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  • Who came up with this garbage?!

    It makes me wonder what is up with modern day cartoons. There are some that are watchable such as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Phineas and Ferb and some others. But some are just downright unwatchable, and this is right up there with Fanboy and Chum Chum and Sanjay and Craig as the worst modern day cartoons out there.

    The Problem Solverz is about a group of people who go around solving kids problems. Now the premise is just bland and uninteresting. Who would want to wath a show about people solving others problems? That's just dumb and boring IMO.

    I tried to give this show a chance, but it was so awful, I couldn't even finish the first episode.

    I don't even like the characters. Alfe is just annoying and cracks some of the worst jokes I've ever heard. All the other characters look ugly and unappealing and have no IQ whatsoever.

    The animation is appalling and looks choppy with the character movements, the artwork is terrible to look at and all the colors are extremely flashy and bright, it so seizure inducing its almost hypnotic!

    TPS is a terrible cartoon. The idea is unoriginal and boring, the animation is awful, the coloring is too flashy, the humor is cringe worthy, the voices are dreadful, and the characters are all brain dead morons. People have said this show is cancelled, and if that's true, then I say good riddance, but if it's not, change the channel and avoid this show at all costs.
  • 1.0
    What the hell did I just watched?
  • The animation almost made me barf

    The animation is awful, thw humor is awful, and just about everything else in this horrible show is awful. Enough said.
  • One of the worst shows I've ever had to witness

    Man where do I even begin. It has some of the ugliest animation I've ever seen. I've seen Sparkplug Entertainment and Video Brinquedo's movies, but this is just as bad. The character designs are horrid. I can't even tell what Alfe is supposed to be. Both the animation and the character design make me want to vomit. The backgrounds are way too colorful, and coming from someone who loves color, that's saying alot. None of the jokes are funny and half the time I don't even get them. Just glad that Cartoon Network made a smart decison to cancel this show.

    This show sucks.
  • Too bright and colorful for kids

    The animation is too colorful for a TV show and can give kids seizures, Alfe and Roba are too much annoying and Horace is just a bland character. And what's up with the villain, Badcat? Why do the Problem Solverz have a chap named Tux Dog? Why do they spell the word "solvers" with a z? Why am I asking you all these questions? Because this show sucks, THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!!
  • You'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than liking this.

  • Problem Makerz

    The Problem Solverz is a disgrace to mankind and to Cartoon Network. The graphics are so bad they can give seizures, Alfe is a pizza-eating, walking piece of shit, and they fix the dumbest problems with even dumber obstacles in their way. It looks like the show was thrown together at the last minute. I bet the guy who created "Chowder" and "Flapjack" created this monstrosity of a show. Even though the Problem Solverz can fix problems, they can't fix the problem that their show sucks.
  • I like tacos

    This show....

    Oh god... Please kill me....
  • There's such a thing as a bad choice in color palette... and humor... and plot... and characters

    Well, after enduring a huge seizure due to the poor choice of black-background and bright colors in this show, I think I can proudly say that this show is in the shit-list of Cartoon Network premiers.

    Usually, I like to think that a show has at least one major redeeming quality. Either the animation is really good but the humor is tasteless, or the humor is outstanding but the animation is abysmal. Even in the previews, I hated the animation, but I kept thinking "Well, maybe it has a good plot or the humor is good", but neither of those were true. Mother of God, it's bad. It gives me a headache, and it makes me want to beat up the creators of the show.

    Problem Solverz can't solve the one problem that afflicts them the most: the show they're in.
  • Don't listen to coolguy121212. He has horrible taste.

    Hey coolguy121212, guess what? Nobody likes this show and everybody likes gravity falls and adventure time. And I can see why. While those two shows have great animation, this show's animation is HORRIBLE! While those shows have relatable and lovable characters, this show's characters have NO personality and they all look like justin beiber getting raped. While those shows have witty jokes, this show's jokes are unfunny. Wait, what am I saying? This show doesn't even have any jokes. So please, if you haven't seen this show, DON'T, AND I MEAN DON'T WATCH IT !!!!!! It's more seizure inducing than that banned episode of powerpuff girls. So overall, this show is basically just rainbows and pieces of shit spining arond for 11 minutes.

