The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 11

It's Your Funeral

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1967 on ITV
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The Prisoner is tricked into discovering an assassination plot - but who is going to be killed? Number Two knows that Number Six is the only man in the Village capable of stopping a murder so he decides to discredit him. After Number Six finds out about the plot, he goes to warn Number Two who records the warning and doctors the tape. When a new Number Two arrives in the Village, Number Six realises that the intended target is not who he first thought.moreless

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    Annette Andre

    Annette Andre

    Watchmaker's daughter

    Guest Star

    Derren Nesbitt

    Derren Nesbitt

    New Number Two

    Guest Star

    Mark Eden

    Mark Eden

    Number One Hundred

    Guest Star

    Peter Swanwick

    Peter Swanwick


    Recurring Role

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      • Number Six: Who are you?
        Watchmaker's Daughter: I'm a number, just like you. Does it matter which?
        Number Six: How'd you get in?
        Watchmaker's Daughter: The door was open.
        Number Six: Always is... to them, isn't it?
        Watchmaker's Daughter: But I'm not one of them.
        Number Six: No. What do you want?
        Watchmaker's Daughter: Help.
        Number Six: Go to the Town Hall. The Citizens' Council promises help and advice for everyone.
        Watchmaker's Daughter: Their Citizen's Council.
        Number Six: As far as I'm concerned, what's theirs is yours.
        Watchmaker's Daughter: I am not one of them.
        Number Six: No... no one is.

      • Watchmaker's Daughter: You mean you'll condescend to listen?
        Number Six: I'll listen, as long as what you're saying doesn't become too obviously phony, yes.

      • Watchmaker's Daughter: This concerns the welfare of everybody in this Village.
        Number Six: And welfare is our biggest consumer item, yes?

      • Computer Attendant: Good morning--I've brought you the activities prognosis you ordered.
        New Number Two: Oh, good--how accurate are these? What is the percentage of right and wrong?
        Computer Attendant: I'm afraid we don't know that.
        New Number Two: Why not?
        Computer Attendant: Well, twice we programmed our machines for a percentile appraisal of their own efficiencies. Each time they refused to give back the requested information.
        New Number Two: Refused? How?
        Computer Attendant: Simply by not returning the data to us.
        New Number Two: They'll be wanting their own trade union next.

      • Number Six: They should have told you there are some unhappy people here.
        New Number Two: Yes, well, I have seen the list of malcontents. But it might interest you to know that you happen to be top of the bill.
        Number Six: I'll do my best to live up to it.

      • Retiring Number Two: Tomorrow, after I've handed over office, I'm to be assassinated..
        Number Six: For "assassinated," substitute "executed."
        Retiring Number Two: Since it's arranged by my own people, you mean.
        Number Six: You don't mind?
        Retiring Number Two: Of course I mind. It's just that... well, I never thought it would happen to me.
        Number Six: It never does--to anybody. But it can be prevented.
        Retiring Number Two: Preventing is only postponing. You never understood us, Number Six. We never fail!

      • Retiring Number Two: They'll get me eventually.
        Number Six: Fly now, pay later.
        Retiring Number Two: They'll find me, wherever I am.
        Number Six: As long as it's not here.

      • (to the New Number Two)
        Number Six: Yes, and so the great day is nearly over. Went rather well, I thought--better than planned. And now you can look forward to your own retirement and I'm sure they'll arrange something equally suitable for you when the day comes.

      • The Watchmaker: You refuse to understand. What I'm doing is for a principle. We are in this prison for life, all of us, but I have met no one here who has committed a crime. I protest in a manner they cannot ignore.
        Number Six: Some other way, then--not by an act of murder.
        The Watchmaker: Assassination.
        Number Six: Call it what you like--the important matter is that the entire Village will be punished.
        The Watchmaker: Maybe it is what they need to wake them up, to shake them out of their lethargy. To make them angry enough...
        Number Six: That's assuming they survive the punishment!

      • Number Two: Will you find out for me? The laugh will do me an awful lot of good.
        Number Six: You may find out yourself. Quite suddenly. In which case, you wouldn't be laughing!

      • Watchmaker's Daughter: So much caution in a man like you, it seems so wrong.
        Number Six: Many times bitten, forever shy.

      • Retiring Number Two: The Seal is the ceremony.
        Number Six: It's hollowed out, it's packed with explosives.
        Retiring Number Two: And before I hand it over to my successor...
        Number Six: It will be detonated by radio.
        Retiring Number Two: I can think of better ways to die.
        Number Six: And better causes to die for.

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