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The Problem Solverz

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Horace, Roba and Alfe, the creators of a unique detective agency, work to solve the mysteries around the world.

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AIRED ON 9/28/2011

Season 2 : Episode 6

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  • More like The Problem Causerz

    Because the characters are ugly and the colors are way too bright.
  • Cartoon Network cancelled Sym-Bionic Titan to make room for THIS crap?!

    I for one hated it because it is one of the most stupidest animated cartoons EVER. How can Cartoon Network do this? I bet Genndy Tartakovsky was pretty upset that this show took away his show, ALL because of that stupid toy merchandise stuff. I want him to draw Titan, so he can squash these three weirdoes to death. But thank god the show was cancelled, but I still miss Titan.moreless
  • Lower then Bread winners and uncle grandpa

    If a show can be this bad,I don't know what to say.
  • It's been some time since this animated atrocity...

    I heard about this problem solverz show quite heard it was really bad but I have it a chance anyway.

    At first glance there is nothing redeeming about the show but then it has come to me that at least there there is some redeeming properties but they are SO small and few you hardly noticable.

    Tux dog is a cool character,he is the only character that looks appealing and has a likable is basically the mentor of the problem solverz(or more like he actually solves ALL their problems).

    Seriously why is the problem solverz gaining all the rep when they actually asked tux dog to solve the problem?

    Roba is the only tolerable character and he has some potential but other than that,he's just bland and forgettable.

    The art style does shine but only in the episode videogamez for the first time the animation looks good in guess when they converted it to flash it really didn't appeal.

    There is also a lot of pop culture references and it has a small fan base but I don't really care for that.

    Now on to the bad points:

    I'm not gonna complain about the art style because it is actually an ABSTRACT ART form like all paper rad shows.

    Now if your going to do this art style geez at least do it RIGHT.

    The animation is really lazy,the character movements are pukish and sometimes the animation would go choppy,I know it is only a team of 12 animators using only apple computer as software but could it at least be like new ground animation?

    The writing is like it is written by a child on smile dip some kid problem happens(a kid lost his cereal box,a kid lost his mother)then out of the blue something random happens(sugar fish,alien Girl Scouts seriously come on!!)

    Usually this randomness works for me but the problem is how they execute it.

    All of the events are predictable and is way off,with aelf supposed to bring comic relief but failed,the plot is nonsensical and makes zero sense,there is no build up from the introduction to the climax,what happens,happens at random.

    Of all the characters there's only two I hate,the rest are forgettable or OK.

    Horace is so bland and boring and has no personality as a leader whatsoever,I know this kind of thing works for garnet,from steven universe but Horace isn't really that cool as garnet and possesses the worst things associated with serious people.

    However,the one character that I really want to punch him in the face is aelf,his only redeeming point is that he is half human,half anteater and half dog and that kind of thing could work but that is where the charm ends he has some of the worst lines ever,has jokes that are super annoying and bullies roba even though he SAVED HIS LIFE ONCE(in videogamez,he saved aelf from falling off a cliff then after rescuing him he TOSSES roba off the cliff and says THX WTH)

    Aelf is also a crime committer and has sex with one of his girl friends and made a I mention he has three girlfriends?)

    He always says he is right.

    Aelf feels like he is meant to lower your IQ and make you a psychopath.

    I think this a horrible rad animation could work and seems promising considering how many museums paper rad stared in and the awards they win but it is flawed by the fact that there is only a team of 12 untalented animators using mediocre animation equipment but now with the shows CN is showing out now I guess that learnt their lesson...

    Ps I'm gonna rate it a 2.5 to avoid changing the score it's an old fad so no use trying to influence the score anymore

  • The Animation Kept Me Away

    The animation for this crap was bad enough to keep me away. The characters were just hideous look at and made me cringe. The human looking character doesn't even look human, but more like a puppet that Jeff Dunham would throw in a woodchipper.

    Now since I didn't watch this I looked at the episode guide and it seems this group causes more problems than it solves. The episodes are lame, dumb, and boring.moreless
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