The Problem Solverz

Season 1 Episode 2.1

K-999 and Da Little Explorerz

Aired Monday 8:40 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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K-999 and Da Little Explorerz
The Problem Solverz team up with a robot dog (named K-999) to stop a Girl Scout-aided alien invasion.
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  • By far the worst episode of the series!

    Now you all know how much I despise this series right? And every episode I'd give not only a Zero, but a number lower than that if would let me do that. Anyways in this episode it all starts with the boys walking in town and Alfe swallows a tumbleweed, which was disgusting and made me wanna puke. Then he breathes and walks strange, then suddenly he crashes into a row of trash cans and on the last one a young girl scout falls out. Come on writers you can do better than that, Alfe calls that girl garbage, and that little girls are garbage! I wanted to murder Alfe for saying that, Pretty much the reason why Alfe is the worst character of the show. Even though that girl looks really ugly! Roba explains (I forgot what it is) but it means "An old system of flag communications famous for not knowing what it is" and he tells how he's a nerd, which is true since he's just an idiot even though he's supposed to be the smart one. The girl's friend said she couldn't have her badge, threw her out of the clubhouse, and called her nina nina jellybean-a, Okay this is the most pathetic name to call someone, yes name calling is not nice but it is pathetic what she was called. Then Roba faints after he hears that word and falls into a trash can. They decide to solve the problem and Roba lets her know to find a better comeback for Jellybean-a. These writers aren't even trying! Not even 0.1%! Then they enter the Little Girl Explorers Troupe and get squirted with (I don't know what it is but it must be pink goo or something). Alright here's Case # 643-62 The Problem of The Little Explorers who are Bad. Then Horace contacts Tux Dog though a lap top inside a house, and get a package and inside was a K-999 robot who is extremely annoying! He runs around the house and trashes everything. I actually was kinda scared when I saw this, and more comfused too. Then the dog gets a treat from Alfe and when swallowing it, he bites Alfe. It wasn't even funny when K-999 commanded Horace and Roba to eat a lot of salt. And disgusting too. Moving on, They collect all the badges for the little girls. And Roba is lifting K-999 which was still not funny. Especially when he opened vents and farted all over Roba. I puked at that part like 5 times after seeing that! No one enjoys toilet humor anymore writers, only people from ages 5 and under will actually laugh at that! That's what made this episode worse and what made me wanna punch the tv the most! After getting her last badge she turns into a Prime Commander and the whole place is a UFO, they crashed onto it and the little girls have been guarding it the whole time. Then the ship blasts into space and the girls make plans to conquer the Earth. Hasn't this plot been used like a gazillion times already! The girl plays with two flags and gets zapped since she's no Prime Commander. Alfe actually did it right and everybody except Horace and Roba all hails Alfe since he's now the NEW Prime Commander. Since Roba and Horace don't all hail, they get hancuffed and trapped onto the UFO's laser. Alfe tries to rescue them and gets comfused, then breaks the UFO by shouting out his full name (I think) and it crashes. Here's the most comfusing part of this episode, Both Alfe and K-999 get melted, Now after I saw the world premire for this episode we saw a promo that Alfe has hair, but it still comfuses me what he is once he melted. And K-999 melted too, when he's just a dog, a robot dog. Robots can't melt writers! Geez are they brain dead or something? Then all 4 of them go to see Tux Dog to get fixed.

    Overall this epsidoe was the worst episode out of all of them. Not 1 part made me laugh. K-999 wasn't funny either. His "Lame" jokes are said after every line he says. It was nothing but a huge waste of time. Don't even peak at this episode. And why this gets worse after every second in each episode. Cancel it Already!moreless

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