The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1967 on ITV

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  • Great episode, a lot of suspense!

    I must admit that a couple of the earlier episodes kind of dragged or weren't as interesting as "Arrival" but this episode really brings back all the elements of what made The Prisoner so cool. Number Six this time actually meets up with a villager who isn't a Guardian & right up until the final minutes you really feel that he will actually get away this time. He even manages to enlist several members of the village to help with the escape. This episode also throws a few curves at you because you think #6 will be exposed by a new love interest but it turns out differently. Another quality episode!
  • Number 6 is a pawn in a chess game and after the chess game meets an old man who had a plan of escape.He then uses the old man's wisdom to plan an escape himself.

    Number 6 walks around,and notices a chess game
    being played with people.An old man asks if he
    wants to be in the game.Number 6 agrees to it.
    He is the queen's pawn.He persists in asking
    her about escape.She says it's impossible,but
    Number 6 disagrees.After the game,the old man
    and him talk.Number 6 is rather surprised that
    the old man had a plan to escape.He asks the
    method and the old man says it's simple: you have
    to distinguish between the blacks and the whites.
    And so Number six,aided by The Rook,devise a
    plan of escape,based on who are guards and who are
    prisoners.The guards subconscious arrogance
    and prisoners submissiveness are the key.But
    events don't go without incident,as Number 2
    is suspicious and tests the conspirators.
    The queen is also programmed with a reaction
    transmitter to follow Number 6.However,they
    capture the transmitter and now have the
    ingredients they need to make a radio.Number 6
    contacts the Polotska,a boat in the sea,and
    makes like his call is that of a downed airliner.
    They then capture Number 2.However,when Number 6
    boards the Polotska,he finds that The Rook turned
    against him as Number 2 explains the plan had
    a flaw: Number 6's air of authority made him
    look like a guard.Number 6 fights,but all is in vain,as the white circular object intervenes.
    Good episode.
  • A game of chess played Prisoner style.

    It's a great day to play chess in the Village but the Prisoner has other ideas. Thanks to a locket with a radio transmitter,Number 6 and a fellow Village citizen they plot a chance to escape. However his plans are foiled in the end when he is rounded up by Rover at sea on the Polatska. Another great Prisoner episode worth watching!