    Hope this show get canceled,

    It's the worst show ever :))))))0
  • Terrible even by new CN's standards

    Nuff said.
  • Could have done better

    The good news about this show was that it was original. There are too many knock off shows these days and I dont seem to think that CN tried new material. However, the crude animations, the lack of convincing diolauge and the annoying charater personalities ruined the show, although I did get some laughs from it.

    I just found a clip of this series on YouTube, and dear god!

    What everyone said like Benthelooney was true. The Problem Solverz is a piece of dog crap. No where close to being funny.

    The animation, DEAR GOD IT'S SO AWFUL. It makes me wanna vomit. The character design look EFFING UGLY with capitals.

    Loads of AWFUL humor thrown in to it. Very trippy and the creators seriously want us to enjoy it.

    This show SUCKS. Period.
  • Great shoew

    The last guud show on catun netwurk. Its is vary brillent is about a brob animal and a robot wh go on adventurz. It haz better animations then a bad animateed showz liek gravity fallz and venture time.

    Hope this show continue,

    It the only gud show :))))))0
  • Makes Me Laugh With The Reviews

    Man, this show is so lousy and trippy that it the reviews on this site actually look hilarious, and I always like to read the bad reviews for humor (why do/did you think one of my favorite webshows is the Nostalgia Critic?). From what I've seen, it looks like there should've been a seizure warning at the start of each and every episode. The only part that I found funny was the salt thing, but other than that, that's it. It's just an acid trip with creepy characters that focuses mainly on some creepy, poop-skinned Gumby clone. At least the characters can actually move their limbs, unlike South Park.

    The Problem Solverz has to be one of the worst if not "THE worst cartoon" Cartoon Network has created. Did you know its was originally suppose to air on Adult Swim. It was going to be called Neon Knome. But they claimed that it was " too mindblowingly cute" for them so it was put on Cartoon Network. I was surprise to found this because if you haven't noticed, they would air lot of low budget show after 3 am, thank God they have Toonami now. Anyway when I saw the first episode, that was it, I couldn't watch this monstrosity anymore. I think the creators were high or something while making this.

    Plot: Its about three freaks who run around solving problems, even though they are the ones causing

    the problems.

    Characters: Extremely unlikeable. Horace is suppose to be the groups leader, hes really just a bland

    boring man with a ugly haircut. Roba is suppose to be the smart one, but really is a

    complete idiot and a huge coward, a sorry excuse for a robot. And Alfe, that the heck is he?

    Is he some kind of mutated pudding with hair mixed with a bear, like a experiment gone

    horribly wrong? He also sounds like hes a drug attic. All the characters in this show are

    extremely ugly.

    Animation: Horrendous, you can tell this uses poorly use flash animation. And you know my title

    "WHAT A WASTE OF CRAYONS"? well its most likely they use MS paint to design the

    characters. If you ever attempt to watch it on Netflix (which I highly recommend you don't)

    you should wear sunglasses so you wont get a seizure from all the bright ugly colors.

    Art Style: Horrible, you can tell they rushed through this. As I said before, all the characters are

    ugly and the background is way to flashy. So many bright and ugly colors. Remember

    you could get a seizure from watching this.

    Conclusion: Stay away from this show, its drudged up, it causes seizures, its disgusting and

    there better shows out there. Heck, this show makes fanboy and chum chum look

    like a masterpiece. Thank God Cartoon Network cancelled it, but unfortunately its on

    Netflix. But then again its not like anyone watching it on Netflix so whatever. Deer

    Ben Jones ( show's creator ) please put more effort into your cartoons.

  • are you freaking kidding me!!?

