The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1967 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • In the scene, where Rover "swallows" the pond-man, you can clearly see that the clothing changes from a white-red striped t-shirt to a pink jacket and the face inside Rover is definitely McGoohan's.

      This is because in the original script the 'pond-actor' is not even in the scene. The man in the pink jacket is from the episode "The Schizoid Man", which was later cut out and re-used in the re-edited pilot.

    • The first time Number Six leaves his apartment in the village there is no "No.6" or "Private" sign by the door. When he returns they are there.

    • At almost 20 minutes into 'Arrival' you see Rover being released from the top of a building. As he floats downward you can see regular cars parked in the background.

  • Quotes

    • The Admiral: A game of chess, my dear.
      The Woman: I don't play.
      The Admiral: You should learn. We're all pawns, my dear.

    • Number Six: (seeing Rover) What was that?
      Number Two: That would be telling.

    • (seeing Villagers playing on beached boat)
      Number Two: Probably see the funny side of that. I'm told some people even get seasick on it.
      Number Six: What are they here for? Saint Vitus' Dance?

    • (describing The Village)
      Number Two: Did you know we have our own little newspaper?
      Number Six: You must send me a copy.

    • (describing The Village)
      Number Two: Quite a beautiful place, really, isn't it? Almost like a world on its own.
      Number Six: I shall miss it when I'm gone.
      Number Two: Oh, it will grow on you.

    • Taxi driver: It's very cosmopolitan. You never know who you'll meet next.

    • Number Six: I resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered...My life is my own.

    • Number Six: I am not a number. I am a person.
      New Number Two: Six of one, half dozen of another.

  • Notes

    • The doors leading to his resignation have the words WAY OUT painted on them, obviously a reference to his leaving the secret agent life.

    • In the opening sequence of this and every episode, when Number Six pounds his fist on the desk, you can see a second plate under the teacup break.

    • Patrick McGoohan had previously filmed an episode of Danger Man at the Portmeiron location, and according to him, it came to mind for The Prisoner because of it's "otherworldly feel" as well as appearing to be a global community with it's varying architecture.

    • The directory Number Six uses at the beginning avoids using the number 7, and subsequent episodes follow this trend, whether in mention of the number or showing it on-screen. Ironically, the series ended with the 17th episode. (forshadowing?)

    • Originally, Rover was designed to be a dome-shape device on top of a go-cart. A number of problems arose from this, mainly the person inside the dome steering the cart kept getting exhaust fumes inside, sickening him and halting production, as well as the difficulty in steering the device with a limited field of vision being the primary examples. It was, according to Bernie Williams, both him and Patrick's spotting of a weather balloon over the beach location at Portmeiron, of course, that led to the Rover we all know. Photos of this original concept can be seen on the Prisoner A & E US release DVD set.

    • For the second time this month, The Unmutual Website is sad to announce the passing of another member of the "Prisoner family" of cast and crew.
      Kenneth Bridgeman was set dresser on the first thirteen episodes of "The Prisoner". It was his job to literally "dress the sets", and bring an empty room or set to life. The visuals of the series are one of its best-remembered aspects, and this is due in no small part to the work of Kenneth, and his successor the late John Lageu.
      As well as working on The Pr isoner, Ken also worked as a designer on projects such as "Straw Dogs", "Vampyres", "Billy Liar", and the Beatles' movie "A Hard Days Night". He died, at the age of 75, on Tuesday 24th January 2006. The Unmutual Website would like to express its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of a uniquely talented man.

    • Brian Cox appears in numerous episodes of the series as an extra.

    • Along with "The Schizoid Man", this is one of only two episodes in which Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) wears a badge with the numeral "6" on it.

    • The guardian sphere, Rover, was actually an 8 foot weather balloon. It was the most expensive special effect made for the series.

    • Christopher Benjamin (Labour Exchange Manager) would later play Number Two's assistant in "The Chimes of Big Ben" and Potter in "The Girl Who Was Death".

    • George Baker is the only Number Two to wear the same type of black piped jacket that Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) regularly wears.

    • Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) was born on March 19, 1928 at 4:31am. This is McGoohan's actual date and time of birth.

    • The commonly heard phrase "Be Seeing You" was also the catchphrase of Patrick McGoohan's character, John Drake, in Danger Man. Apparently, McGoohan also regularly uses the phrase in real life.

    • Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Angelo Muscat (The Butler) and Peter Swanwick (The Supervisor) are the only actors to appear in both this episode and the finale, "Fall Out."

    • Some people believe that Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) is in fact the same character, John Drake, that the actor played on both series of Danger Man from 1960 to 1968, however McGoohan has always denied this.

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