The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 15

The Girl Who Was Death

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1968 on ITV

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  • A mad scientist,in a story told to children in The Village by Number 6,has built a super rocket to destroy London,and "Number 6" must find and destroy the rocket.

    This is a very imaginative episode.Number 6
    must,in a story he is telling to children in
    The Village,stop a mad scientist who is
    building a super rocket to destroy London.
    Col.Hawkes is killed at a cricket match and
    Number 6 now is carged with the task of finding and destroying the rocket.It is not easy---the
    enemy is ahead of him all the way.He goes to
    several places,nearly getting killed in the
    process.Finally he finds the rocket---a lighthouse.Purely by luck,he saves himself and
    destroys the rocket.Number 2 is disgusted,Number 6
    did not drop his guard with children.He puts
    a clown doll on a mounting and says "Goodnight,
  • The Prisoner encounters the Girl who was Death...

    (Sonia tells Number Six that he will be the first to know when the rocket hits London)
    Sonia: "Oh, won't that be exciting?!"
    Number Six: "I'll just go to pieces."

    One of my favourites from The Prisoner, and that's partly because it isn't really an episode of The Prisoner. Until the very last minute, it has nothing to do with the Village, Number Two or anyone. It is simply about 20 minutes of weirdness and 30 minutes of Number Six avoiding death at every turn. Much more entertaining than seeing him be drugged constantly, having his mind swapped or trying yet again to escape.