    Whoever came up with this must have had a bad childhood and wanted the new generation to suffer, I could have created a better show using an iPhone and an art app.
  • This Show is the Perfect Example of Why You Should Never Get High While Creating a Show

    Honestly I'm not even sure what the hell I just spent the last eleven minutes watching. The characters aren't developed so well, and the animation looks like Cartoon Network used Microsoft paint to animate this and other times the colors are so bright they might actually give kids a seizure; Oh wait no sane parent would ever let their kids watch this because it has vulgar language and it probably teaches their kids how to act like ***s. The humor is bad like several of Cartoon Networks programs, and the plots don 't make any freaking sense whatsoever. So my message is, if someone for some odd reason asks you to watch this show with them, say HELL NO!
  • Terrible show

    I havent made it through a full episode. I'd rather watch superjail or squibillies that that god awful shit. cancel now
  • worst show EVER on any Station

    This is without a doubt one of the worst shows I have ever seen, not only is it completely idiotic, it also makes no sense at all, is way to over the tope in terms of silliness, is way too colorful, puts fourth zero effect in trying to tell a compelling story, it is pathetic show! The characters look absolutely horrible, seriously what is up with their eyes? What on earth is Alfe supposed to be? The art is just horrible to look at, to the point where it is actually painful to watch! I do not understand how the show was able to get on the air, I heard that is was originally pitched to Adult Swim who decided that it would be made into a show that ran during Cartoon Networks' regular time. I thought that Fanboy and Chumchum was bad, at least I can look at the characters! I just can't do that with this show! This show is not compelling, interesting, cute, funny, smart, or even ok! It fails in every aspect that I can think of! When this show get cancelled I will be happy, because it is one of if not the worst, than one of the worst shows that had ever been on TV

    It is worse than Flapjack, Chowder, Fanboy and ChumChum, My Gym's Partners a Monkey, Fred the Show, Marvin Marvin, Annoying Orange, all Disney shows, Mucha Lucha, Tak and the power of juju, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Monsters and Aliens, and every other show that I have ever seen so far combined ! just cancel it if you haven't already!

    I only wish i could rate it lower than 1.
  • My kids love Alfe

    I wish this show would continue. It's hilarious and better than something annoying like Spongebob. We can only watch the same few episodes on Netflix over and over again. We would rather see this than anything else. Please come back!!
  • No wonder it got rejected by Adult Swim.

    This show was AWFUL. I'm glad it got canceled. The animation makes me want to barf, with all the flashing lights and the ugly design of the characters and objects. I thought I was going to suffer a seizure when I watched this show.
  • Better than Squirrel Boy

    Squirrel Boy is one of the m-o-s-t stupidest tv series ever made! This this show! ITS AMAZING! The acting is superb! The mouth movements actually sync in with what the actors are saying! The animation is brilliant! and the characters are much,much,much better than that stupid Squirrel Boy and even better than that crap known as THE MIGHTY B!!!!!!!!!!
  • Couldn't even finish the first episode.

    Whoever thought of this show needs to rethink it pretty damn quickly. I mean, what the heck? This show's animation is about as bad as Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and that's HORRIBLE. But mainly, I just could not get into it. Speaking of which, I couldn't even finish the first episode. I tried to give it a chance but it doesn't even deserve to be given one.
  • It's alright.

    I'm going to start out by saying this: This is not the best show on Cartoon Network as many of us have noticed. but it is not the worst either. The Problem Solverz is about three friends who work as a detective agency called the "Problem Solvers" Alfe, Horace, and Roba. Horace is the leader, he is very serious and does not joke around, and takes the "problems" very seriously. Roba is the nerd, he is energetic and has some good lines. Alfe is the big ant eater- dog- human creature, he loves food and he goofs around a lot, and usually thinks the bad guys are cool. He has a very hard time staying focused. This team goes around the city helping people with seemingly normal problems, like helping a little girl find her mom in a game of hide and seek, but they turn into huge life-or-death situations.

    This show has some funny lines, if you can pay attention and try to enjoy the show over the complaining such as "cancel this show!!!" or "this is the crappiest show ever!!!" If you stop with all of that and try to enjoy the show, you can actually enjoy it... most of the time.

