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The Problem Solverz

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Horace, Roba and Alfe, the creators of a unique detective agency, work to solve the mysteries around the world.

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AIRED ON 9/28/2011

Season 2 : Episode 6

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Fan Reviews (110)

  • Maybe worst cartoon network show

    Secret Mountain Fort Awesome,Clarence,Adventure Time...

    Cartoon Network have alot of bad and psychidelic show.

    But this one should be considered as WORST!
  • Better than Squirrel Boy

    Squirrel Boy is one of the m-o-s-t stupidest tv series ever made! This this show! ITS AMAZING! The acting is superb! The mouth movements actually sync in with what the actors are saying! The animation is brilliant! and the characters are much,much,much better than that stupid Squirrel Boy and even better than that crap known as CATDOG!!!!!!!!!!
  • I say it's decent at best.

    As a show by itself, it's harmless and the jokes are fairly funny and I actually like the characters presented here. That said, it's doesn't compare to Regular Show or Adventure Time; the episodes are fun to watch but their not as fun. The animation is arcade inspired and while I like the look of it, I think they could've dialed the color back a little. The show's best quality is the humor, namely from the main trio and how they solve problems. Now many people hate this show because they think this can give people seizure; however, I turned out just find after watching every episode on Netflix. Not brain cells lost, not headaches, no seizures; these people are stretching the truth about a show that's rather ok. I don't think this is a terrible show (I've seen worse, trust me) but it could've been a lot better. I'd recommend checking at least one episode of the show out; if you're thoughts are the same as might, the entire series is worth the watch. However I don't recommend this to people who this kind of art style or who just listen to the reviews of this show.moreless
  • Even the Title screen is gross and horrible

    This show did not deserve a 2nd season. It didn't even deserve anything after a pilot. It is so ugly to watch, ugly to listen to. Its offensive to all the senses.
  • Hilarious

    This show is hilarious! I laughed so hard my eyes were hurting badly. HAHAHAHHAHA. I just heard the funniest joke from this show!! THE JOKE IS THAT THIS SHOW EVEN EXISTS.

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