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A&E has made a mistake in the order of two episodes on it's DVD release...

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    I have been enjoying my 40th anniversary box set of "The Prisoner" and noticed a glaring error in the chronology of two of the episodes. Though I am aware that there has always been some dispute as to the order of some of the episodes, the following two are, or rather seem, quite obvious.

    The episodes "A, B, and C" and "The General" are not correctly placed. A&E chose to place "A,B,and, C" before "The General" when it seems obvious to me they should go the other way 'round. Two points...Even in the trivia section of the DVD disc, it is pointed out that at the begining of "A,B, and C", Number 2 doesn't say "I am the NEW nuber 2", he simply states, "I am Number 2.",while at the begining of "The General", the same character/actor indeed says the usual, "I am the NEW Number 2." It would seem very obvious that "The General" preceeds "A,B and C" because of this one factor alone...why would he say he was the NEW 2 when it had been established in the previous episode?

    Also, on a more esoteric level, the more desperate overall tone of "A,B, and C" would seem to make sense in the episode to follow "The General" since the same Number 2 had failed once already , hence Numer 2's nervous reactions to the foreboding calls from the mysterious Numer 1 on the red phone which is in prominent view several time throughout "A,B, and C". At the start of "A,B, and C", Number 2 receives the call from Number 1 warning him not to fail again...

    Also, the scheme of drugging Number 6 seems to be more fitting as a last ditch effort for that current Number 2 after his failure in "The General" though in "The General", there was no specific plot against Number 6, just an overall brainwashing scheme for everyone in the village. Also the desperate, nervous demeanor of Number 2 was clearly that of a "Warder" who had failed at least once before.

    Finally, the last shot in "A,B,and C" of the red phone ringing was clearing the death knell for the current Number 2, so why would he be back in the next episode, calm and assured? It all seems very obvious to me that A&E made a bit of a mistake, and transposed those two episodes...other than that, it's a top notch collection so far. I am up to the rather throw a way episode, "Its your Funeral" and am enjoying every paranoid minute of one of the greatest television programs evr made...Be seeing You...

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    Putting aside my position that attempting to determine an internal chronology for The Prisoner is ultimately an impossible dream, I and many others agree with you about these two episodes. However, there is also a vocal minority who believe otherwise, and A&E appear to have fallen victim to them. Furthermore, I definitely read somewhere that "The General" was the first of this pair to go before the cameras, which makes the idea that Colin Gordon (the #2 actor in these) was asked to deliberately leave "the new" out of his opening voice-over for "A, B & C" quite plausible. It has also been pointed out that the "The Schizoid Man" should precede both due to a conversation there: That episode's #2 mentions "the General" and The Prisoner (attempting to impersonate The Double) says he'll report to "him"; #2 is surprised (indeed, begins to suspect the pose), and this implies that the title/rank does not refer to a person, just as it does not in the episode "The General" itself, either. Where does A&E put "Schizoid" relative to these two, anyway?
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