The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6

The General

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1967 on ITV



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    • Number Twelve: You don't believe it. A university-level degree in three minutes.
      Number Six: It's improbable.
      Number Twelve: But not impossible.
      Number Twelve: Nothing's impossible in this place.

    • Number Twelve: You'll find the Professor most interesting.
      Number Six: Would I?
      Number Twelve: With an extraordinary range of knowledge.
      Number Six: The only subject I'm interested in is getting away from this place.
      Number Twelve: Exactly.
      Number Six: Who are you?
      Number Twelve: A cog in the machine.

    • Man in Buggy: Are you a student?
      Number Six: Who isn't? Are you prefects?
      Man in Buggy: What are you doing here?
      Number Six: Playing truant.

    • Number Twelve: Who do you trust, Number Six?
      Number Six: I trust me.
      Number Twelve: Join the club.

    • Number Twelve: He's a troublemaker, and he attracts troublemakers.
      Number Two: How long have you been with us, Number Twelve.
      Number Twelve: Me, sir? Quite a long time, sir.
      Number Two: But obviously not long enough.

    • Professor's Wife: That gentleman over there. What do you think he's doing?
      Number Six: Tearing up a book.
      Professor's Wife: Construction arises out of the ashes of destruction. He's creating a fresh concept. And that woman?
      Number Six: Standing on her head.
      Professor's Wife: She's developing a new perspective.

    • Number Two: Number Six and I are old friends. I can recommend him as a thoroughly overzealous student. With a tendency to overdo it.

    • Number Twelve: I'll fix it, Number Six, so that you become aware that deliberate destruction of official property is a most serious offence. I must recommend the the full penalty.
      Number Six: Which is?
      Number Twelve: It could be imprisonment, could be a fine.
      Number Six: I'll take the fine.
      Number Twelve: Yes, I thought you might.

    • The Professor: (about Speedlearn) The most beneficent development in mass communication since the beginning of time.

    • Number Two: (about the Professor) It's the image, you see, that is important. The kindly image.

    • The Professor: Speedlearn is an abomination! It is slavery! If you wish to be free, there is only one way. Destroy the General!

    • Number Two: What was the question?
      Number Six: It's insoluble, to man or machine.
      Number Two: What was it?
      Number Six: W - H - Y - Question mark.
      Number Two: "Why?"
      Number Six: "Why?"

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