    Now to talk about the execution of all the things I have talked about above, the animation, voice acting, etc.
    The animation is creative with 8-bit style backgrounds and animations, but it is so overdone, if you have read any reviews here, you have seen people say that this show will give you seizures, and it will (there is no warning at the beginning of the show). There is almost always something flashing on the screen in vivid neon colors. The backgrounds are so busy looking too. They need to look at that and fix it before they get sued.

    The voice acting is not horrible but not great either. Sometimes it seems like they're reading their script wile they're talking, but usually they don't sound like that.While I'm talking about this, I should mention the dialog, it is, as I have said before, not terrible like some people say. It is funny sometimes.

    The bottom line is, this is not a terrible show, but it has some flaws, and some good things in it. Yeah the animation is bad and the voice acting is.. alright, but if you try to overlook that, it really isn't TOO bad.

    (Before you give this the "thumbs down" notice that I didn't say this is an amazing show, and I didn't say it's terrible. I'm trying to make this review as even as I can, not to go bashing on the show as hard as I possibly can.)
  • 20 seconds into this and my eyes are already bleeding. Can this show, CN!

    What the heck is this?! Just when you thought CN were going through the right path, they air this crap!

    The plot revolves around 3 friends known as Horace, Roba and Alfe, and their attempts to solve the mysteries of the universe. Now originally, this was going to air on Adult Swim, but they found it too cute, so they edited it a bit and turned it into a CN show. You just know that when a place won't air a cartoon not only because it's too cute, but also too stupid, you know something's wrong.

    The characters are annoying as heck. Horace is boring, Alfe is horrid comedy relief and Roba is supposed to be the smart one, but is just as dumb as the others. The minor characters are utterly forgettable and add nothing to this already decrepit show and get ready; they're also annoying! Also, Alfe literally looks like a giant piece of walking crap, which really says something.

    The artwork has to be the worst art I've ever seen in a cartoon. It looks like a child's MS Paint drawings turned into a Windows Movie Maker animation that somehow aired on TV. And speaking of the animation... it's horribly choppy and some lip-syncs are off. The character designs are extremely ugly, the background settings look uncreative and there's so many bright colours and cute things that it makes me feel sick. Also, it's too seizure-inducing. If they were going for Stylistic Suck, then they've failed here.

    The voice acting is also terrible. It sounds like they're were reading off the script. There's no life to it.

    The show's humour consists of both running gags and toilet humour. And it epically fails. Not one joke was funny. Not one joke!

    It's digusting that this travesty cancelled Sym-Bionic Titan. If you missed the premier, well done for missing this and protecting your mind. Do not watch this show, EVER, especially if you're prone to seizures. This needs to be cancelled ASAP!
  • The Problem Causerz: A bad idea to begin with

    CN has had many great shows over the years. Including newer shows like Regular Show, but that excludes this show. This is perhaps the worst animated CN original ever. The Problem Solverz are about 3 guys who go around and solve problems. The problem with the Problem Solverz is the animation. It's so bad that there is nothing that can possibly make up for it. The show is animated in Flash, bad flash at that. The backgrounds are high contrast colorful and gradients flash in and out everywhere to the point where you can't pay attention to what's going on. It's as Rigby from the Regular Show would say. "It's like barfing rainbows in my eyes" The shapes on the show have simple geometry that the simplest flash user could create. This show is of internet quality and not television quality.

    Now there isn't anything edgy or actiony about the Problem Solverz. In fact, If it weren't so hideous it possibly could have been rated TV-Y. The funny thing is that Adult swim passed the idea to CN proper, beacause"It was too mind blowingly cute for them." Maybe they actually did it for the ratings, but the Problem Solverz ratings have been horrible(1.1-1.6)Millioncompared to (1.7-2.6)Million with CN's other animated shows. Thank goodness it's hopefully ended and we may not have to see it again. Well a 1/10 must be given to the worst of the worst. The Problem Solverz is about one of the worst shows I've seen. So 1/10
  • This is the worst show on Cartoon Network! Mabye on television!

