The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 12

A Change of Mind

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 31, 1967 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • After his first meeting with Number Six, Number Two leaves the flat, and twenty seconds later he's back in the Green Dome watching Number Six finishing his conversation with Eighty-Six.

    • John Sharp is credited by his alias "John Sharpe" in the credits.

    • Goof: In 'A Change Of Mind' after approximately 9 minutes have passed and as Number Six walks up a bricked walkway, you can see a white car pass in the background at the end of the walkway.

  • Quotes

    • Committee Member: It is the duty of this Committee to deal with complaints.
      Number Six: Complaints?
      Committee Voice: Your complaints.
      Number Six: Well done. I have several.

    • Number Two: Do carry on.
      Number Six: No time for tea?
      Number Two: No. Only your future.

    • First Member of Social Group: All right, say you're a poet and you were composing, and you failed to hear Number Ten's greeting.
      Second Member of Social Group: Neglect of social principle.
      Number Six: Poetry has a social value.
      Second Member of Social Group: He's trying to divide us.
      First Member of Social Group: His intentions are obvious. To stop us from helping this unfortunate girl.
      Number Forty Two: You're trying to undermine my rehabilitation. Disrupt my social progress!
      Number Six: Strange talk for a poet.
      Second Member of Social Group: Reactionary!
      First Member of Social Group: Rebel!
      Number Forty Two: Disharmonious!

    • Number Six: You still have a choice. You can still salvage your right to be individuals. Your rights to truth and free thought. Reject this false world of Number Two. Reject it. Now!

    • (addressing crowd with Number Two in attendance)
      Number Six: To borrow one of Number Two's sayings, "The butcher with the sharpest knife has the warmest heart."

    • Number Two: There is a saying, "The slowest mule is nearest to the whip."
      Number Six: And another. "He who digs a pit will one day lie in it." Or is Number Two above investigation?

    • Number Six: (to Number Two) Public enemy, Number Six?

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