourselves into fat and faded wheezing animals, educated in apathy, amused by cruelty. So, this... we make a new world, something human. And yet, there is a whispering in my ear that tells me I was wrong. and they were right. And the savages-savages-savages had it right all along.

    • 11-12: Don't you know the real Two when he is back amongst us?
      Two: Well, I like their enthusiasm. I thought they might knee me in the face and stamp on my brain. Still, perhaps another time.

    • Two: More Village, means that our way of life is becoming the very consciousness of the universe. I exaggerate of course, but only slightly.

    • Two: There's something inside Six that refuses to be unlocked. And perhaps the prospect of death will unlock him. Death unlocks us all.

    • 11-12: Does your mother care for you, Six? Mine does. I believe she does.
      Six: Only a mother can destroy every ounce of hope in ya.

    • Six: I'm human. I have a thousand flaws. I break down, I get up, i don't get up. I get lost, I make the same mistakes over and over. I have scars and wounds. Sometimes when I can't bear them anymore, I... I drink. You can't fix me. You can't fix any of us. You can't make us perfect.

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    • Music: Old Master Painter / You Were My Sunshine (Brian Wilson), The Animals Went in Two by Two, I Know There's an Answer (The Beach Boys)