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The Professionals

Season 2 Episode 3

First Night

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1978 on ITV
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Episode Summary

First Night
CI5 are left to dig deep when an Israeli Minister is kidnapped, and the only clues to his whereabouts are a shadowy photograph and a coded tape message.

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    Tony Vogel

    Tony Vogel

    Kidnapper 1 (Frank)

    Guest Star

    David Howey

    David Howey

    Kidnapper 2 (John)

    Guest Star

    Arnold Diamond

    Arnold Diamond


    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

    • QUOTES (19)

      • Bodie: I'm gonna pack this job in.
        Doyle: And do what?
        Bodie: Live off some rich woman.
        Doyle: Oh, they can be very demanding.
        Bodie: How do you know?
        Doyle: I've tried it. Very boring, very repetitive.
        Bodie: Repetitive?
        Doyle: Yeah.
        Bodie: You little devil.

      • Doyle [on being offered some cake, which Bodie has happily taken]: No, thanks, it's a bit too fattening for me.

      • Doyle: Your clutch is slipping.
        Ruth: My clutch or my touch?
        Doyle: All we need is the time and the place.
        Ruth: You're as bad as Bodie.
        Doyle: Oh, be fair, nobody's as bad as Bodie!

      • Doyle [of a film]: I've seen it.
        Bodie: Eh?
        Doyle: The hero had an operation to take his hand off his hip!

      • Cowley: I specifically asked for a plain pop and shut, any colour... white, blue –
        Bodie: Pink?
        Cowley: Eh?
        Bodie: Pink, sir. It's in the in shade.
        Cowley: Oh, really? What I particularly did not want was bold stripes!

      • Doyle [Listening to a tape recording of a suspect]: We need a voice print. That could be anybody.
        Bodie: Sounds a bit like you!

      • Bodie: "You know, they speak a different language out there - "
        Doyle: "Keep your eyes peeled!"
        Bodie: I know, I know - keep takin' the pills! Gonna pack this job in!"
        Doyle: "And do what?"
        Bodie: "Live off some rich woman."
        Doyle: "Oh, they can be very demanding."
        Bodie: "How do you know?"
        Doyle: "I've tried it. Very boring, very repetitive."
        Bodie: "Repetitive?"
        Doyle: "Yeah."
        Bodie: "You little devil."

      • Bodie: "I still think its lunatic. How many years have we been in this putfit and we're stuck on top of a bus, looking for a load of kindappers! It's crazy! We're the two top operatives and they've got us on top of a bus - we should be where its at!"
        Doyle: "Well, how do we know where it's at? Cowley's probably got his auntie on a bus by now!"

      • (Bodie and Doyle on the big London red)
        Bodie: "This is ridiculous! How does he know its a bus, anyway, it could be a shadow or anything!"
        Doyle: "We're not getting anywhere sitting in a canteen, were we?"
        Bodie: "See that blonde piece? I could have fixed her - sexual politics!"

      • Doyle: "Come on, we're on."
        Bodie: "On what?'
        Doyle: "On a bus!"
        Bodie: (to the women) Help yourself to the chips. We will continue this meeting at a later date! You and me could form a sub-committee, know what I mean?"

      • (Bodie and Doyle talking to the two WPCs in the canteen)
        Doyle: "Mind if I join you?"
        Brunette: "We're not coming apart."
        Doyle: "I noticed that."
        Brunette: "C division?"
        Doyle: "No, CI5."
        Brunette: "Ohh, big stuff. Shouldn't you be in the private dining room?"
        Doyle: "Isn't this the private dining room? (To Bodie) This isn't the private dining room!"
        Bodie: "What?! I've just got my spotted dick!...afternoon, ladies. Is this golly annoying you?"
        Blonde: "We were discussing sexual politics when your friend arrived. Isn't it your brief?"
        Bodie: "Brief or briefs?"
        Brunette: "They're hung up on clothes!"

      • (Bodie and Doyle driving along in the Capri)
        Doyle: I sometimes wonder where you get this icnredible insight into the criminal mind...You're not gonna make old bones you know, if you go on chomping on bread and fried grub."
        Bodie: "It's beautiful - gets the adrenaline flowing."
        Doyle: "You're clogging yourself up with cholesterol...pull over, I'll take the wheel.
        Bodie: "What? What are you talking about?!"
        Doyle: "I've just realised the incredible risk. You know, your jam tart - your heart - could just pop at any time!"
        Bodie: "Get off! Go on, have it - have the other half if that's what you want!"
        Doyle: "Eat it? I wouldn't be seen dead eating that!"
        Bodie: "Just because you forgot to bring your vitamins!"

      • (Following Cowley's call)
        Doyle: "He sounded lively."
        Bodie: "Yeah, that crack of yours about him - might be better if they got out of the country, it really stuck in his patriotic claw."

      • Cowley: "Where's Goldilocks?'
        Bodie: "He's in the backseat trying to get some beauty sleep."
        Cowley: "He'd better make the most of it!"

      • (A half-asleep Doyle when Bodie puts the siren on)
        "Do you get a bang out of sounding that - what else d'you get for Christmas?"

      • (On the hunt for the minister)
        Cowley: "This isn't a needle in a haystack - it's a whole harvest of haystacks!"

      • (When the tape package is received)
        Cowley: "There's something waiting for us in a telephone box."
        Minister: "I don't like the sound of that 'something'."
        Bodie: "Half an ear, perhaps?" [Doyle laughs]
        Cowley: "There are times, Bodie, when I find your ribaldry quite distasteful."

      • (Inside the station canteen)
        Bodie: "I was thinking of having some Aylesbury Duck at the Strand, although I suppose you're used to all this Toad-in-the-Hole?"
        Doyle: Don't give me all that, it's a wonder you don't still eat out of a billycan!"
        Bodie: "I'll think I'll have some spotted dick - that'll get her attention."

      • Doyle: "Are you still chasing that big gymnast?"
        Bodie: "I only go for the strawberries and cream."

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Doyle: It's any wonder you don't still eat out of a billycan!"
        A 'billycan' is supposedly a tin can used to boil water over an open fire and make tea. Something builders and joiners on worksites used in Britain many years ago.

      • Bodie: "I suppose you're used to all this toad-in-the-hole?'
        An old-fashioned British dish consisting of small pieces of meat or pork sausages wrapped in a crisp batter.