    Ever since 2007 when Into Jimmy's Ass, I mean, Out of Jimmy's Head came which is the worst show in history. CN hasn't even been trying anymore. Now going to 2011. We have a new crappy cartoon just as bad as Out of Jimmy's Head. Dear god this show is so horrible I don't even know what its about! I heard it was supposed to be on Adult Swim where its title would be "Neon Knome", but they found it to cute and put it on Cartoon Network instead. WHAT??! What's cute about this pile of crap? And it canceled Sym-Bionic Titan. They canceled that last year because they could not find money for toy sales. When there was a huge fan base for that show. Right now our new president of Cartoon Network is Stuart Snyder, If it weren't for him we wouldn't have all these live action crap and Sym-Bionic Titan would still be here. I also looked up that he doesn't care about popularity for shows. Unless he sees money for toy sales. Geez is this man stupid or what. So then The Trouble Starterz, I mean The Problem Solverz came and took its place when Sym-Bionic Titan came and took its place. Plus that show didn't last very long. And it was made by the genius known as Genndy Tartakovsky, who gave us Samurai Jack! Which was also really good. Now back to this show. First of all Not only do the characters look ugly, they act stupid, annoying, idiotic, childish, immature, and creepy! Horace is the leader of the group, and is just annoying, he has probably the worst haircut in history, his nose is also too big, same with his lips, and his eyes are just so huge and ugly, probably the ugliest eye balls in history. Roba is supposed to be smart, but actually acts like a complete moron. Plus he's a robot. Alfe... dear god is not only the worst of the group, but the worst of the show. Seriously he sounds like he's being choked to death and like what @WoahWoah312 said, he actually is kinda a ripoff of Domo. And his eyes are actually even worse than Horace's eyes. Plus he eats Pizza every time he's bored. Tux dog shouldn't even be the leader of the group, he's just a stupid dog. The Humor is just Fart Jokes and Toilet Humor. I never laughed once in this crap! I don't even laugh by how stupid this show is! The actors weren't even trying on this show. The acting is just soooo pathetic. Don't even get me started with the animation! Everybody walks too stiff, the lip syncs are off, its too colorful and bright, everybody looks ugly (Especially in that episode Funny Facez), The eyes are weird, the lips are huge too, everything about the animation sucks! Everything in the show sucks too! I'm sorry but there's nothing good about it! Although I'll admit the music is pretty catchy though, but I can't give credit for that since I hate this show soooo bad!


    I'd do anything rather than watch this show, even fall into a volcano or be an astronaut and fly a spaceship into the sun (Even though we really can't go there because its too hot) but overall nothing good about it! And they're giving it a 2nd season sometime this fall! WHY?!?!? This doesn't even deserve a 2nd season! That makes me wanna not only punch the TV, but destroy it! Even if its expensive. If you don't cancel it now I'll go and cancel it myself and use a nuclear bomb on your studios with the target locked on you stupid Stuart Snyder! Please stay away from this show and let it be canceled like it should have right after the 1st episode when it really should have never aired. Overall Grade: (-infinity/10) As much F's as I can give it! MHUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!
  • What the Ef

    Kay, so I heard about this show while waiting for Adult Swim to come on. Looked pretty interesting from the promos, so I gave it a chance. Worst mistake of my life...

    1.The charaters are so ugly and boring... now THAT is an understatement right there. There's the boring on, Horrace, who happens to be a human with a very disfigured face. Seriously. What's with this guy's lips and eyes? He looks half fish!

    Then there's Robo. Cleche name. He's apparently the smart one, but that doesn't seem right. In fact, that's way off. He's always hiding behind corners.

    Let's not forget Alfe, the 'thing' that looks like a peice of turd. He's not funny at all, even though he's the comedy relief. That's right. The comedy relief -shakes head in disbelief-. Let's just say he looks like a mutated Domo with an incredibly long nose and creepy eyes.

    2.The plot is cleche and annoying. It's about, like kiddie cartoons, a bunch of people running around trying to solve problems. That's not working for me, because they always end up going to this dog for advice on how to fix the problem. Wtf is that?

    3.The artwork is horrifying. My 4 yr. old brother can do better than that peice of garbage. It's coloured too brightly with ugly backdrops tht distract you from the plot... which is horrid, too, like I said above.

    I'm too lazy to write anything else.
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