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The Problem Solverz

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Horace, Roba and Alfe, the creators of a unique detective agency, work to solve the mysteries around the world.

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AIRED ON 9/28/2011

Season 2 : Episode 6

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  • the problem solverz should fix this problem

    We live in an age were we put stupid people as a manager of a TV company *cough Stuart snyder. I mean serously sym-bionic titan was such a great a show with a huge fanbase it doesn't take rocket science for someone to continue that amazing show. But no, instead sym-bionic titan is cancelled thanks to the brain dead stuart snyder and he decides to give us the middle finger by giving us this show. Seriously, this show has the right ingredients for a failed show that should be taken off air. You would think stuart snyder knows a thing or two about this, but no, he just as brain dead as the creators of this damn show! Thank the lord stuart snyder has been fired, jeez. I hope we get back sym-bionic titan the way it was. Overall, this show is crap piled on top of crap that should have never been green light in the first place and as for stuart snyder, F*** you!moreless
  • Man. This is bad.

    This is apparently the worst cartoon series that CN has ever aired. This is not a masterpiece, this is a disasterpiece. I only watch this crap on Netflix for 2 freaking minutes and guess what? I turned it off after those minutes. I will never purchase an episode for $2 at Amazon or iTunes, not even for a penny. It's not worth it. They've overused the colors. DiC cartoons from 1991 were bad with the colorings, but THIS is my new nightmare. Even the characters' faces make that clay creature from "Batman: Animated Series" easier to look at. The good news is that this slop is canceled for good. Hallelujah!moreless
  • Who came up with this garbage?!

    It makes me wonder what is up with modern day cartoons. There are some that are watchable such as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Phineas and Ferb and some others. But some are just downright unwatchable, and this is right up there with Fanboy and Chum Chum and Sanjay and Craig as the worst modern day cartoons out there.

    The Problem Solverz is about a group of people who go around solving kids problems. Now the premise is just bland and uninteresting. Who would want to wath a show about people solving others problems? That's just dumb and boring IMO.

    I tried to give this show a chance, but it was so awful, I couldn't even finish the first episode.

    I don't even like the characters. Alfe is just annoying and cracks some of the worst jokes I've ever heard. All the other characters look ugly and unappealing and have no IQ whatsoever.

    The animation is appalling and looks choppy with the character movements, the artwork is terrible to look at and all the colors are extremely flashy and bright, it so seizure inducing its almost hypnotic!

    TPS is a terrible cartoon. The idea is unoriginal and boring, the animation is awful, the coloring is too flashy, the humor is cringe worthy, the voices are dreadful, and the characters are all brain dead morons. People have said this show is cancelled, and if that's true, then I say good riddance, but if it's not, change the channel and avoid this show at all costs.moreless
  • 1.0
    What the hell did I just watched?
  • The animation almost made me barf

    The animation is awful, thw humor is awful, and just about everything else in this horrible show is awful. Enough said.

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