The Prisoner (UK)

Season 1 Episode 5

The Schizoid Man

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1967 on ITV



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  • Quotes

    • Number Six: (to Number Two) It has fascinating possibilties but you'll have an awful lot of trouble convincing I am not your Number Six.

    • Number Twelve: Where did they get you, a people's copying service or are you of those double agents we hear so much about these days?

    • Number Twelve: (to Number Six) I take it I'm supposed to go all fuzzy round the edges and run off into the distance screaming "Who am I?"

    • Number Twelve: (to Number Six) Do you know, I never realised I had a freckle on the side of my nose...when they come to film my life story, you'e got the part.

    • Number Twelve: You are the goodie Number Six and I am the baddie who is supposed to be proving you wrong, is that it?

    • Number Twelve: You know what, why don't we settle this like gentlemen?
      Number Six: You're claiming to be a gentleman too?
      Number Twelve: Oh very good, very good indeed. That line is very worthy of me.

    • Number Twelve: (to Number Six) If you ever do challenge me to a duel, your safest bet would be battle axes in a very dark cellar.

    • Number Twelve: (about Rover) Oh, dear. Looks like we're in trouble with the headmaster.

    • Number Twelve: I am Number Six! I am Number Six! Number Six! Six! Six! Six! Six! SIX!

    • Number Two: By the time we finish with him, he won't know whether he's Number Six or the cube root of infinity.

    • Number Twelve: The trouble with science is that it can be perverted.

    • Number Six: (to Alison; about Number Twelve) I am the original, he is the economy pack.

    • Number Six: Number Six is dead.
      Number Two: What?
      Number Six: He's dead. Rover got him.

  • Notes

    • This is the only episode in which Patrick McGoohan plays a dual role.

    • The name of the guardian sphere, Rover, is revealed in this episode. Interestingly, it was first used by Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) and is never used in any other episode.

    • The filming of this episode commenced on December 19, 1966.

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