The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 15

The Girl Who Was Death

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1968 on ITV

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  • A mad scientist,in a story told to children in The Village by Number 6,has built a super rocket to destroy London,and "Number 6" must find and destroy the rocket.

    This is a very imaginative episode.Number 6
    must,in a story he is telling to children in
    The Village,stop a mad scientist who is
    building a super rocket to destroy London.
    Col.Hawkes is killed at a cricket match and
    Number 6 now is carged with the task of finding and destroying the rocket.It is not easy---the
    enemy is ahead of him all the way.He goes to
    several places,nearly getting killed in the
    process.Finally he finds the rocket---a lighthouse.Purely by luck,he saves himself and
    destroys the rocket.Number 2 is disgusted,Number 6
    did not drop his guard with children.He puts
    a clown doll on a mounting and says "Goodnight,