The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1967 on ITV

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  • Number 6 is a pawn in a chess game and after the chess game meets an old man who had a plan of escape.He then uses the old man's wisdom to plan an escape himself.

    Number 6 walks around,and notices a chess game
    being played with people.An old man asks if he
    wants to be in the game.Number 6 agrees to it.
    He is the queen's pawn.He persists in asking
    her about escape.She says it's impossible,but
    Number 6 disagrees.After the game,the old man
    and him talk.Number 6 is rather surprised that
    the old man had a plan to escape.He asks the
    method and the old man says it's simple: you have
    to distinguish between the blacks and the whites.
    And so Number six,aided by The Rook,devise a
    plan of escape,based on who are guards and who are
    prisoners.The guards subconscious arrogance
    and prisoners submissiveness are the key.But
    events don't go without incident,as Number 2
    is suspicious and tests the conspirators.
    The queen is also programmed with a reaction
    transmitter to follow Number 6.However,they
    capture the transmitter and now have the
    ingredients they need to make a radio.Number 6
    contacts the Polotska,a boat in the sea,and
    makes like his call is that of a downed airliner.
    They then capture Number 2.However,when Number 6
    boards the Polotska,he finds that The Rook turned
    against him as Number 2 explains the plan had
    a flaw: Number 6's air of authority made him
    look like a guard.Number 6 fights,but all is in vain,as the white circular object intervenes.
    Good episode.