The Professionals

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 1978 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • In the scenes where the newlyweds are at the hotel, it is clearly a warm summer's day; but in other shots, for instance when the lorry driver is shot down, we can see bare, leafless trees and visible cold air when the actors are speaking, giving the impression that it could have been sometime during the autumn.

    • Bruce Boa and Anthony Bailey appear to have been left out of the closing credits - cameo roles or someone being a bit slapdash with the cast lists?

    • When the villains drive past Mr May's and are shooting at him, there is a hedge bordering the garden and the trees look quite full as if it is sometime in the summer, but in the subsequent scenes where the CI5 car arrives, there is no longer a hedgerow and the trees look like they've had a bit of a trim down on the leaf-coverage front! Either the scenes were filmed at different times of the year due to script changes or someone had quickly whipped over it with a chainsaw!

    • When Tommy is questioning the loading-bay worker, we see him close the door of the black capri, and when he returns to the car moments later the door is open again!

  • Quotes

    • Cowley: The day I cheer my men up I know I'm ready for the scrapheap.

    • Bodie: I'm like a fine piece of machinery I need lubrication.
      Doyle: Yeah, well too much lubrication and that fine piece of machinery might end up with a bullet up its crankcase.

    • [The newlyweds are attacked, leaving the groom dead]
      Doyle: The girl's alright, just a shoulder wound.
      Bodie: Apart from that the honeymoon was fine.
      Cowley: Oh let him have his sick joke; jokes are in order. Because the joke's on me.

    • Bodie: Doyle?
      Doyle: Yeah?
      Bodie: We didn't bring any beer.
      Doyle: No I didn't - I remembered.
      Bodie: Did you?
      Doyle: Yeah, course I did. I remembered not to bring any!

    • Bodie: He sits there a safe distance away and sends in a psychopath to keep us company. I tell you, Cowley is —
      Cowley: The radio is open, Bodie. But continue with your interesting assessment. '"Cowley is.." Cowley would like to know what Cowley is.
      Bodie: Would you believe warm and considerate?

    • Cowley: So they're out there somewhere, unaware.
      Bodie: I shouldn't think they're out, sir. More likely in. Behind locked doors, curtains closed. It's what newlyweds do, sir. So I'm told.
      Cowley: In the middle of the day? Don't judge people by your own standards, Bodie!

    • Doyle: Be cool with Tommy, you know he's crazy.
      Bodie: Cowley wouldn't accept that - nobody in The Big A is crazy.
      Doyle: Motivated, then. His whole family was wiped out by terrorists, you know.
      Bodie: Unlucky....that they overlooked Tommy.
      Doyle: Thats a lousy thing to say!
      Bodie: Tommy's a lousy thing to be... He's a killer!
      Doyle: And what makes you so different?
      Bodie: The difference is, Doyle, I do it but I don't enjoy it.

    • Bodie [On backing a losing horse]: Did you lose much?
      Doyle: 50p.

    • Doyle: Don't you ever read the papers?
      Bodie: Only my stars.

  • Notes

    • Writer P.J. Hammond is credited on-screen as James McAteer: he asked for his name to be removed from the final script after certain changes were made to it.

  • Allusions

    • Cowley: Every airport was sewn up - and I mean sewn up. Tighter than a Scotsman on Burns' Night.

      Burns' Night is Scotland's annual celebration of their country's famous poet, Robert Burns.