The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 7

Many Happy Returns

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1967 on ITV

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  • A chance for Number 6 to escape for awhile anyway!

    In this particular episode Number 6 has the chance to escape the Village. It's deserted, and he makes the opportunity of building a raft sailing to freedom. He does meet up with some gun runners at sea and a while later he wakes up on his way to London to check his former flat. At least in this episode he does not have to contend with Rover!
  • the best!

    the best show in the 60s on t.v ,a true classic series.
    this episode is special because almost half of the episode is without a dialouge and number six escapes the village and starts a voyage which brings him back to england and to his appartment in london which seems to be occupied by a strange woman who claims to own the house and his unique car too!.
    it looks like he got away from the village and he tries to prove the british intelligence the existence of this mysterious island by seeking it in an airplane but unfortunatly the pilot ejects number six and it appears that home sweet home has awaken again with a surprise in the end.
  • A deserted village? Now would be a good time to leave!

    The creative staff behind this show always know how to create a fresh story even though the show primarily takes place in the same location. This episode which leaves us scratching our heads (again) was no different. Number Six wakes up to an apparently deserted village, and after some confirmation he decides that it would be a good time to escape. After building a boat, sailing the sea, running into some gun runners then finally washing up on shore in England, Number six has made it home. He visits his old house which is now owned by a lady who helps him get back on his feet. It's interesting to see how Number Six visits his old haunts & tries to uncover the location of the
    village even though he isn't fully trusted by his friends. We learn about a probable location for the village (though it might be a trick). SPOILER ALERT
    The ending of this episode makes us realize that probably this whole scheme was thought up by Number Six's captors in an attempt to see who he reports to or where he would go.