The Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

Lucy leaves a recording for Six, saying she's not safe to be around. She warns him that nobody resigns from Summakor. She says that there's another place where they sent him, they sent the others, and they sent him.

Six runs up to his apartment but the firemen stop him and tell him that nobody survived. He goes to Summakor.

Six goes to Palais Two and warns that he will find a way to make Two suffer. As he goes, another man who looks just like him watches from nearby.

Number Two arrives at the Go Inside Bar and everyone quickly grows silent. He approaches 11-12 and asks if he comes there to hurt him. 11-12 wonders why he raised him on lies and starts to walk away, but Two runs after him and admits that he doubts as well. 11-12 asks where the Village is and Two says that it is inside, and that his mother, Two's wife, volunteered. The science of it all beguiled her, but she really did it for 11-12. Two gives him the key to the medicine cabinet and says that the pills that keep M2 dreaming are in there. He tells 11-12 that he's giving her a day with M2 for the first time. 11-12 worries that she won't know him but Two says that he can find the truth.

313 is asleep and dreaming of someone telling a girl to put a box on her head. Six comes in and asks why she kissed him at the church. She say she couldn't help herself. He bends over to kiss her and she starts to respond, but sees the girl with the box on her head again and flinches back. She says it can't be like this and Six leaves.

The next day, 313 is working at the Clinic when Six comes in to talk with her about 4-15. He says she fell into one of the holes and wonders what happened to her. She wonders why he didn't say anything about 4-15 the previous night and tells him to get out. Six wonders if it's a dream and walks outside. 147 sees him and drives away, saying he doesn't need another fight with him. Six has no idea what he's talking about. He returns home and discovers someone has torn apart the inside of his apartment. There is a receipt from the Village Shop on the floor, and the words "Be seeing you" written on the mirror.

Six goes to Summakor and discovers his card key has been deactivated. When a security guard arrives, Six claims he sat on his card.

Six takes the receipt to the shopkeeper and asks what it is for. The shopkeeper says Six gave him a hard time before and wonders if Six made a fake receipt. He finally admits that he doesn't provide knives. Satisfied, Six leaves. Once he's gone, the shopkeeper makes a call to the Clinic.

Six goes to see 147 and insists that he wasn't there. He sees his doppelganger, who runs away. Six chases after him as the imposter runs up into a tower. The imposter jumps him and manages to pin Six, and then insists that he's going to get revenge on Two for what he did to 4-15. He punches Six, stunning him, and then runs away.

Two checks on M2 and then goes outside with his bodyguards. Six shoves his way past the other guards and demands to know who the imposter is, and warns that the imposter is going to kill Two. Two acts as if the entire thing is a joke and asks Six if he feels the same way. He turns it around, asking if Six is the assassin, but Six says he won't play the game. He figures no one can get close to Two, but Two decides to go walking. As he goes down the streets, he removes his formal jacket and unbuttons his collar, and then sits down on a bench. An announcement from Two begins, and in it Two warns that there is an imposter Two at large in the Village 11-12 watches the broadcast and then gives M2 the pill to revive her.

M2 flickers betweens laying on a coach in New York City, looking out across the city, and resting in the Palais Two. She wakes up and finds her son waiting for her.

A disheveled Two goes to the Village Shop and asks for cigarettes. The shopkeeper insists he doesn't but Two insists that he check. The shopkeeper finds a pack and Two removes one. The shopkeeper lights it for him, and Two offers him one as well. The two of them share a smoke and the shopkeeper tells Two to forget he even provided them. Two says he used to smoke to think, and says that he's thinking of spending his life in a warm place with no memory. The shopkeeper warns him that if he's different, he'll be reported. Two talks about the health risks of smoking and notes that it's a form of suicide. Once he's gone, the shopkeeper puts out the cigarette and calls the Clinic.

11-12 and M2 enjoy lunch and she wonders if she's what he imagined. She wonders if Two will be joining them so they can be together as a family. 11-12 tells her that Two has gone away for awhile but wanted him to get to understand. She says that in her mind, she saw every step that 11-12 ever took. He remembers killing 909, and M2 admits that nobody warned her that dreaming would be such hard work. She assures him that the Village has everything that he'll need, but he points out it doesn't have her.

