The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 8

Dance of the Dead

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1967 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • At the trial, the Observer says she saw Number Six on the bell tower with the radio with Number Two present. The earlier scene took place on an open overlook above the beach, not in the bell tower.

    • At approximately the 26:10 mark, as Number Six runs through the woods on his way to the beach, the stand-in is clearly not Patrick McGoohan: he has much longer hair and lacks McGoohan's receding hairline.

  • Quotes

    • The Doctor: Every man has his breaking point.
      Number Two: I don't want him broken. He must be won over.

    • Number Six: How did I sleep.
      Number Two: Sound as a bell. Have a nice day. Feel free.

    • (A postman delivers Number Six's invitation to the carnival)
      Postman: Special delivery. Sign your number here, Number Six.
      (Number Six closes the door)

    • Number Six: I have a choice?
      Number Two: Of course. You can do as you want.
      Number Six: As long as it's what you want.
      Number Two: As long as it is what the majority wants. We're democratic. In some ways.

    • Number Two: No game is worth playing if you can't win. That's not very English, I know.
      Number Six: Are you... English?

    • Number Six: How long have you been here?
      The Observer: Questions are a burden to others. Answers a prison for oneself.

    • Night Maid: Drink it while it's hot.
      Number Six: What is it?
      Night Maid: It's good for you.
      Number Six: Good for someone.
      Night Maid: Be seeing you.

    • Town Crier: A proclamation! All citizens take notice that a Carnival is decreed for tonight. Turn back the clock. There will be music, dancing, happiness at the Carnival. By order.

    • (Number Six's costume for the carnival, which was picked by someone else, is delivered to his house)
      Maid: What is it?
      Number Six My own suit, specially delivered for the occasion.
      Maid: What does that mean?
      Number Six That I am still... myself.

    • Number Two: (about Number Six) He's an individual and they're always trying.

    • Radio Voice: I have a message for you. You must listen. The appointment cannot be fulfilled. Other things must be done tonight. If our torment is to end, if liberty is to be restored, we must grasp the nettle even though it makes our hands bleed. Only through pain can tomorrow be assured.

    • Number Two: I'm sad, Number Six. I thought you were beginning to...
      Number Six: Give in?
      Number Two: Be happy. Everything you want is here.
      Number Six: Everything's elsewhere.

    • The Observer: It's the rules. Of the people, by the people, for the people.
      Number Six: It takes on a new meaning.
      The Observer: You're a wicked man.
      Number Six: Wicked?
      The Observer: You have no values.
      Number Six: Different values.
      The Observer: You won't be helped.
      Number Six: Destroyed.
      The Observer: You want to spoil things.
      Number Six: I won't be a goldfish in a bowl.

    • Number Two: What were you looking at?
      Number Six: A light.
      Number Two: A star.
      Number Six: A boat.
      Number Two: An insect.
      Number Six: A plane.
      Number Two: A flying fish.
      Number Six: Somebody who belongs to my world.
      Number Two: This is your world. I am your world. If you insist on living a dream you may be taken for mad.
      Number Six: I like my dream.
      Number Two: Then you are mad.

    • Number Six: I rarely drink.
      Number Two: Then you'll enjoy it all the more. Self-denial's a great sweetener of pleasure.

    • Number Six: Why haven't I got a costume?
      Number Two: Perhaps because you don't exist.

    • The Observer: (discussing The Village) This place has been going for a long time.
      Number Six: Since the war? Before the war? Which war?!?

    • Number Six: Never trust a woman. Even the four-legged variety.

    • Number Two: Our legal system is unusual.
      Number Six: No jury.
      Number Two: Three judges decide here.
      Number Six: As in the French Revolution.
      Number Two: They got through the dead wood, didn't they?

    • Number Six: You'll never win.
      Number Two: Then how very uncomfortable for you, old chap.

  • Notes

    • Although "Free for All", "Many Happy Returns" and "It's Your Funeral" also featured female Number Twos, this is the only episode in which a female Number Two plays a pivotal part.

    • Along with Leo McKern, Colin Gordon and Peter Wyngarde, Mary Morris is one of only four Number Twos to have their voices added to the interrogation scene in the opening credits. The "standard" voice of Number Two was provided by Robert Rietty.

    • This was Duncan Macrae's final acting role before his death on March 23, 1967. This episode did not air until eight months after his death.

    • The opening dialogue between Number Two and Number Six is different, in that the word "information" is repeated only once and Number Two also chuckles before saying "You are Number Six."

  • Allusions

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