Two discards his vest and sits down, and Six tries to warn him. Two insists he is now un-Two, a numberless wanderer, and says it might be fun to indulge the imposter. He might even take 313, and insists that the imposter can be easily manipulated. Six leaves and Two briefly sees the imposter reflected in a window. 147 stops and warns that Two will get into trouble if he has no number. When Two insists he has no number, 147 says they need to get him off the streets.

Six confronts 313 and tries to explain that Two has taken some part of him and made it a separate being. 313 doesn't believe him and says she kicked the imposter out.

Six goes to see the access guy get a new card, and seems to recognize the clerk as the shopkeeper from the Village. He writes down the access guy/shopkeeper's next words as he says hem, the same words he said in the Village Shop, shows the man the words, and insists he feels something. Six says that he needs an access card to get to the Purpose Floor.

147 and his wife share cake with Two and observe that he looks like Two. Two insists that he is who he says but they don't believe him. A black van pulls outside and Two tries to reassure them. 147 warns that they'll kill him and Two flees out the back as the medics open fire.

As M2 walks outside Palais Two and enjoys the sun, a hole opens up in the ground nearby.

313 is relaxing on a swing when Two comes to see her. He insists that he's not Two today and says none of them are who they appear to be. She has another flash of the girl with the box, and Two asks if she would dare visit another place if it existed. She admits that she doesn't know and he offers to grant her wish. As he walks away, 313 insists that she doesn't want to go anywhere.

11-12 finds M2 and says he wants to go to the other place. She insists that the Village is best for them and wonders why he wants to go anywhere else. He asks what she's seen and M2 tells him that she's seen the holes, and only some people can go to the other place: those that exist there and were brought to the Village, not the ones who were born there. 11-12 refuses to accept that and walks away, ignoring his mother. He goes out into the desert and throws away the key to the pill cabinet.

313 is humming a snatch of song she heard Two mutter. Six arrives and she wonders which one he is. He assures her that she's the one she can trust and embraces her. He then kisses her and they fall back onto the bed, but 313 looks up and sees Six watching from the window. She runs outside into the desert, going to the towers in the distance.

The imposter finds 11-12 and says that 2x6, the imposter, will try to find Two. He asks 11-12 to tell him where his father is so he can protect him. The teenager directs 2x6 to the Village Church. However, 2x6 realizes 11-12 knows who he really is. 11-12 says that his father told him he needed to decide, and he has.

As Two wait in the Village Church, 11-12 goes out into the desert and kneels in the sand.

2x6 enters the Village Church and Two wonders who he is. He realizes the newcomer is the imposter and invites him to sit. He admits that he feels guilt for the world that he helped create and admits he created 2x6 to kill him. He tells 2s6 to destroy him, but asks if he can kill if he understands the purpose. Six arrives and tells 2x6 not to give Two what he wants. 2x6 grabs Two and prepares to kill his throat, but Six says that they can't let Two take their conscience. They must unite. 2x6 disappears, merging with Six.

The wind blows the sand away from the key and 11-12 sees it. He takes it and goes back to Palais Two, and takes out the pills for M2. As she lies in bed, she explains that she hoped they would become a real family. M2 then takes the pills and explains that the holes are just empty. She asks him to stay with her as she falls unconscious again. 11-12 covers her over and stands up.

Two returns to Palais Two and the guards grab him and thrust him to the ground. 11-12 comes forward and says that he's the real Two. Two informs them who the Two impersonator really is. Later, the medics take the shopkeeper away as he denies being the impersonator.

In the desert, 313 finds a set of Summakor doors in the sand. They open at her touch and she walks down a long corridor

Six uses the card to gain access to the Purpose Floor and the access guy accompanies him. They find a room filled with monitors, including one trained on the access guy. Others show the people of the Village. There is no one in the room and Six realizes that he found these people and put them in his reports. As the access guy flees, Lucy's face appears on the monitor and a recorded message warns Six to stay away from Summakor.

313 comes face-to-face with the girl from her visions. She runs outside in terror.

Six goes to the window and sees himself in the Village. He pounds on the windows but the other Six looks up at the glass towers, sees nothing, and walks away.